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38: Danielle Natoni - her journey to fitness superstar and making fitness a part of your life

‘From fractions to fitness’ describes Danielle Natoni and her transition from being a healthy teacher to a fitness expert perfectly. This former math teacher is now a Beachbody coach, the Creative Director for Shaun T, Master Trainer, Instagram Influencer and Insanity Live Format Expert. She is a mother to two girls and wife to the husband she met on the set of an Insanity infomercial. Journey…1:45 - Danielle grew up with healthy parents and has always been into health and fitness. Being...

Duration: 00:27:01

37: Dr. Andrew Miles on how the busy person can handles stress

Dr. Andrew Miles specializes in Chinese medicine with post graduate experience in British Columbia and advanced diagnostics and integrated medicine at the Chengdu University of TCM in China. He treats chronic pain and promotes the importance of gut health. He has been presented awards from Chinese and Taiwanese governments for his contributions to Chinese medicine. Background…2:15 - Dr. Miles’ step-dad was Chinese which is when he was introduced to the Chinese culture. At the time, he was...

Duration: 00:26:40

36: Simone Miller, expert chef and author, on cooking paleo and gluten-free

Simone Miller is a well-known chef that has been cooking for two decades now. She worked in a variety of restaurants growing up on the East coast. She then decided to take her talents to San Francisco and focus on being an elite chef, recipe developer, caterer, and author. Her own food intolerances led her to turning her catering company, Zenbelly, into a gluten-free, paleo-style phenomenon. Journey…2:00 - Simone started cooking at a cafe in Connecticut at the age of 19. She never thought...

Duration: 00:30:08

35: Cassy Joy Garcia, author of Fed and Fit, on how to make healthy living a lifestyle

Cassy Joy graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s in Science. She kept studying nutrition to hopefully find an answer to her issues with help. Despite doing what she thought were all the right things, Cassy still wasn’t feeling healthy. She now lives a Paleo lifestyle and has found that it changed her life. She no longer struggles with weight, fatigue, or joint pain. Cassy has a successful blog, Fed and Fit, and is also the author of her book, Fed and Fit. She loves to stay...

Duration: 00:23:02

34: Mihaela Telecan on personalizing your approach to nutrition and overall health

Mihalea Telecan is a veterinarian who changed focus to nutrition and is now a Registered Dietician, GAPS practitioner, health coach, and fitness instructor. She has plenty of experience in the nutrition world through experimentation, dietetic internship hours, and graduate coursework. She helps her clients reach a truly customized lifestyle plan, there is not short-term diet with Mihaela! She lives in Florida with her husband and son and loves to ride her bike when she isn’t working with...

Duration: 00:24:19

32: Amber Brueseke on having biceps after babies

Amber Brueske is a wife, mother to 4, and fitness coach; she is basically a supermom! Amber practiced as a registered nurse until pursuing her passion in the health industry. She has a successful coaching business and is a Certified Personal Trainer. Her Instagram account, @biceps.after.babies, is an extremely successful and active community and can be used as a great resource tool. She wants people to love their bodies and perform and feel the best they can. Amber’s Journey…2:45 Growing...

Duration: 00:23:31

31: Olena Osipov on simplifying healthy eating for the whole family

A native of Ukraine, Olena Osipov now finds herself in Vancouver, BC where she lives with her husband and two boys. After her second son was born, Olena developed a passion for health and fitness. Her blog and website,, is home to many clean eating recipe that Olena has developed. She shares her journey and love of clean eating with others so they can see that nutrition doesn’t have to be boring -rather it is fun and delicious! Olena’s Journey…2:30 - Olena grew up in Ukraine...

Duration: 00:23:30

30: Katy Allan on healthy cooking for the whole family

Katy Allan lives in Georgia with her husband and three boys. She runs a successful blog, Savoring the Flavoring. It is filled with recipe ideas, meal planning tips, and never-ending humor. Katy is focused on fueling her family with nutrients in fun, creative, and most of all, delicious ways. Instead of counting calories and obsessing over foods, Katy encourages balance, moderation and homemade foods as often as possible. Katy’s Journey…2:00 - Katy’s mom was a dietician so Katy grew up in...

Duration: 00:31:33

29: Mark Fisher on making serious fitness fun and purposeful

Mark Fisher is the Co-CEO of Mark Fisher Fitness (MFF); a gym that focuses on speaking to people that the traditional fitness regimen might not speak to. Community and authenticity is key to the success that Mark has found within his gyms. Seeing that Mark was a previous actor, MFF is home to many people within the Broadway community. Their humor and crazy-fun antics make it a unique and one of the fastest growing companies in New York City. Mark’s Journey…2:20 - Mark did not come from the...

Duration: 00:28:23

26: Amy Berger, author of The Alzheimer’s Antidote, on nutrition and brain health

Amy Berger struggled with health and physique despite doing all the ‘right’ things. She ended up discovering a low carb/ketogenic lifestyle and surprising enough to her, it helped her reach her goals! Not only did it work, but it made sense scientifically. Amy went back to school to get her Master’s in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. She is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Amy operates ‘Tuit Nutrition,’ a nutrition...

