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TH023 Celebrate With Me My 4 Year Transplant Anniversary

Today I celebrate four years post heart transplant. Please Celebrate With Me My 4 Year Transplant Anniversary and I’ll describe to you my life in four WORDS. No doubt this journey has been a wonderful and trying experience. I hope something I say will educate and encourage you along the way. If you can Like, Subscribe and Share

Duration: 00:12:28

TH022 Pay It Forward How Can We As Transplants Patients Give Back

Most likely you’ve heard the phrase in your life “Pay It Forward” or “Paying it Forward.” Perhaps you been that person in the fast food drive thru who pulled up to the window only to hear “The car ahead of you took care of your bill, they paid it forward. You know how thankful that makes you as the recipient of such a gift feel and perhaps that spurns you to “Pay It Forward.” In the transplant world, all recipients are thankful for their gift and we often look for opportunities to Give...

Duration: 00:11:55

TH021 Getting Better Healthcare With Better Communication

No doubt we all want to receive the best healthcare possible. One of the way we can accomplish that is be becoming better communicators as we interact with our healthcare providers/ transplant teams. On today’s episode we discuss the topic “Getting Better Healthcare With Better Communication” Please take time to view this entire program and if it helps you in any way be sure to Like, Subscribe and Share. Know Your Body https://youtu.be/vsafo8JscbY Building Better Relationships For...

Duration: 00:14:26

TH020 Being In The Hospital And Social Media

On today’s quick tip I caution all transplant patients about posting too many details about their condition on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. No doubt today’s tip applies to anyone who’s hospitalized or away from home. Please like, share and subscribe to our videos.

Duration: 00:02:09

TH019 Should I Return To Work Post Transplant

Should I Return To Work Post Transplant? This a questions that weighs heavy on the minds of many transplant patients. Making the decision to return to work should not be taken lightly and deserves the deepest consideration. Although it is an individual decision it should be explored on a case by case basis. Because I am asked this question so often I did want to try to address it. On today’s episode I’ll offer you 10 questions you should consider answering before making this most important...

Duration: 00:35:07

TH018 You Need Help And Support

As an organ transplant patient you need help and support! Transplant life is not a life meant to be lived alone. The emotions, pain, medications and the slow healing process can seem overwhelming at times. Having people around you who know what your going through can be a huge encouragement. On today’s program I want to encourage you to reach out to you local transplant center for ideas how you might become involved and as a result gain the support you desperately need. Please subscribe,...

Duration: 00:08:38

TH017 Quick Tip: Getting The Call And Social Media

Many transplant patients understand that getting “the call” does not equal “getting a transplant.” Often times as one awaiting a transplant you can be called to come to your transplant center several times for “dry runs or false alarms” where the organ turns out not to be a proper match. For many reasons you may be turned away disappointed. Knowing how to deal with that, particularly what to say when the call comes on your social media account can greatly impact your emotional well being....

Duration: 00:04:42

TH016 Quick Tip: Getting To Know Your Body

How well do you know your body? It’s very important that you know your body and how it differs from “base line” at the local doctors office. Knowing your average weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate as well as many other statistics can greatly improve your care. On today’s episode I’ll be encouraging you to be more self-aware.

Duration: 00:04:17

TH015 Quick Tip: Building Better Relationships To Improve Your Care

Did you know by build better relationships with your healthcare team you could improve the care you are provided? Getting to know your doctors, coordinators, nurses, and pharmacy staff can greatly improve your chances of getting higher quality care and at times even come with much needed priority. Having better conversations, understanding you situations as well as shorter wait times can be the result of great relationships. Today’s quick tip is only the beginning of a longer discussion...

Duration: 00:05:12

TH014 Quick Tips Preparing For Cath And Biopsies

Today’s Quick Tip: Preparing For Catheterizations And Biopsies. If you’ve ever faced or will ever face a heart cath this video will help you. Basically all Transplant patients dread when time comes for heart catheterizations (caths) and or biopsies. Most understand the importance of this test in evaluating the health of our new of soon to be new organ. In spite of the anxiety, stress and pain catheterizations and biopsies bring we must endure. Listed is this video you’ll find one quick...

Duration: 00:03:27

Is It Possible to Become Addicted to Prednisone?

