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Kimberly Althauser on Fascial Stretch Therapy: Episode #60: The Trillest Podcast

This week we're chatting with Kimmy Althauser, co-owner, and founder of TK Stretching. TK Stretching specializes in Fascial Stretch Therapy. Kimmy and her boyfriend, Tim, have recently brought their practice to Austin, Texas from Arizona. Kimmy walks us through exactly what Fascial Stretching is and all of the benefits it can have on your body (guys, it might make you taller!). Kimmy is such a gem and full of knowledge in regards to healing your body through the practice of fascial...


Taylor Somerville on Breath Practice, Cold Exposure & Competing and Training for The World's Toughest Mudder: Episode #59: The Trillest Podcast

Today Taylor sits down with another Taylor! Taylor Somerville is on this week to chat with us about our mental game. Taylor walks us through his journey that leads him to quit his job at 38 and how his daily mental practice helps to ensure himself he has made the right decision. Taylor walks us through the benefits and art of a breathing practice. Then we chat a little bit about how cold exposure can greatly enhance your mental game. Which for Taylor needed to be strong since he competed in...


Is it okay to have body image goals?: Episode #58: The Trillest Podcast

In an effort to bring more bad ass ladies into our podcast space, we've invited our (newly pregnant!) bestie, Brooke aka Brukie Ehlinger in to chat with us this week. We got a life update from Brooke on her growing baby bump, birthing plan and how she's preparing for the lack of sleep to come in her near future:). The real meat of the episode is our discussion around the recent social media uproar of body acceptance and how wanting to modify your body has become shameful. Tune in to hear our...


30 Before 40: Episode #57: The Trillest Podcast

Whoop, it's Salah's birthday week! She's turning the big 3-0 and to celebrate we did something special for the podcast. We each wrote down a list of 30 life goals to accomplish before we turned 40 (inspired by Episode 55 with Caitlin) and chatted all about them. It was a super fun activity and really made us look forward to this decade we have in front of us. Go give it a listen and let us know what you think about 10-year goals, into it or nay? Either way, keeping it #trill on the daily...


One Year Podcastiversary: Episode #56: The Trillest Podcast

Whoa, it's been a year since we started The Trillest Podcast! What a fun year it has been! You guys have seen us through so much and we've learned so much from stepping out and being #trill with ourselves and everyone listening. A big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us and continues to download week after week. To celebrate one whole year we are going back to how things started, telling you all about what we love in regards to fitness, food, health/beauty/fashion and most...


Salah + Taylor + Caitlin on Chi Jacks, Celebrity Sightings, 30 before 30 and Careers: Episode #55: The Trillest Podcast

In this week's episode we have such a special treat for you, Salah's college BFF, Caitlin is joining us and she is such a gem! You guys, Caitlin's energy is next level and it was so wonderful getting to hear all about her career path, the 30 before 30 list she put together for herself (which involved running a half marathon and going vegan for a month), and we learned about CHI JACKS! We chatted a little about fitness, joining a book club, spin class and SO much more. Obviously, we were...


Salah + Taylor on Globo Gyms, Sleep, Reading (who has time?) & Post-Whole30 Thoughts: Episode #54: The Trillest Podcast

We're super excited to be back recording in real time so you can hear how things are going at this exact moment. Tune in to hear all about Salah's adventure at the globo gym, how important sleep is, Tay's love for tacos and thoughts post-Whole30. It's a random mix this week but we're glad to be back at it! Tune in and keep it trill! Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review for the podcast (YAY!), go to...


Salah's Birth Story + Life with Baby: Episode #53: The Trillest Podcast

It's Episode 53 and we're back together with a new member of the podcast family, Baby Maggie! That's right, Salah isn't pregnant anymore (whoo hoo!) and she's ready to tell us how it all went down. We walk through Salah's birth story and life post-baby (spoiler: it's not all sunshine and rainbows #trill). We chat about how they're sleeping, what exercise looks like at the moment and plans for movement in the future. We're so excited to be back together and cannot wait to take on...


Coach James on Fitness Journeys, Self Confidence and Wanting to Quit: Episode #52: The Trillest Podcast

I'm (Taylor) flying solo with Coach James today. We actually recorded on Salah's due date (spoiler: baby did not come on time!) so she's taking the week off. I asked James to walk us through his fitness journey and boy are you in for a treat! This guy has hustled since day 1 and his story has taken him to every type of gym that you can imagine, and he has wanted to quit more than once. The cool thing behind James's story is discovering the confidence he has always had within himself. He...


Salt Intake, Weightlifting Open Prep and New Years Goals with Carla Nowicki R.D.: Episode #51: The Trillest Podcast

On this week's episode of The Trillest Podcast, Salah and Taylor sit down with Carla Nowicki, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS. Carla is a Dietitian, a competitive weightlifting athlete, strength coach, and founder of Pursuit Nutrition. This is Carla's second appearance on The Trillest Podcast, she first joined us on Episode 38. If you are interested in her background then definitely go give that episode a listen. Today we've brought Carla on to chat all about New Year's resolutions. We dive into what...


