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#014 Pacific Coast Highway-Pat & The Multitool Miracle - The Toddzilla X-Pod

In his next retrospective, Todd sets off for the California Coast and embarks on what would become an incredible, far-reaching trip. Includes tales about hiking the Pacific coastline, chasing the ghosts of old hippies hitchhiking north on the Pacific Coast Highway, meeting Pat & Nick, and some increasingly frequent and “weird” introspective, metaphysical experiences highlighted...

Duration: 01:16:26

#013 Colorado & Wyoming: Plans?! HA! - The Toddzilla X-Pod

In this retrospective again flashing back to May ’08, things lighten up as Todd spends Memorial Day weekend with a bizarre family in Glenwood Springs, Colorado then unexpectedly hitchhikes into Wyoming meeting some fascinating characters while learning the folly of plans (ha!) and embracing the art of improvisation. Thank you for listening on iTunes, Stitcher,...

Duration: 00:55:14

#012 Dennis: A Violent End To A Tragic Life - The Toddzilla X-Pod

In this retrospective from ’08 & ’09, Todd tells the powerful & tragic story of Dennis. His long-term affect and influence would reverberate more than almost anyone else he’s met on the road. Includes some related, highly personal insights into Todd’s fractured family and what were his budding spirituality & views on our personal interpretation...

Duration: 01:12:47

#011 The Cowardly Adventurer Stumbles Forth - The Toddzilla X-Pod

In his second retrospective, Todd discusses fighting the battle against paralyzing fear & cowardice and finally hits the road! (Awkwardly) His first few days are spent figuring out the basics of life on the highway, while dodging tornadoes, stealth camping, and unexpectedly sleeping…at a halfway house. And, it’s just the beginning. Hop on! Thank you...

Duration: 01:11:43

#010 Toddzilla The Carnie - The Toddzilla X-Pod

In his first of a series of travel retrospectives, Todd talks about his 2-weeks working as a carnie in 2008. Includes stories about drugs, a knife fight, being seen as “fresh fish” on a “gay” crew, neutering a carnival bully, an Easter Sunday “communing with the dead” Indian ritual, and insights into Todd’s developing ideas...

Duration: 01:08:37

#009 The Great Transition: A Prologue - The Toddzilla X-Pod

Two in a week! Rejoice! The X-Pod pivots as Todd talks about Britany Maynard, mirroring, the importance of sharing your struggle, then offers up some of his own in detailing his 4-year battle against fear before hitting the road Thank you for listening on iTunes, Stitcher, &!

Duration: 01:03:21

#008 The Election Day Companion - The Toddzilla X-Pod

Like PMS, Toddzilla blesses you with what’s become his monthly visit! Just in time to celebrate ‘merican democracy in his own special way. In addition to the election, he talks about his treks to Detroit, Climate Change, Ebola, Marysville, and artistic authenticity, too! Concludes with a dramatic formatic pivot. Click and let Toddzilla enter you....

Duration: 01:02:36

#007 Tribal Warfare - The Toddzilla X-Pod

​Toddzilla’s back! Topics include Ferguson & ISIS while taking on social media, Slithering Fascism, unabashed willful ignorance & tribalism, and even the obliviously endangered Humanovirus itself. Ask your doctor if Toddzilla is right for you. Use only as directed.​Toddzilla’s back! Topics include Ferguson & ISIS while taking on social media, Slithering Fascism, unabashed willful ignorance...

Duration: 01:24:13

#006 9-11-01 & The Aftermath - The Toddzilla X-Pod

An honest & blunt retrospective look at 9/11, the deceptive invasion of Iraq, and the assault on civil liberties in the six-years that followed. If you want to leave feeling good about the Bush years, this isn’t for you. Thank you for listening on iTunes, Stitcher, &!

Duration: 00:33:10

#005 The Demon - The Toddzilla X-Pod

​A few amusing (and disgusting) radio tales, and I talk about how performing & chronic depression can be related. Also, feast on some Toddzilla hate mail & another installment of Ask Jesus! “Ask your doctor if Toddzilla is right for you!” Thank you for listening on iTunes, Stitcher, &

Duration: 01:19:20

#004 Spiritual Cavemen - The Toddzilla X-Pod

I talk about some weird experiences on pot, how traveling affects my perspective and attitude toward spirituality, collective consciousness, and mankind’s fundamental ignorance and inability to comprehend our own reality. Also, some classic Toddzilla Fire spit toward the death penalty and the “water right” hypocrisy. Plus, a NEW Jesus feature! Ask your doctor if Toddzilla...

Duration: 01:11:06

​ #003 The Joys of Hitchhiking & The Nativist Plague - The Toddzilla X-Pod

I talk about how hitchhiking offers a unique and valuable window into people and the world, the humanizing effect of traveling, and the North American Nativist Virus. Available on iTunes &

Duration: 01:08:12

#002 Independent’s Day - The Toddzilla X-Pod

On freedom, the “gramophone mind & the National “Divide”, corporate “personhood”, the media, dirty politicians, and the last hope for changing it. Includes a few “special” moments set aside for our Teabagging Fascists. Use as directed. Ask your doctor if Toddzilla is right for you!

Duration: 01:01:48

#001 Thoughts & Prayers - The Toddzilla X-Pod

Todd talks about his time in the Chicago stand-up scene, gives you a one time only disclaimer, explores our fascination with “thoughts & prayers”, & has a very special guest drop by for his debut episode!

Duration: 00:21:20