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Survey Says...Taz Bodyslams Big Brother's Finale!

In this edition of The Taz Show, Taz discusses safety in sports, Big Brother's Finale, & a tier system for the WWE Network. With Wednesday's unfortunate event at the Yankee game, Taz talks about the need for increased safety for fans at sporting events, while also wondering how MLB players are hitting home runs at a historic rate without PED's? Taz interacts w/ some callers about the Big Brother finale, did Josh or Paul take home the half a million? The WWE sent out a survey questions fans...

Duration: 01:41:50

Jinder's Racy Rant, KO's Canned Apology, & Shane Speaks Up

In this edition of The Taz Show, Taz talks plenty Smackdown and sports. Was Jinder's promo about Nakamura racist? Shane McMahon's reaction to Kevin Owens actions towards his father last week, bleeding in wrestling, fantasy booking the upcoming Starrcade & remembering the big PPV's from WCW. The Lumberjack gets flak for the Giants poor start & shares about his unfortunate food intake.

Duration: 01:42:37

When Will WWE Finally Embrace Jordan's Darkside?

In this episode of The Taz Show, Taz discusses Monday's go-home RAW for No Mercy. Taz talks how the content of the show has been venturing away from PG-13 material, without John Cena on TV, Roman Reigns was able to call Cena out, & why won't the WWE just turn Jason Jordan heel? Mike Johnson joins Taz for the PW Insider Report to discusss Starcade being advertised for the first time in over 17 years & if the Rhodes brothers will be involved. The 4th Quarter has Taz giving his thoughts on...

Duration: 01:56:21

Remembering Bobby Heenan & A NFL Week 2 Recap

In this episode of The Taz Show, Taz shares some kind words about Bobby "The Brain" Heenan after his passing Sunday & how much influence Heenan had on another announcers. After the slate of games on Sunday, Taz gives his opinions on all the action on the field, predicts the Monday night matchup, tailgate food Off The Hooks, AJ Styles in a mask, & will Cena be seen at RAW? Taz then welcomes KFJ in the studio, we're still trying to figure out why...

Duration: 01:54:56

Spoiler Jones...Taz Scores Another GOOOOAAAALLLLLLL

In this edition of The Taz Show, Taz opens with discussions of how NXT is going to handle the vacant Women's Championship & why he thinks it's a good move. Taz debuts a new wrestler & has the perfect member of the Taz team to play him. Taz breaks down Thursday night's Texans - Bengals matchup & questions why the Patriots have such a long layoff between games while the Saints are playing on short rest? A college football preview, Big Brother breakdown, & next week's Off The Hooks wrap up...

Duration: 01:18:37

Another Terrific Taz Show, & That's No Bologna

In this edition of The Taz Show, Taz reflects on the 2 year anniversary of the debut of the show, thanking the fans & talking about the Taz team does behind the scenes. Taz then questions why there was a video package for Asuka while NXT champ Drew McIntyre continues to be absent from the program? Taz shares how he'd book McIntyre against The Undisputed Era & talks about finding your voice as an announcer. Taz & the team preview Thursday's NFL matchup while discussing bologna sandwiches,...

Duration: 01:42:27

Heatbutts, Email Scandals, & The Mae Young Classic

In this edition of The Taz Show, Taz discusses the excellent interaction between Kevin Owens and Vince McMahon. Taz provides his thoughts on what he would've done to take a great opening w/ KO & make it an excellent one. Taz credits Vince's selling ability & for giving KO the rub. In a case perfect for Breezango, Taz questions The Lumberjack about missing texts and emails. Taz praises the WWE for the superb work in the Mae Young Classic & explains why a 4 Horsewomen show down wasn't the...

Duration: 01:50:06

Ahhh Shoot...More Promos On Raw

In this edition of The Taz Show, Taz breaks down Monday night's RAW. Asuka is announced as a RAW superstar, Taz questions if her win streak will be a pushing point. What is creative doing with Jason Jordan since being revealed as Kurt Angle's son. The potential the Cruiserweight division has with a few additions, Taz compares Enzo's reputation backstage to popular athletes and their teammates. Taz talks on screen romances in wrestling & the lack of full entrances for big time superstars....

Duration: 01:47:45

Remembering 9/11 & A Wild Week 1 In The NFL

In this edition of The Taz Show, Taz makes his highly anticipated return to the gimmick clubhouse. Taz begins the show reflecting on the events of September 11th, 2001 & shares his memories from that tragic day. Taz & the team get into the first week of the NFL season w/ Taz's Bills leading their division while The Lumberjack's Giants fall to the rival Cowboys. Lou Sass Invitational standings, Patriots Madden curse, Ant's lack of bike riding all in another excellent episode

Duration: 01:45:17

Kicking Off NFL Weekend With A Taz Twist

In this edition of The Taz Show Taz talks about the NFL season finally arriving! The Patriots go whooped by the Chiefs on Thursday night but Taz refuses to gloat about New England's poor performance. Taz breaks down his lineup for the Lou Sass Invitational who disucssing the big matchups Week 1 in the NFL. He provides some shocking booking for Asuka when she arrives on either RAW or Smackdown, & shares why he wouldn't have NXT used as the feeder system for the main roster. Taz also...