New Years Goals with Salah and Taylor: Episode #50: The Trillest Podcast

It's episode 50 and a new year! How about that timing! Can you believe we made it? We're back together again to reminisce about 2017 and discuss what 2018 is going to hold. We talk about what our new year's resolutions look like now compared to in the past. Then we each walk through goals in Fitness, Health, Self Care, Life & Career for 2018. This is an exciting year on the trillest and we're ready to jump right in! Happy New Year everyone!! Follow Salah on IG: @salahsays Follow Taylor...


One Year No Beer with Ruari Fairbairns: Episode 49: The Trillest Podcast

In this episode of The Trillest Podcast, Salah and Taylor chat with Ruari Fairbairns, co-founder of the One Year No Beer (OYNB) challenge. One Year No Beer is a movement of individuals putting down the booze, living their life to the fullest and reaching incredible goals along the way. Ruari walks us through how OYNB came about, and what it has grown into today. Ruari and his co-founder, Andy, are aiming to help people rethink their relationship with alcohol and how their lives could...


Marathon Recap with Tay + Tal: Episode #48: The Trillest Podcast

Today we (Taylor + Talon) walk you through marathon weekend! It was a big day, you guys, and we're alive to tell the tale (barely!). We both walk you through what our vastly different training plans looked like, how we prepped those days leading up to race day, and how those 26.2 miles went for each of us. It was an exciting and exhausting day that is for sure. Marathons are not for the weak of heart. If you are looking for real marathon advice, this is definitely not the place. But if you...


Gut Health, Leaky Gut, Poop Talk & Plant Based Eating with Dr. John Cluley: Episode #47: The Trillest Podcast

In this episode of The Trillest Podcast, Salah and Taylor interview Dr. John Cluley, a board-certified gastroenterologist. This is Dr. John's second time on the trillest, he first visited with us on episode 10, if you have not already go check that episode out. Dr. John is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to our guts and it was awesome to get to quiz him on all things gut related. We started with general gut health and how an individual would go about beginning to venture into the gut...


Wellness Coach and Trained Professional Chef Alli Waddell: Episode #46: The Trillest Podcast

In this episode of The Trillest Podcast, Salah and Taylor sit down with Alli Waddell. Alli is a wellness coach, trained professional chef, and fitness bad ass. Alli's approach to training clients is much different than what you may expect. Alli is not about quick fixes. She empowers clients to understand the reasons behind their food decisions and work with them to find an eating protocol that fits their lifestyle and goals. She's looking to find a long-term solution centered on self-love...


Interview with Coach Zach Baldacci: Episode #45: The Trillest Podcast

In this episode of The Trillest Podcast, Salah and Taylor interview Coach Zach Baldacci. Zach has had an awesome career in the fitness industry and was gracious enough to walk us through it. We talk about Zach's journey into CrossFit, how his eating had to evolve after he stopped playing football in college, what his eating looks like now and his recent move to Austin! His move to Austin brought him to Crossfit South Lamar where he is currently programming all of the Crossfit workouts for...


What is Fitness with Dave Appel: Episode #44: The Trillest Podcast

On this episode of The Trillest Podcast, Salah and Taylor sit down with their good friend, Dave Appel. Dave walks us through how his start as a p.e. teacher lead him to become the owner of CrossFit South Lamar, where he is today. Dave gives us a look into how his fitness has evolved, where he is with his fitness journey and what his nutrition looks like today. Throughout our discussion, we keep coming back to what became the real question of the episode, what is fitness? Can we really...


Favorite Things with Salah and Taylor: Episode #43: The Trillest Podcast

On this episode of The Trillest Podcast, Salah and Taylor are back together again! This week their chatting all about life updates including but not limited to the fact that Salah is blind, Taylor's marathon training (again!) and how she thinks eliminating alcohol may help her reach her goals. We briefly discuss whether or not we are abstainers or moderators. Then we dive into a few food, fitness and fashion things that we both love at the moment. Tune in for some awesome suggestions and...


Houston Astros Latin American Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Rachel Balkovec: Episode #42: The Trillest Podcast

In this episode of The Trillest Podcast, Salah and Taylor interview Rachel Balkovec, first female strength and conditioning coach in the history of professional baseball (how cool, right?!). We chat with Rachel about her journey towards her most recent role as the Houston Astros Latin American Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, and boy is it goooood! Rachel let us quiz her all about a day in the life of a strength and conditioning coach, her new adventures in volleyball, her thoughts...


Travel and Pregnancy Updates, Struggles with Running and Motivation, Insecurities caused by Social Media & SO much more: Episode #41: The Trillest Podcast

In this episode of The Trillest Podcast, Salah and Taylor are back together and keeping it real #trill (per usual!). Taylor gives us the rundown on her latest travel (she went to Germany!) and how all the walking made her come back feeling like a champ. Salah talks about how plant-based eating has evolved into a more intuitive way of eating and made her more in tune with what her body is craving. Additional topics include but are not limited to (we were everywhere today, yall!) favorite...


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