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TMS#16 Ganesha (Rock & Roll/Hard Rock/Psychedelic) HTX

TMS #16 features Ganesha a hard and heavy psychedelic rock trio from Houston. I have been trying for over a year and I finally got these guys on the show! We share some embarrassing show stories in this episode and dig heavily into their writing process. I would not strictly categorize Ganesha as metal but they certainly have some pretty heavy influences. Follow Ganesha here Buy their album "Downer" here...


Texas Metal Radio #11 Southern Brutality III (Black/Death/Grind)

TMR #11 Southern Brutality III features mostly Texas black metal with some death, grind, and blackened thrash thrown in for flavor. If you'd like your band featured on the show send an email to with some information and we will get back to you. Please consider sending a donation to HOPE For Houston Brash Brewing…229796680431006/


Texas Metal Radio #10

TMR #10 marks the beginning of season 2 for the Texas Metal Show/Texas Metal Radio and we want to thank everyone for tuning in. This mix went through three separate line up changes before we finally decided it was good enough to release so we hope you enjoy! Buy TMR Southern Brutality Shirts here! Support us on Patreon Brash Brewing


TMS#14 Blood of an Outlaw(Deathcore/Metalcore) HTX

TMS #14 features the Houston deathcore band Blood of an Outlaw! This was an interesting episode because in my personal life deathcore is not something I've ventured into and I feel like I learned a bit. Tobins Dirty Thirty BloodFest Follow Blood of an Outlaw here Buy their music here Make sure you check out...


TMS#13 Insolvent (Death Metal) HTX

In this episode we talk to Houston death metalers Insolvent. We discuss their lead singers Brazilian roots, the influence Death brought to the world, and we really focus on what Insolvent is all about. This is the very last episode of 2016 but don't despair because good things are coming in 2017 so stay tuned brothers and sisters! Follow Insolvent here: Buy their EP here: Donate to HOPE For Houston...


Texas Metal Radio #8

Texas Metal Radio 8 is a great mix of classic metal, doom, death, thrash, and just a dash of dbeat thrown in for good measure. This episode also features a quickie interview with the artist Kyler Sharp who has done posters for Black Sabbath, Down, Superjoint, Melvins, High On Fire, Oceans of Slumber, and many many more. Kyler Sharp Bands are listed as they appear on the show Helstar...


Texas Metal Radio #7 Southern Brutality (Death/Black/Grind)

The Texas Metal Show brings you the second edition of Texas Metal Radio Southern Brutality. This episode features nothing but black/death/grind from the deep south. If you don’t like growls, guttural screams, blast beats, and brutal shredding this episode is not for you! HOPE for Houston Nov 19th Fall Metal Festival (Houston) Nov 19th First Church of Amplifier Worship (Houston)...


TMS# 9 The Scourge (Thrash) HTX

TMS talks to Houston Thrash metalers The Scourge about Kate Bush, amphibians, ferris wheels, Iced Earth, and a myriad of other topics. Buy their EP here Follow them on social media here End Hip End It music festival Maximum Distortion Magazine Intro song is Locked Outside by DUEL (ATX) Support us on Patreon...


TMS# 8 Blues Funeral (Proto-Metal, Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal)

TMS talks to Houston proto-metalers Blues Funeral about Opeth, The Sword, Abbey Road, musical influences, and a variety of other topics. Buy Blues Funeral "The Search" here iTunes and Amazon Follow Blues Funeral on social media here End Hip End It music festival Intro song is Locked Outside by DUEL (ATX) Support us on Patreon...


TMS#7 KRVSHR (Sludge/Death/Drone) HTX

TMS interviews KRVSHR sludge metal from Houston This episode is 99% unedited and gets a little crazy but you're in for a treat! Enjoy!! The two songs featured on this episode are Alone and Writhing If you enjoyed KRVSHRS music purchase it here Follow KRVSHR on social media here Learn more about End Hip End It music festival here Intro song is Locked Outside by DUEL (ATX)...


TMS#6 Doomstress Band EP Listening Party (Doom/Occult/Stoner)

Doomstress Alexis invited us to a listening party for her new ep entitled "Supernatural Kvlt Sounds" where we speak to Doomstress Band, Mydolls, The Dirty Seeds, Blues Funeral, and Tobin Anthony, one of the heads of the End Hip End It musical festival in quick 10-15 minute interviews recorded at Rudyards British Pub in Houston. Purchase "Supernatural Kvlt Sounds" here Doomstress Learn more about End Hip End It music festival...


Texas Metal Radio #2

Our 2nd episode of Texas Metal Radio we bring you a bit of Texas brutality right out of the gate, blast beats, grinding, and guttural screams. But then we slow it down, add a bit of smoke, tasty riffs, and Kurt Vonnegut. This is gonna be a good one! Bands are listed as they appear on the show Trench Warfare Songs: Evil Shall Triumph, Blood Cleansing Immersed In Darkness Songs: Awakening of the Leviathan,...


TMS#3 The Dirty Seeds (Stoner/Doom/Rock) HTX

TMS talks with The Dirty Seeds stoner rock from Houston Purchase The Dirt Seeds music here Support us on Patreon


TMS#1 Project Armageddon (Doom) HTX

For our first episode we talk to Project Armageddon a doom metal trio from Houston Texas! Purchase albums and merch from Project Armageddon here Support us on Patreon


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