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Ben and his titanium physicists explain physics to people.

Ben and his titanium physicists explain physics to people.
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Fredericton, NB


Ben and his titanium physicists explain physics to people.




Episode 76: All that Glitters

Announcing the return of the A Team! Jocelyn Read! David Tsang! joining us today the comedian Charlie Demers! Episode 76! This episode is gold. specifically, it's about neutrons stars MASHING TOGETHER in the depths of space!

Duration: 01:08:59

Episode 75: The Undeniable Outward Push

Like how the same basic stuff can make many different types of star, and planet and cookie, this episode brings a lot of familiar things together in new ways! Hanalore Gurling-Dunsmore! Dr. James Sylvester! and our guest Zach Weinersmith! (Zach and his wife Kelly just wrote an amazing book!) we're going to talk about Supernovas (type 2). How a perfectly ordinary gigantic star can just one day decide to EXPLOOODDE. today's episode is amazing. It brings together a lot of things...

Duration: 01:00:38

Episode 74: Jingle Bell Sweaters

Biophysicists Dr. Nicole Prent and Dr. Jacqueline Townsend are back. this time we're talking about Electron Spin Resonance, a technique that's like Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, but different. our guest this time is Diana Goodman, Host of the Thirty Twenty Ten podcast.

Duration: 00:48:52

Episode 73: An Episode with Glass

A touch of Glass! Dr. Jane Cook and Dr. Jessica Rimsza are here to talk with Bobak Ferdowsi about glass. We talk about what glass is, and how it forms, and what makes it glassy, and where to find it, and so many more things! FASCINATING!

Duration: 01:27:47

Episode 72: Moonquake

Dr. Briony Horgan and Dr. Meg Rosenburg are here to explain that the moon is actually shrinking. It's getting smaller. And we know that it is because we have been studying it. Today's guest is Eric Molinsky, host of the "Imaginary Worlds" podcast.

Duration: 01:03:41

Episode 71: Neutriyes or NeutriNO

I'm gonna give it to you straight: we make beams of neutrinos. Neutrinos are particles that barely touch anything as they pass through everything. Ken Clark and Tia Michelli are back and this episode is awesome. neutrino beams: why would we make them? how do we make them? our guest is the host of the FOO SHOW: Will Smith!

Duration: 01:00:50

Episode 70: Muon, science cat, muon

Muons are very small fundamental particles that are much heavier than they should be. they fall apart pretty quickly, but they rain down on us. It's magical. Today's physicists are Ryan Martin, the particle physicist; and Diana Cowern, host of the "Physics Girl" youtube channel. Our Guest this time is Sarah Gailey, the author!

Duration: 01:00:31

Episode 69: Super Hyper Fire Hose Bucket Challenge

Today our guest is a person I've wanted to meet for years: The founder of the Skepchick website, Rebecca Watson. Our physicists are Dr. Katie Mack and Hannalore Gerling-Dunsmore. TODAY'S TOPIC: Supermassive Black Holes!!

Duration: 01:11:49

Episode 68: The Shadows of Creation

This episode is about the The Sunyaev–Zel'dovich Effect, where photons from the big bang are used to backlight giant galaxy clusters! My Physicists this episode are Dr. Michael Zemcov, and Dr. Danica Marsden. Our guest this time is TED LEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO! THE COSMIC MICROWAVE BACKGROUND!

Duration: 01:01:10

Episode 67: A Phonon Call

A phonon.. that's not a spelling mistake... is a quantum of vibration. it's a particle... that lives as a vibration in a crystal. and it's bananas!!! Doctors Fiona Burnell and Darren Peets have joined me to try to explain this all to Megan and Anthony Leon.

Duration: 00:57:30

Episode 66: Life On Mars

There are astrophysicists who study life on mars. specifically, the prospects of detecting life on mars. Zach Weinersmith Joins Catherine Neish and Briony Horgan and we talk about LIFE ON MARSSSSS!!!

Episode 65: New Ways of Looking

How does a camera work? no, a digital camera, I mean. yeah... yeah.. optics. I know all about lenses. how does the plate at the back.. the one the photons hit.. how does it turn photons into electronic signals that turn into digital information? we're talking:CCDs,CMOS cameras, MKIDs, and superconducting bolometers! Dr. Danica Marsden and Dr. Suresh Sivanandam are here, and our guest today is award winning author Elizabeth Bear!

Episode 64: E and N (The edges of Einstein)

Maya Inamura Joins Me, Katie Mack and Leo Stein and we talk aboutTEST OF GENERAL RELATIVITY

Episode 63: Worldbuilding

Patrick Mchale makes his triumphant return to the show! Astrophysicists Catherine Neish and Brian Jackson explain how planets form around stars, and why the planets we see around other stars are so weird.

NONEPISODE: ben's feeling

Hi!LIGO just announced detecting.1. gravitational waves2. colliding black holes 1.3 billion years away.this is just me talking about my feelings about it.

Duration: 00:31:30

Episode 62: Black Bells

Did you know that if something falls into a black hole it will "ring" like a bell, radiating gravitational waves at a very specific frequency. pretty fun!Brent Knopf and Matt Sheehy are back!Two new physicists: Leo Stein and Chiara Mingarelli! fun times!

Episode 61: Levitating Trains

*sorry about the audio quality**one guy was in china, and my mic broke and all sorts of bad stuff happened. :(*OH MAN!!!Erika Ensign, from all the dr. who podcasts, has come on our showso that Darren Peets and Abby Shockley and I can do our best to explain how VORTICES enable MAGNETIC PINNING in TYPE 2 SUPERCONDUCTORS. rad.

Episode 60: Meters Of Interference

Radio telescopes have really crummy resolution.but if we line them up and hook them together, using a technique called "radio interferometry" we can see the head of a screw 300 km away. This episode, our guest is Ben Acker, one of the authors of "the thrilling adventure hour". amazing! Our Physicists are Rupinder Brar and Sabrina Stierwalt! exciting!

Episode 59: Strange Truth and Charming Beauty

There is no force stronger. Gravity? get out. Electrostatics? no. Love? incorrect. THE STRONG FORCE! Tia Miceli! Ken Clark! AND OUR SPECIAL GUEST RYAN NORTH!!!! this is a really fun episode where we talk about how protons are made of quarks stuck together with gluons. so much fun.

Episode 58: Extraordinary Evidence

The Big bang. How do we know it happened? How do we know what happened?Dr. Michael Zemcov and Dr. Katie Mack and I talk to the clever hosts of Encyclopedia Brunch. It'sTim Dobbs and Kathryn Cogert! WHAT FUN!
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