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How to Fix Coachella // Shopping at the Weed Store

Yeah let's get our MUTHAFUNKIN JAM on! Big Crowds. Rockin Tunes! Glow Sticks!!! Music Festivals are great but couldn't they be just a little bit better? We attempt to tackle all the things festivals could do to send them into FEWER port-o-potties?!? How's that going to pan out? Also Nick shares how he's the awkward old man at the weed store. Can he convince us Obama would be just as awkward? Also we uncover a blistering secret revealing every episode of 'Queer Eye' is based...


Realistic Sequels to Your Favorite Movies / Wet Undies: the American Dream

What if your all time favorite movies got the realistic sequels they were just begging for? Like a taut legal thriller in the world of Jurassic Park? John Mclane being treated for PTSD? Roger Rabbit 's march on Washington and the fallout of Love, Actually. Well that's what we're serving up this episode along with another 'Tales from the Trail' as Truly describes the horrifying thing he saw waving at him while driving his car this week- a singular pair of wet tighty whiteys. So white and wet...


Ranking Madness Ultimate Top 5s

We've got the ranking madness! Everything must be in a Top 5 list or we'll perish. If you wanted to know what was the best in everything its all right here some useful like: The top 5 ways to get over your fear of clowns Top 5 child stars to stalk, infiltrate and take advantage of and the Top 5 songs to rock out to in the undies all this and even more. All of that plus a whole lot of Mortal Kombat talk and a deeeep discussion on how to use the three seashells from Demolition Man for...


Create-an-Oscar Bait Movie w/ Dave Schilling

Writer and podcaster Dave Schilling (@dave_schilling) returns to create another movie, and this time we’re kissing Oscar’s shiny butt! Sit back and enjoy four of the most shameless award season glory seeking films you’ll ever hear about on a podcast. Daniel Day-Lewis plays all the parts! Anthony Hopkins is a gorilla! Ancient Chinese violins! Human balls on screen in a fight a for gender equality! I don’t know what ‘it’ is, but this episode has GOT IT! Also, Nick’s not here, and on an...


Solving the Nerdiest Debates Once and For All!

Nerds have been divided for too long! So once more TTA must wade into the breach to solve the ultimate debates. Then and only then can the healing finally begin. Star Wars Vs. Star Trek: which universe is better for a sudden poo? Who's going to make too big a deal out of seeing 'Get Out' Kylo Ren or Jonny from Karate Kid? Which transformer would you call on if you were about to lose your sobriety? All these age old debates and more will be decided this week as well as: Clint's kid's...


The New Winter Olympics Will Be Classy

We're talking brunch, y'all. This week Team Tiger Awesome aim to spice up the old tired formats of the Winter Olympiad, while still maintaining some dignity. How much food should be involved in our new Olympics? And to what meal should that food belong? Brunch probably? Listen as Destin, FL transplant Timmy Pierson tries his hand at 3 all new, all death-defying Olympic events. Also, thanks to Westwood One's crack analytics team, we discovered some of you are listening to our show on Zunes...


The Best Movie Villains Who Might Actually Be Good Guys Tournament

It's tournament time Tittens!!! And in today's episode we're going to determinte who the best bad guy is who might secretly be a good guy. Yeah, you know when you're watching a movie and the bad guy is a jerk but he might also be right? Well, that's this show and we're gonna find out who's the best one! Is Ra's Al a better good guy than Ghostbuster's Walter Peck. Is The Rock's Colonel Hummel actually a more heroic figure compared to The Matrix? Is Gaston anything but a prick? Also, don't...


Perfect Pitches for Jericho's Cruise with Chris Jericho

Because he's yet to invite them aboard the Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager At Sea, Clint, Nick and Truly corner Jericho in his Beverly Hills hotel room for a rapid fire pitch sesh to find the perfect idea for a live show at sea. Can TTA convince Y2J that they merit a cabin or two? Is one bottle of Tuff Boy Rose enough to get the job done? How many people can you fit in the hallway of a cruise ship if RoboCop's Peter Weller is on the phone? We answer all of these questions and at least a few...


Grown Up Reboots Of Your Favorite Cartoons

Hey Tittens! We're back on our new home at WestwoodOne. We missed you. Did you miss us? Even Truly? Well Ok, we don't believe you but let's continue regardless! On today's episode, we're doing what everyone in Hollywood is doing and rebooting our favorite childhood cartoons and turning them into dark, moody, adult dramas! Isn't that fun? Thundercasts! Street Sharks! Yogi Bear! We make them all better! Also, did you ever notice that the Jetsons was one long running Black Mirror episode?...