Is is possible to become addicted to Prednisone? Since being taken off the medication last week I’ve been wondering. As organ transplant patients we’ve all experienced the aggravating side effects of Prednisone. At times it is hard to keep in mind the important role this drug plays in our survival as an immunosuppressant that helps to prevent post-transplant rejection. After long termed use anyone might assume that there will be a price to pay in the form of residual effects. On today’s...

Duration: 00:12:36

TH012 The Devil’s Drug- Prednisone A Love/ Hate Relationship

For many transplant patients Prednisone is considered as part of a love hate relationship. In my journey since transplant I’ve even heard it referred to as “The Devil’s Drug” or “The Little Devil.” No doubt it’s annoying side effects can make it frustrating to take. With those side effects in mind it is hard to focus on the vital role this tiny pill plays in post-transplant survival. I can honestly say early on I took this drug too lightly, assuming it was only prescribed as a “pick-me-up”...

Duration: 00:12:57

TH011 Stop! Don’t Take Your Medicine??

Don’t Take Your Medicine. I know being a transplant patient that sounds crazy but I never take my medicine without doing this first. I’ve seen people lose their lives because of one mistake or over site. This tip can help prevent costly and life altering mistakes. How about Liking, Subscribing and Sharing this video. You may also enjoy other videos in The Transplant Helper series and playlist. Visit my website: http://iftruthbetold.org/transplant-helper.html

Duration: 00:12:52

TH010 The Secret To Getting Disability On The First Try

The secret to getting social security disability on the first try is a simple one and I will reveal it in this video. Believe it or not it does not require hiring a lawyer or spending the rest of your life in court. It is as simple as getting to work for yourself and knowing one trick that will never be shared by the Social Security Administration themselves. Best of all this trick will likely not cost you a penny and will only take a couple of hours to make a reality. This trick literally...

Duration: 00:10:19

TH009 How To Be A Good Patient And Welcome Visitors

Welcoming visitors while hospitalized is one place where I found joy. As a matter of fact every time I heard a knock at my hospital room door I got excited but as time went on I learned better how to receive each visitor who entered my room. So today I speak from experience concerning this subject, having spent many days, weeks and at one point months confined to a hospital. Being in that situation gives you a new appreciation for each person who takes the time to stop by to say hello and...

Duration: 00:07:59

TH008 How To Be A Good Hospital Visitor

Visiting and attending to the sick is one place where I find constant joy. Today I speak from experience concerning this subject, having spent many days, weeks and at one point months confined to a hospital. Being in that situation gives you a new appreciation for each person who takes the time to stop by to say hello and to express their care. However, knowing how to visit as well as how to receive a visitor can make a difference. If you’ll give me the next 8 minutes of your time I’ll...

Duration: 00:07:46

TH007 Understanding Post Transplant Organ Rejection

Understanding organ transplant rejection is very important to our survival as transplant patients. Although rejection is not always a deadly situation the damage it leaves behind can cause our quality of life to be lowered. On today’s program, we will discuss the classes, categories, causes and cures for organ transplant rejection. Please feel free to like, subscribe and share this program. Find all these episodes on YouTube The Transplant Helper and this YouTube channel IS NOT DESIGNED...

Duration: 00:14:19

TH006 7 Ways To Maintain Or Improve Your Transplant Diet

7 Ways To Maintain Or Improve Your Diet Post Transplant. Maintaining a healthy diet post organ transplant is vital to improving your quality of life and survival. Most likely your diet will undergo some major yet necessary changes post-transplant. Changes in your sodium, sugar and cholesterol intake are very common. On today’s program, I want to discuss Seven Ways You Can Maintain Or Improve Your Post Transplant Diet. The tips are as follows: 1. Follow Your Diet…Sort Of. 2. Use...

Duration: 00:13:40

TH004 Exercise and Rehabilitation

In today’s podcast we discuss Exercise and Rehabilitation post transplant. No doubt one of the keys to a quick and full recovery involves your willingness and ability to participate in an exercise program. Visit our website: thetransplanthelper.com YouTube

Duration: 00:09:09

TH003 One Key To Recovery- Too Simple To Overlook

Above all there seems to be one main key to any transplant recovery. As simple as it is today’s tip will help you bounce back faster than any treatment you’ll receive. Like the 70 year old man I mention in the video the key to your rehabilitation may come even before you become a transplant recipient. The Transplant Helper IS NOT DESIGNED TO, AND DOES NOT, PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. YouTube

Duration: 00:06:59

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