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The Misteree Project presents The TmP Times. It's a fictional narrative podcast told over five weeks. Entertaining and engaging, this is the first in a series of podcasts coming soon from The Misteree Project and TmP Life.






Living UNmASTERED - Birthday

While some celebrate their birthday by partying and posting on social media, I sit back to reflect on mine. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always impactful and meaningful. Enjoy this one. #StayUNmASTERED Follow us on IG and FB: @TheUNmASTERED Music Mantra: Same Ol' Mistakes by Rihanna can be purchased on iTunes and Google Play

Duration: 00:15:00

Living UNmASTERED - Greatness

Success is cool. Greatness is better. Today was a pivotal day. 16 years ago today I moved to Houston for the first time with the intentions of being successful. It didn't happen. But that's okay. Walk with me as I explain why it's okay. Enjoy this one. #StayUNmASTERED Follow us on IG and FB @TheUNmASTERED Be sure to rate and comment on how we're doing! Music Mantra: Ambition by Wale can be purchased on all music platforms.

Duration: 00:13:29

Living UNmASTERED - Meditate

On location at my meditation spot, I decided to share my story of why I got into the practice of meditating and how it relieves stress. We all have levels of stress and anxiety, and figuring out how to handle it makes a world of difference. #StayUNmASTERED Follow us on FB and IG @TheUNmASTERED The Music Mantra of the week is Clarity by John Mayer. It can be purchased on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music.

Duration: 00:14:17

Living UNmASTERED - Belief

This week's segment of Living UNmASTERED is all about belief and self-encouragement. You have to believe that everything will be just fine. Know in your mind that things will work out in your favor. Believe it, and it will happen. #StayUNmASTERED Follow us on IG and FB @TheUNmASTERED This week's Music Mantra: Encourage Yourself by Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers can be purchased on iTunes and Google Play Music.

Duration: 00:12:52

Living UNmASTERED - Prepare and Adjust

Sometimes we aren't prepared for things that happen in our lives. We can either panic in the moment or adjust in the moment. Here is my truth. Eric with UNmASTERED #StayUNmASTERED I'm also creating a new segment called Music Mantra. It's the song I wake up to and is in my head all day. Today's song is We Find Love by Daniel Caesar. It can be purchased on iTunes.

Duration: 00:12:48

Living UNmASTERED Intro

You deserve to live like you want to. That's the truth of UNmASTERED. Living life and doing things on your terms. Here is Living UNmASTERED - The Intro. Living UNmASTERED it brought to you by The Misteree Project. Creating What Matters. Music: Clean Sober by Kevin MacLeod

Duration: 00:05:32

TmP Times - Episode 5

The Season Finale of The TmP Times. Enjoy. #KeepGoing

Duration: 00:04:39

TmP Times - Episode 4.5

While awaiting the season finale of The TmP Times, enjoy this "in-between" episode featuring Angie Mitchell. Music: Human Nature - Michael Jackson

Duration: 00:02:28

TmP Times - Q and A

With such a great reaction from the audience with The TmP Times, I decided to do an interview answering a few questions and filling in some of the gaps regarding episodes 1-3. Special thanks to Angie Mitchell for conducting an awesome interview! *NOTE* There are spoilers in this interview so please listen to episodes 1-3 prior to listening to this. If you'd like to comment or ask a question for the next TmP Times Q and A, do so by leaving a voice or text message on the TmP Hotline at...

Duration: 00:16:51

TmP Times - Episode 3

Episode 3 of The TmP Times. Music: iT's YoU by ZAYN Mellow by Anthony Gordon

Duration: 00:03:11

TmP Times Episode 2

Episode 2 of The TmP Times Featuring: Normeka Ageous and Connie Conant Music: Too Bad For You by Miesa Alright by Jordan Rakei

Duration: 00:04:40

TmP Times - Episode 1

Episode 1 of The TmP Times Music: Hallucinations by dvsn Mellow by Anthony Gordon

Duration: 00:03:16

What's The TmP Times?

TmP Life Presents, The TmP Times. A short narrative story about love, anger, heartache and drama. Enjoy this quick 5 episode story brought to you by The Misteree Project.

Duration: 00:00:50