A Very Erotique Christmas

*Whispers in your ear* Put on your silk robes, light a fire in the fireplace and pour your favorite libation. It's time to get erotic with some of your favorite Christmas characters of all time in some handcrafted, artisanal TTA Erotica. All your favorites are here and they're doing it: Ernest, Frosty the Snowman, Bruno Mars, Guy Fieri & Michael Keaton from Jack Frost (he's your favorite, right?). It may be cold outside, but they're all hot and ready for Santa to walk in on them and Santa...


The Sexiest Star Wars Character Tournament

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is just days away and naturally we wanted to breakdown that galaxy far, far away and determine who the sexiest Star Wars Characters is. Can half-machine weirdo Saw Gerrara upset Han Solo? The Emperor and Leia Organa go head-to-head to find out who is the sexiest business (wo)man in the universe. And will it be a trap when Admiral Ackbar goes up against possibly bi-sexual dreamboat, Poe Dameron? And finally, the round you we’re all looking forward to: Lobot vs...


Create-A-Christmas Icon with Scott Gairdner

Tittens! Are you tired of Frosty and Rudolph and every other boring Christmas Icon of the past? Well, good news! On today's episode, we're creating a brand new Christmas Icon and Scott Gairdner (Moonbeam City, Podcast: The Ride) is helping us do it! This episode goes off the rails pretty fast so strap in fast while them TTA Boyz get into the Holiday Spirit! Also, why isn't Blade in the F@#%ing Avengers movie?



Before diving into the rich pile of meat that is NXT's Wargames, Nick pitches a Thanksgiving-themed restaurant and Truly consults his predictive algorithm to see if he enjoyed thanksgiving. Then the cage comes down trapping us inside the ring as we review the first WarGames in 20 years. Does Clint have a man-crush on Tangerine Dream? Has Nick finally hooked Truly on wrestling by showing him a match with a Dirigible Captain? How'd they feel about all the blood? Brought to you by...


Murder Suicide On The Justice League Express!

The TTA Boyz are strapped into one of their mid-size crossover utilities cars and are braving the journey to watch the Justice League! We start the show before the screening where the guys debate what snacks to get, will Justice League be better than the movie Priest, and is a terrible idea! Then the guys get back and report on what they just saw! Is it good, terrible or fine? What's with Superman’s mustache? Why is Ben Affleck so tired? Why wasn't Aerosmith in the movie? And most...


How To Seduce Your Favorite Disney Characters

From the brand new hit podcast, PODCAST: THE RIDE, noted Disney expert and comedian Mike Carlson joins the show to discuss how to date, seduce and ultimately make love to our favorite Disney characters. You may love your favorite Disney characters but we’ll tell you how to really love them. Mickey? Ursula? Scrooge McDuck? You name them, we're probably seducing them. And yes, some of our seduction techniques are scams but this time there's no nagging! Also, Truly stopped following Mundy on...


Celebrating The World Series (Even Truly)

HOLY CRAP! NICK AND CLINT’S FAVORITE TEAM THE HOUSTON ASTROS JUST WON THEIR FIRST WORLD SERIES!!!! And since they haven’t been able to think about anything else for the past month, we’re talking about It! Has the playoff run turned Nick into Gollum? Is Clint still crying? Is Truly even here for this episode? Listen and find out!


The Greatest WWE's TLC Review You'll Ever Listen To!

Breaking News! The new WWE had breaking news and completely changed their TLC card so Mundy got really excited and made Clint and Truly watch the show! Follow along as we watch Asukas depot, the rise of Enzo, Trulys love affair with Cruiserweights, why AJ vs Finn is not embarrassing, and how its not surprising that Bray Wyatt caught viral meningitis. We also debate the main event and decide if the Miz was an accessory for murder. Also, Mundy was on the news It was weird!


The Greatest Movie Sports Team Tournament with Cody Decker

Professional baseball player, Cody Decker, helps us determine what is the greatest movie sports team of all time! The Mighty Ducks! The Titans! The Monsters! The Jamaican Bobsledding Team! The American Karate Team from Best of the Best! They're all fighting to death to determine who is the best. Also, Truly lets power go to his head almost immediately. All this and why the playoffs are the worst! Listen NOW!


Create-A-Horror Movie with Dave Shilling

Hey Tittens! Dave Shilling of the Bleacher Report and The Masked Man Show joins us to create the spookiest, scariest horror movies of all time! And we don't want to brag but the guys actually create some pretty good fright-fests. They will chill you to the bone. Yes, including that bone. We also start planning for our favorite time of year - HANKS-O-WEEN!


Snatched From The Jaws of Hollywood

This week, Nick went back to school shopping and ponders... where did all the husky sections for big boy clothes go? A lot. And I'm not filibustering, a lot of talk about that hyper relevant sequel to Garth Brooks- Chris Gaines and his blood thirsty hobby or casually eating teenage girls. But otherwise it's all prequels! We're trying to call 'em before Hollywood can make 'em which is why we don't have time to write out 'them.' Predator Handshake: Origins! Ghostbusters: The College Years!...


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