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Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin [Episode 16]

We have an identity crisis in the US. We don’t let people express who they truly are and they in turn don’t allow us to express ourselves. So, they lose their sense of identity. People can then become disconnected from themselves and from those around them. It was a painful experience, but losing my sense of identity left me open to con artists and other people who took advantage of that vulnerability. It is a slow process, but you can gain confidence in who you are and not be overly...

Duration: 00:06:39

Your Secret Weapon Against Toxic People [Episode 15]

Finding yourself is determining who you are without external labels. When it comes to self-discovery, ask yourself, “Who are you?” Most people probably have trouble answering that question. We live in a society where a good number of people have lost their sense of self. That’s why you see books, podcasts, and programs about how to find your authentic self. We tell people to look within. We know that means self-reflection or introspection, but what are you supposed to be looking for...

Duration: 00:05:19

How To Stop Caring What People Think About You [Episode 14]

Caring about what people think about you can actually be a symptom of another problem. The problem is a lack of self-esteem or self-confidence. There is a direct correlation between our confidence and our anxiety of what others think. That confidence, in turn, is related to our understanding of ourselves. In this episode I will address 4 key points: 1. If anything where to happen to you today, would all those random people you’re so worried about be there for you? 2. Watch out for people...

Duration: 00:09:16

The Most Important Skill For Dealing with Toxic People [Episode 13]

This skill is not only the most important skill in dealing with toxic people, but in dealing with life in general. It’s something that’s missing in our society particularly from the millennial generation. The best way to deal with toxic people is to focusing on creating an amazing life for yourself. It’ vague, but that’s because an amazing life means different things to different people.

Duration: 00:06:16

Toxic People Profile: The Drama Queen and King [Episode 12]

Drama Queens and Kings cannot resist the opportunity to create conflict, and dealing with their manufactured conflict can be an especially big challenge. Even people who have excellent self-control can lose it when confronted with this kind of emotional manipulation. You can count on the Drama King or Queen to know how to push people’s buttons to get the result they want. Key Bits [1:35] Why drama queens and kings are the way they are [2:01] Recognizing a drama queen or king [5:26] How to...

Duration: 00:03:49

Toxic Bosses and How To Deal With Them [Episode 11]

In this episode I cover 6 common types of toxic bosses and how to deal with them. Hate playing office politics? So do I. Think of it less playing office politics and more about protecting yourself. Key Points [1:26] Two important questions to ask yourself [2:09] Your best defense against a toxic boss. [3:30] The Six Types of Toxic Bosses Want More? Visit

Duration: 00:07:31

Episode 010 – Dealing With Toxic Co-Workers Using Email

For this episode I talk about email scripts that you can use to deal with toxic situations at work. I will not go through all of them, but I will highlight a few. There are 11 scripts that are available on my site as a free download. There is a link in the description. After you download your scripts, there is a special offer for a 2018 calendar with 365 prompts for dealing with toxic people. Each month has a theme. There are also action plans to help you stay on track. [2:52] Where to get...

Duration: 00:14:30

Episode 009 – Toxic People Profile: The Passive Aggressive

This is the first in a series of toxic people profiles that I will visit from time to time. Today’s profile is the passive aggressive. “Funny thing about passive aggressive people, they can smile and throw you under the bus, then get you to apologize for getting upset about it.” They’re like snipers. They take shots at you and you won’t even know where the bullets are coming from. [1:18] How passive aggressive folk operate Signs you're dealing with a passive aggressive [2:06] 1. A classic...

Duration: 00:06:05

Episode 008 – Dealing With Toxic Family Members

This is a touchy subject. There aren’t any easy answers, but there are answers. There are hard truths that may be difficult to accept. Always seek the advice of a professional before making any major decisions. On today's episode: [1:59] 1. People who are controlling, meddling [8:01] 2. People who won’t let you grow and change [10:55] 3. People who like to pick fights [13:10] 4. People who play the victim [13:58] 5. People who withhold affections [15:40] Solutions [16:21] – Taking the...

Duration: 00:17:20

Episode 007 – Arrogance vs. Confidence

I’ve said previously that we fear our own success for a variety of reasons. One thing I didn’t mention was the fear of appearing arrogant. Which brings us to the title. What is the difference between arrogance and confidence? [2:04] The defining trait between the two [3:41] The truth behind why arrogant people are the way they are [6:30] How we can misinterpret arrogance [8:20] How to see arrogant people for who they are [9:13] The dark truth about false humility [10:18] Why introverts can...

Duration: 00:06:01

Episode 006 – How to Keep Calm in an Argument – 5 Tips

“A battle of ego has no winner.” [1:10] Why do arguments escalate? [1:43] Lay the ground rules – Do this before you get into any argument. When you can be objective because if you wait until an altercation, it’s too late. You can easily get riled up if you don’t lay the foundation. That’s why people have trouble staying centered in an argument. That is what keeps you grounded. [4:24] Technique 1. Give them a way out. [6:30] Technique 2. Discover the real issue. [9:41] Technique 3....

Duration: 00:07:56

Episode 005 – Getting Motivated & Dealing With Rejection

Welcome to The Toxic People Detox, a practical guide for finding peace in the midst of toxic people. It’s not about changing toxic people but changing how you respond to them and doing so in a productive, healthy way. Today, I interview a former student Ms. Maci Brinson. She is currently a graduate student working on her Masters in physiology at the University of Louisville. “When people show you who they are, you have to believe them.” Maci Brinson [1:46] Where did Ms. Brinson’s...

Duration: 00:06:42

Episode 004 – The Fear of Success

Welcome to The Toxic People Detox, a practical guide for finding peace in the midst of toxic people. It’s not about changing toxic people but changing how you respond to them and doing so in a productive, healthy way. This is Episode 004 – The Fear of Success & How to Overcome It. If there’s one thing you can count on with toxic people, is that they fear your success. What happens when you fear your own success? Why would you fear your own success and how can you overcome it? In today’s...

Duration: 00:08:05

Episode 003 – Toxic People vs Difficult People- What’s the Difference?

Toxic People are difficult, but not all difficult people are toxic. In this episode, we explore the difference between a toxic person and a difficult person. Although they are sometimes used interchangeably, I do make a distinction. 1:16 - Why being difficult is not always a bad thing. 5:08 - Gas-lighting and why it's so insidious 7:26 - What to do when someone is gas-lighting you in a conversation 7:37 - Being polite vs being assertive 8:34 - How I got over the fear of being impolite 9:30...

Duration: 00:16:54

Episode 002 – 8 Characteristics of An Awesome Life

In today's episode, I talk about this little gem called the 8 dimensions of wellness. These aspects of life will wax and wane in different stages of our lives. If one is out of tune then focus on bringing that aspect back into the picture. The key is not balance but rather harmony.

Duration: 00:14:28

Episode 001 – My Story & 4 Lessons Learned

Welcome to The Toxic People Detox, a practical guide for finding peace in the midst of toxic people. In today's episode I discuss my dealings with toxic people and 4 lessons I learned from them. If's there's one thing you can take away from this episode is that a battle of ego has no winner!

Duration: 00:07:41

Episode 000 – What Is The Toxic People Detox?

What is The Toxic People Detox? The term “toxic people” was coined by psychologist Dr. Lillian Glass. The word “toxic” is a substance that can cause harm to living organisms. As a noun, the word “detox” means the process of ridding oneself of unhealthy or toxic substances. Realistically, we cannot always physically remove toxic people from our lives. The good news is that might not always be necessary. The toxic people detox is a practical approach to finding peace in the midst of toxic...

Duration: 00:04:23