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AR, VR, AI, and Blockchain Intersect, with John Canning from MediaSHERPA

Spending several years working with a variety of trending technologies, this week we are joined by John Canning, Managing Director of MediaSHERPA. Working with a range of companies, from early stage startups to Fortune 100’s, MediaSHERPA is a consulting and production company that creates, constructs, and deploys interactive media solutions while drawing from today’s leading methods and technology. For more than 20 years John’s career has centered around media production, delivery, and...


AR Transforms our World, with Shel Israel from Transformation Group

Wrapping up our month of AR is this week’s Tech Cat Show guest, Shel Israel, CEO and Co-Founder of Transformation Group. A media, education, and consulting firm, Transformation Group was created to help businesses trying to understand the transformational impacts of immersive technology, especially Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. An author of seven books and contributor to Forbes, Business Insider and more, Shel drives Transformation Group’s efforts by overseeing its products and...


AR Trends in our Everyday, with Jay Samit from Deloitte

Joining us for Part Three of our AR month is Jay Samit, Independent Vice Chairman for Deloitte. Reimagining the traditional model for a new era, Deloitte functions as a creative digital consultancy, bringing leaders across its organization together to provide its clients with an array of professional services. With more than 30 years of experience in digital transformation, Jay works to produce Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Virtual Reality solutions for Deloitte’s corporate and...


Reviewing the Applications of AR, with Erin Reilly from ReillyWorks

Joining us for Part Two of our AR month is Erin Reilly, CEO and CoFounder of ReillyWorks, LLC. As a director, founder, innovator, educator, and strategist Erin has 20 years of experience building the future of entertainment and media, with a focus on storytelling, emerging technology, and engagement. Embodying its cofounder's experience, ReillyWorks builds “phygital” story world experiences - products that combine the PHYsical and diGITAL worlds. In today’s episode, we’ll dive into the...


AR Meets Trends in Tech, with Charlie Fink, Forbes Contributor

This week we begin our month of exploring AR trends, joined first by Charlie Fink, author of the recently released book, “Charlie Fink’s Metaverse, An AR Enabled Guide to VR & AR”. As a former tech executive he is currently a contributor to Forbes, covering VR, AR, and new media. Today he joins us to discuss the future of AR and VR, and how developments in AI, Blockchain, and more will impact them. Connect the dots between the biggest trends in tech and get the bigger picture, right here...


A Review of the Trends in Content, with Jody Simon, Entertainment Law Attorney

With any creation comes a desire for protection; with that protection and the help of Entertainment Lawyers, innovators can watch their ideas come to life. With over 25 years of experience as an Entertainment Law Attorney, this is the service that this week’s Tech Cat Show guest, Jody Simon, offers. As the Head of Production Company Practice at Fox Rothschild, Jody works with clients to navigate the changing media landscape and negotiate deals that turn their content into reality. He joins...


Current Events in Cannabis, with Daniel Yi from MedMen

From seed to sale, MedMen, one of the world’s largest legal cannabis enterprises, works through its scalable growing facilities, retail stores focused on quality and excellence, and support towards pro-legalization groups to shape the law and conversation on cannabis. Taking the mic is this week’s Tech Cat Show guest, Daniel Yi, VP of Corporate Communications. He joins us to look at cannabis through a cultural, social, and business lens, as well as discuss California’s recent dive into...


This week's guest, Aimee Helfand, CEO of Famileague

With family-friendly entertainment in mind, Famileague, a multi-platform network and digital media company, works to provide a unique blend of play, content, and technology. We team up with this week’s Tech Cat Show guest, Aimee Helfand, CEO, to get the low-down on online advertising, influencer marketing, and the latest in family entertainment. Learn how to regale the whole entire family, with your knowledge gained here on the Tech Cat Show!


This week's guest, John Cabeca, with the Scoop on Patents

Through its work in protecting creativity and innovation in the form of investments and new ideas, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) stands at the forefront of technological advancement and success. Heading the Silicon Valley USPTO is this week’s Tech Cat Show guest, John Cabeca. As its Director, he is the perfect source to cue us into the world of intellectual property, emerging technology, and all things patents. If you’ve ever had a question about keeping ideas safe, this is...


This week's guest, Michael Tchong, The Ubercool Innovator

Serving as a self-proclaimed ‘do tank’, Ubercool is an innovation agency and incubator working to spur clients’ approach to innovation forward. Leading the fight is this week’s Tech Cat Show guest, Michael Tchong, Founder, come to discuss three of the eight Ubertrends he has identified. Currently writing a book on them, Michael will cover the trends on Digital Lifestyle, Time Compression, and Unwired. Successful is as successful does, you can learn the latest right here on the Tech Cat Show!


