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EP - 57 A Conversation on Podcasting and Finding Your Way

This episode is about the narrowing of focus in podcasting, business, and life and how it helps energize and build momentum especially when the chosen focus is highly compatible with the human(s) that chose it.

Duration: 01:08:06

EP - 56 Brainstormin' On The Last Kingdom With Jonesy And Corv!

Historical dramas can teach us a lot. Has any historical film or series taught us as much as The Last Kingdom? By the time the credits rolled on the final episode, we learned about the past, the present and what we can do better in the future!

Duration: 01:10:54

Ep - 54. Booze Travelin' with Jack, Jonesy And Corv!

Food (Culture) based travel shows have evolved over the years. From Anthony Bourdain, to Guy Fieri to Andrew Zimmern, chances are you've spent some time watching one of these shows. What makes Booze Traveler starring Jack Maxwell special? Jack shows us some great cultures, delicious food and indigenous beverages. More importantly, he teaches us what being friendly really looks like, no matter who's sitting across the table.

Duration: 01:08:13

EP - 50 Selling Out Across Society By Jonesy And Corv! Part Two!

The Think In Your Armor talks selling out in Ancient Rome, on YouTube, in Music and amongst the ones you love!

Duration: 01:02:38

EP - 49 Selling Out Across Society By Jonesy And Corv!

Selling out happens everywhere in society! We tend to think selling out is always bad. Perhaps it goes both ways!

Duration: 01:01:07

Ep - 46 Philanthropy: New School Outlooks And Approaches Pertaining To Philanthropy

Ep - 46 Philanthropy: New School Outlooks And Approaches Pertaining To Philanthropy by The Think In Your Armor

Duration: 00:50:31

EP - 45 Bohemianism: The Bohemian Impulse Throughout The Ages And How To Take It Into The Next!

What do you think of when you hear the word hipster? Long Beards? Cut-off Jean Shorts? Well that may be the modern day image of hipsters, but their origin story is a lot more interesting than your local farm to table restaurant. Tune in to hear Jonesy and Corv on a wild ride though the ages with a focus on Bohemianism!

Duration: 01:01:18

EP - 44 Cannabis: The Amazing Possibilities Of Legalizing Pot In America! Ft. Dominic Corva

As the first ever guest on the Think In Your Armor, Dr. Dominic Corva doesn't disappoint. This is a podcast everyone should listen to, regardless of position on cannabis. It's educational, thought provoking, and of course, there are few laughs mixed in as well.

Duration: 00:53:09

EP - 43 Midwestern Cities: Illuminating an American Blindspot For All its Amazing Possibility!

It's no secret the Think In Your Armor loves the Midwest. What's so great about these often overlooked towns? Tune in to Episode 43 to find out!

Duration: 00:55:53

Ep - 41 Folk Heros: Resurrecting Forgotten Folk Heros For Posterity!

Folk heroes, tall tales and fables all have their place in pop culture. They've all been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The Think In Your Armor thinks they could use a little revisiting. Tune in and here Jonesy and Corv shoot on everyone from from Aesop to Appleseed

Duration: 00:56:55

Ep - 40. Eats & Drinks Of The Past: Leveraging the Past To Future Proof the Service Industry!

On this Episode of The Think In Your Armor, Jonesy and Corv are back with revelations on two enjoyable cornerstones of life; eating and drinking. How you ask, could these two best pals possibly come with a way to improve eating and drinking? Simple of course, they look to the past!

Duration: 00:57:59

EP - 39 Cinematic Remakes: Repositioning Remakes And Parodies For A More Positive Impact

Cinematic remakes appear to be nothing but cash-grabs these days. Movies from that past such as the recent Ghostbusters remake lack authenticity and are made without the proper tribute to the original source material. Check out episode 39 of the Think In Your Armor and see if you agree with the current state of Cinematic Remakes

Duration: 00:49:14

EP - 38 Tabloid Journalism. Repositioning The Tabloids For More Value And Less Disgustingness!

Gawker Media recently filed for Bankruptcy. Their future is in serious jeopardy thanks to some teamwork from a billionaire philathropist and Hulk Hogan. Is this a case where a villian is finally getting their comeuppance? Have tabloids been cruising for this bruising for centuries? Join Jonesy and Corv as they explore tabloid culture and it's impact on our society!

Duration: 00:51:00

EP - 37 Gambling: Playing to Our Strengths Instead of Weaknesses BTW of Gambling!

Gambling has been a popular vice amongst humans for thousands of years. Are we being exploited in 2016? Does gambling have a place in a well functioning society? These questions and more are pondered on Episode 37 of The Think In Your Armor with Jonesy and Corv!

Duration: 00:47:16

EP - 36 Festivals and Conventions: Improving Curation And Purpose For Festivals And Conventions

Festivals! They've existed for thousands of years and with great purpose. It's great to be able to come together and celebrate whenever possible! However, there's no denying we can make these gatherings a little more fulfilling. Tune in to the latest episode of The Think In Your Armor to hear Jonesy and Corv break down the modern festival and convention scene!

Duration: 00:46:32

EP – 35 The Passing Of Cultural Icons And How We Can Celebrate Their Lives And Contributions

When Culture Icons pass away it seems to effect us on a variety of levels. Are we handling these events as best as possible? Perhaps we should be more reflective and find our own greatness in a someone such as Muhammad Ali, rather than what is reported on the Channel 7 news broadcast. Join Jonesy and Corv on a thought provoking brainstorm for the ages.

Duration: 00:58:40

EP - 34 Bringing Back The The Boarding House In The Name Of Affordable Housing.

These days, if you wish to live in a major city you better have some deep pockets. In fact, it's not that affordable to live anywhere! In this episode, Jonesy and Corv explore a more affordable form of housing that has seemingly disappeared from today's market. Does it make too much sense?

Duration: 00:53:52

On Demand Media - Increasing The Personalization Of Media Consumption! EP - 33

Media consumption has changed greatly over the last ten years. We now have access to programming and the push of the button. But is n demand media, both audio and visual, as accessible as it should be?

Duration: 00:52:10

Collegiate Greek Life - Harnessing History & Purpose to Improve Frats & Sororities, Today EP - 32

Communities are special part of human existence. They come in many different forms and serve many great purposes. Fraternities and Sororities have formed they're own sub-communities on college campuses for hundred of years. Is it time to acknowledge they have some issues that expose human flaws rather than promote cohesivness?

Duration: 00:44:25

Regional Spins on Culture - Put Your Town on the Map EP-31

Why aren't there more variations of the Philly Cheesesteak? Why is the Polish Boy out of Cleveland so under-popularized? Cultural spins are everywhere in our country. There's nothing wrong with being known for a great food item, amazing music or cool fashion style. It's to use these spins to put your town on the map!

Duration: 00:52:23

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