Duration: 01:41:47

Asuka's Exit, A Champion's Revenge, & Deville's Demeanor

In this edition of The Taz Show, Taz gives a through breakdown of Wednesday's NXT. Is Asuka leaving NXT undefeated a good or bad booking move & how Taz would've booked her exit, announcers lack of protection for babyfaces, who has the most unique look in WWE today, when will the NXT champ get his revenge, which NXT female has a bright future ahead of her, & not typecasting wrestlers in other entertainment fields.

Duration: 01:37:58

A Shorten Show Has Taz Talking SD Live & A GFW Shake-up

In this abbreviated version of The Taz Show, Taz shares his thoughts on Jeff Jarrett stepping down from Global Force Wrestling & who should take over? Taz compliments Kevin Owens, Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan for telling an excellent story on Smackdown, compares the promo work of KO & Shane to that of Cena & Reigns over on RAW, & with Corey Graves pulling double duty on both RAW & now Smackdown, Taz is curious where is the development in the WWE with their announce teams & the importance...

Duration: 00:55:18

Pressure Creates Diamonds

In this edition of The Taz Show, Taz reacts to Monday's RAW. Taz praises The Big Show for continuing to wrestle an excellent cage match with Braun Strowman at 45 years old. Taz has more opinions as to how creative should book Jason Jordan moving forward while getting Kurt Angle more involved. With JBL's depature from the SD Live commentary booth, Taz says don't believe everything you read in the dirt sheets, let wrestlers walk away when they want, & with a new opening on the announce team,...

Duration: 01:43:46

Markology: Worshiping At The Altar Of Taz

In this episode of The Taz Show, Taz introduces some a whole new venacular for wrestling fans to use: markology. No longer will wrestlers get annoyed with fans using inside baseball terms because Taz is kind enough to not only provide you with free lunch, but now an entire language dedicated to the fans! Taz is as Dusty as they come...

Duration: 02:00:30

MARKeting The Next Set Of NXT Stars

In this edition of The Taz Show, Taz talks NXT. How he would've booked the open to the show, why give the new NXT champ a beatdown, Ruby Riot's excellent in ring look, & announcers feeling insecure. In the 4th quarter Taz decides he's dedicating tomorrow's show to all the marks & will reward the fans with their very own language to use.

Duration: 02:37:55

Will Lou Sass See Cena?

In this editon of The Taz Show, Taz talks about the return of Shelton Benjamin, poor timing on a Orton/Nakamura graphic, Dolph Ziggler's promo & why it seemed familiar, & praises Vince McMahon's worth ethic. Taz also disucsses if wrestlers care about "top wrestler" rankings & who will fill that final spot for the Lou Sass Invitational (we're looking at you John Cena)...

Duration: 01:49:09

Scenes From An Italian (Chinese) Restaurant

In this edition of The Taz Show, Taz explains why he disagrees that Enzo has backstage heat, the great promo work between Cena & Reigns, what would've made the Intercontinental Title Battle Royal better, & why the Rollins, Ambrose pairing isn't doing it for him. Mike Johnson returns for his weekly PW Insider Report while Taz & the team try figure out who deserves the last spot in the Lou Sass Invitational.

Duration: 02:02:41

Keeping "The Code" Mayweather vs McGregor & A Different Name Game

In this edition of The Taz Show, Taz Skype's in with his thoughts on the Sexy Star/Rosemary situation, was it a work or did Sexy Star actually shoot on Rosemary. Taz discusses "the code" amongst wrestlers working with each other. Did the Mayweather McGregor fight live up to the hype? What's next for McGregor after his performance Saturday night? The 4th quarter dives deep into bathroom breaks while Taz & the team try to name not just their fantasy football league, but Taz's hand, which is...

Duration: 01:46:44

Skype Jones! Fantasy Draft Live From The Cave!

Do you think major surgery and no driving is going to stop The Taz Show? Where there's a will, there's a way and Taz ALWAYS finds a way! NO DAYS OFF!!!! Taz is back and is brining the wood even when he can't physically be in the studio. Enjoy a special Fantasy Draft Edition of Top Ten World Champions on a very special Friday episode of The Taz Show!

Duration: 02:29:54

Giving A Hand To The Man Running The Game

In this edition of The Taz Show, Taz goes off about the eclipse, how the Summerslam main eventers could've sold the brutality of the fight, & putting Jason Jordan & Emma together for their own good. He also questions what happened to the Brooklyn crowd of years past & how their behavior could be prevented. With his surgery later in the week, Taz isn't tickled at the thought of going under the knife.

Duration: 02:00:17

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