This week's guest, Matt Johnston, VP Strategy and Innovation

A conversation with Matt Johnston, VP Strategy and Innovation, Indiegogo Enterprise.


This week's guest, Jocelyn Johnson, The Video News Authority

Bringing you the latest in video technology, OTT, online streaming, and digital video is VideoInk, the top resource for industry analysis and breaking news in the video world. Heading its operation is this week’s Tech Cat Show guest, Jocelyn Johnson, VideoInk Founder, delivering us what’s current in online video and streaming, as well as social video vs. Multichannel Video Programing Distributor’s (MVPD’s) and cable OTT (Over The Top). All it takes is one hour to be au Courant in online...


This week's guest, Julian McCrea, The Immersive Entertainer

Step into someone else’s shoes…see their story through their eyes…that’s the opportunity that Portal Experiences provides. At the head of the virtual reality, non-fiction entertainment company is this week’s Tech Cat Show guest, Julian McCrea. As Founder of the company behind the critically and commercially acclaimed ‘Flatline Experience’ he takes us into his world discussing the latest trends in VR and location-based entertainment, as well as the difference between content and experience....


This week's guest, Cecily Sommers, The Perspicuous Future-Teller

Working to identify the latest trends for your business, to fill innovation pipelines and discern growth opportunities that shape your business strategies, and to market your corporation in a variety of industries is this week’s Tech Cat Show guest, Cecily Sommers. As a Futurist - an expert in strategy and innovation - she has held roles in speaking, consulting, and even writing her own book, “Think like a Futurist”. She’ll be joining us this week to discuss the role technology plays in...


This week's guest, Frank Chindamo, The Virtual Professor

Looking to provide opportunities for students all over the world and disrupt traditional film school as we know it is Virtual Film School, the virtual reality educational program that you can attend anywhere at any time. Bringing it to our reality from concept to creation is this week’s Tech Cat Show guest, Frank Chindamo, President and Chief Creative Officer. From the professor’s desk to radio station, Frank will lay down the latest trends in virtual reality education and web video, as...


This week's guest, Elijah Allan-Blitz, The VR Virtuoso

Named as one of Time Magazine’s first Virtual Reality (VR) directors is this week’s Tech Cat Show guest, Elijah Allan-Blitz. Helping us dive into a different side of VR, Elijah joins us to discuss the latest trends in VR content creation, the move away from 360 video, and what location based experiences can offer in the interim. Discover how to set the stage within a whole other world, right here on the Tech Cat Show!


This week's guest, Gina Bianchini, The Network Matchmaker

Bringing together people of deep interests with the aim of teaching and creating engagement is Mighty Networks, a Saas platform that allows you to create your own network effects brands and businesses. At the head of it all is this week’s Tech Cat Show guest Gina Bianchini, CEO and Founder, come to give us the latest trends in online business, entrepreneurship, and community building. Customer engagement on social is now and you can get it all right here on the Tech Cat Show!


This week's guest, Brad Lenett, The Payment Pioneer

Striving to provide you with your next immersive shopping experience is Payscout, the global payment processing provider crowned with launching the technology that, for the first time, enabled live, real-item payments in VR. Blazing the trails for this new frontier is this week’s Tech Cat Show guest, Brad Lenett, IT and Project Manager Professional, unveiling to us the latest in digital security and VR Commerce. Saddle up and get ready to explore the new world of retail, right here on the...


This week's guest, Justine Santa Cruz, The Customer Service Queen

Looking to boost your customers’ digital service experience is Satisfi Labs, an intelligent data deployment platform that uses companies’ data to power voice and text communications with their consumers. At the helm is this week’s Tech Cat Show guest, Justine Santa Cruz, VP of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, to discuss the latest trends in retail technology and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as the company’s newest foray into holographic AI, partnered with AR hologram company...


This week's guest, Joanna Popper, The Cutting-Edge Consultant

Digital advisor, VR/AR & TV content developer, and media and marketing boss, this week’s guest, Joanna Popper, has done it all. As a Media and Tech Executive and Advisor, she joins us this week to talk about the cutting-edge trends in content and marketing in the VR/AR and Media space. Get inspired and get to work by listening to the multi-talented, marketing master, Joanna Popper, right here on the Tech Cat Show!


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