Duration: 00:23:04

25: Hannah Krum, the Kombucha mamma, on everything you need to know about kombucha

Hannah Crum, also known as the Kombucha Mamma, is an expert regarding this popular drink. Hannah’s passion has turned into her own ‘Kombucha Kamp.’ Here, she offers advice and products to those interested in brewing their own kombucha. She is the master brewer for multiple restaurants and breweries in L.A. Her mission is to ‘change the world, one gut at a time.’ Hannah’s journey…1:55 - A lot of people seek out kombucha for health issues, but kombucha found Hannah! She was traveling in San...

Duration: 00:21:23

24: Serena Wolf on eating clean for people who like to eat dirty

Serena Wolf claims that she is the definition of the saying ‘If I can do it, you can do it’ when it comes to cooking. She went to culinary school on a whim and has not looked back since. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, has been a private chef, recipe developer, and is the author of The Dude Diet. Her blog, Domesticate Me, stresses that cooking should be fun, realistic and doable for people. Serena lives in New York City and just finished up her book tour around the US! Serena’s...

Duration: 00:23:32

23: Elizabeth Resnick on the holistic approach to being happy, healthy and hot

Elizabeth Resnick has her holistic health coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. She also runs a blog called Happy, Healthy, and Hot. Through these platforms she stresses how important it is to feel good about yourself. Elizabeth has always been interested in nutrition and fitness. She is currently working on a book and her certification as a Primal Health Coach. Elizabeth’s Background…3:00 - As a child, Elizabeth was always interested in nutrition....

Duration: 00:28:09

21: Melissa Joulwan, author of Well Fed, on how cooking and eating Paleo changed her life

Melissa Joulwan is the author of Well Fed —the best-selling, paleo cookbook. After struggling with her weight and self-esteem as a child and through her young adult life, Melissa found CrossFit and the paleo diet in 2009. Around that time, she also found out that her fluctuating weight was due to something bigger than she expected. This sparked an interest in how our diets affect hormones, mood, motivation, body composition. She keeps up with her own popular blog at . Her accomplishments...

Duration: 00:28:09

20: Monica Reinagel, the Nutrition Diva, on helping people sift through nutrition info overload

Monica Reinagel went to music school and to become an Opera singer; that is where her name The Nutrition Diva came from. Now, Monica is a well-known nutritionist and author. She has a weekly podcast, does group programs, blogs for the Huffington Post and is a frequent guest on popular TV shows such as TODAY and Dr. Oz. Monica lives in Baltimore, Maryland and is still able to find the occasional concert singing gig on top of her successful nutrition career. Monica’s Journey…2:00 - Nutrition...

Duration: 00:26:09

19: Michael Lares on improving sleep and overcoming migraines

Michael Lares is a former U.S. Navy Diver, a lover of the outdoors, and is an expert in sleeping. After a tragic accident and years of suffering from painful migraines, Michael needed sleep. He found guidance and direction from Dr. Bart Flick. Michael and Dr. Flick worked together to create the Somniresonance Delta Sleeper; a device that helps finds the brain’s natural sleeping pattern. Michael resides in British Columbia with his wife and two children and his work continues to help...

Duration: 00:38:49

18: Paul Southern on making lifelong changes to your health and fitness

Paul Southern is the CEO of Reactive Inc and the COO of the San Fransisco Fire of the National Pro Grid League. His company, Reactive Inc., is a health and fitness coaching resource available to companies, big or small, and individuals. Paul helps coach those looking to make a long lasting difference in their lives. The National Pro Grid League is the world’s first coed team sport. Paul’s Journey…2:55 Paul found the weight room at during 6th period at Foothill High School and has been...

Duration: 00:30:38

17: Todd White on improving your health through drinking wine

Todd White is the founder of Dry Farm Wines; the world’s only natural and health-focused wine club. They use the highest quality wines from winemakers all over Europe. Todd is a writer, speaker, and a leading authority of micro-dosing for alcohol, vitality, and longevity. Along with his expertise in wine, he is also successful in the ketogenic world. He wrote a cookbook called Keto Well and speaks about his journey to low carb eating. Todd lives and works in the heart of Napa Valley wine...

Duration: 00:29:45

16: Tawnee Prazak-Gibson on how to be a healthy endurance athlete

Tawnee Prazak-Gibson has a tremendous amount of knowledge in the health, nutrition, and training fields. Her background as a stellar athlete and love for triathlons led her to pursue this passion in exercise science, nutrition, and strength training. She hosts a podcast called Endurance Planet where she targets the endurance athlete community. Her journey is relatable and has enabled her to gain valuable experiences to help her clients. Coach Tawnee is an excellent coach willing to help...

Duration: 00:28:13

14: Jimmy Moore on eating fat to lose fat

Jimmy Moore is an inspirational speaker and the author of the best-selling book, Livin’ La Vida Low Carb. Jimmy made an incredible transformation when switching to a low carb lifestyle and now he helps those who are searching to make healthy changes in their lives. He has multiple books available and a popular blog loaded with advice and encouragement. Jimmy’s Journey…2:10 - Jimmy and his entire family was obese growing up. By age 32 he weighed 410lbs and when his brother passed away at...

Duration: 00:33:11

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