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The Troika of Terror is a fun, lively discussion podcast delving into current events as well as the general delusions & foibles that vex humanity on a daily basis. There will sometimes be interesting guests & sometimes just comedian/actor/writer ANGRY BOB and a rotating selection of fellow NYC comedians. Includes a ton of real life storytelling from veteran NYC comedians as they pull back the flagstones of the seedy underbelly of comedy & expose all the wriggly weirdness underneath. There will also be tons of weird stories from growing up in the fun, decaying NYC that will entertain & amaze!!! Starring ANGRY BOB – a veteran NYC comedian who's been on NBC's Last Comic Standing, HBO's Bored To Death and TVLand's The Jim Gaffigan Show – and has also been seen on CNN, MSNBC and FOXNews' Red Eye performing political comedy and satire. Angry Bob has also been heard on the Opie & Anthony radio show and has performed at comedy festivals and comedy clubs nationally.




TOT Ep #35 - The gang welcomes special guest: Elli The King of Broadway!!

The Troika is BACK, and with a BANG, as ELLI KING OF BROADWAY stops by and kvells with the bubbelas!! We learn on this very special episode: The origins of Elli’s name • Bobell has done karaoke??? • How Elli and AB met - doing a video for Facebook!! • …and AB played a bum, again!! • AB’s homeless portrayal really fools the NYPD, with less than hilarious results!! • Elli is also the King of Hamentashen!! • Discussions of “on the set” minutiae • the difference between the various hasidic...

Duration: 01:00:06

TOT Ep #34 - The Return of Stacy Kendro and OJ SIMPSON PAROLE Talk!!

The gang is back with fave guest comedian Stacy Kendro as a myriad of topics are discussed, including the RETURN OF OJ SIMPSON!! Lots of stories involving The Juice and his impending release on parole • AB impressed the OJ still wacks off • Bobell weighs in while AB admits he’s still an OJ fan • the gang shares their “where they were when they heard the verdict” stories • OJ still dominates the nightly news • will smartphone “bots” be the new “Big Brother”?? • Bobell’s living conditions...

Duration: 00:44:52

TOT Ep #33 - Special Guest: Actor & Facial Hair Aficionado JEFF STACHE!!

We’re back with a great guest - actor, artist and facial hair aficionado: JEFF STACHE - Jeff joins the regular gang as the following is discussed: AB and Jeff’s status as alumni of NYC’s famed Stuyvesant HS • Trump trumps climate change • the Katz’s Deli Incident: AB “assaulted” for not moving quick enough (but still enjoyed his noblewurst!!) • Stuy High reminiscence - the good, the bad and the ugly • AB recalls a great teach he had and connected with: late writer Frank McCourt • AB...

Duration: 01:04:29

TOT Ep #32 - Special Guest: The Steamroller of Comedy, Rich Carucci!!

After a quick break for Lent, the TROIKA OF TERROR IS BACK - and with a vengeance, and a great guest - the Steamroller of Comedy: Mr. Rich Carucci!! A great comic, all around fun guy and personal friend to the TOTsters, Rich comes on to regale us with so many great tales in his amazing life! Reminiscence takes a back seat to Bobell’s gangrenous toe • …and then the mic breaks!! • …and then we soldier on with an iPhone!! • Back to the Bobell Toe Fiasco • …and now we begin with Carucci...

Duration: 00:53:25

TOT Ep #31 - Comedian, Performance Artist & Political Activist RENO is guest!!

TOT welcomes the legendary comedian, actor, performance artist and political activist RENO!! On this great show: AB forgets what car Reno drives and who’s President • Will Obamacare survive Trumpzilla?? • AB goes on about his “ties” to lesbian community…again… • AB: Champion of the Downtrodden!! • Reno discusses her NYC roots • Finding her biological mother and the aftermath • AB goes wishy-washy • Bannon: Just scary or just REALLY scary?? • Todd finally shows…polite applause ensues • More...

Duration: 01:13:18

TOT Ep #30 - Comedian and all around fun person STACY KENDRO drops by!!

Stacy Kendro joins us again for more zany fun - the discussion includes: AB upsets Stacy with a racy metaphor • My Little Pony “Bronies” discussed • Stacy disturbed by demeanor of young comic • AB disturbed by wine bottle wielding coffee patron • AB would never lop off his moobs - gateway to weird sexual adventures • roommate issues bemoaned • a little Trump talk • AB freaked out by proposed NYC “U” shaped skyscraper • AB reminisces about the Hellfire Club, goes into his legendary Plato’s...

Duration: 00:50:56

TOT Ep #29 - Our Favorite Guest, Comedian HOWARD FELLER pays a visit!!

The Return of HOWARD FELLER!! The TOT boys and one of their fave guests tackle some of the biggest controversies of the day such as: the joys of unemployment • Howard on Trump • AB knows how to work the ‘Bucks • AB on the virtue of complaining • Todd on HBO’s Crashing • The big Oscar SNAFU • AB no fan of LA LA Land but loved Hidden Figures • more Oscar/movie talk • AB’s brain fails yet again • Bar comedy shows suck but prison shows are fun • news breaking about Sessions and the REDS •...

Duration: 00:56:45

TOT Ep #28 - with Guest: comedian, film maker Joe Pontillo!!

Special guest this week is comedian Joe Pontillo - we discuss: the films of Joe Pontillo • Joe has a podcast, too! • Joe is on twitter as well! • Todd was a Mets mascot?? • Joe hates steak but has a great Road Gig Horror story!! • Angry Bob pisses off a booker…again!! • Todd on HBO’s new show Crashing!! • Having an extra on the set is weird • Bobell relieves himself • Joe will be on Gotham Comedy Live • Will Bobell do another Fringe Festival this year?? • And now some Trump Talk • Trump is...

Duration: 01:02:00

TOT Ep #27 - Guest Dean Haspiel - Comic Book Artist from The Red Hook & HBO's Bored To Death

In this episode we’re excited to have as guest comic book artist and creator of The Red Hook - Dean Haspiel as well as guest “terrorist” Stacy Kendro - Dean’s and Angry Bob's association origins discussed • Angry Bob digresses on his encounter with legendary comic book writer Harvey Pekar • Great live shows that encouraged Stream-Of-Consciousness performers reminisced over • AB & Stacy both love comic Judy Tenuta and more of the “greats” are discussed • How Dean met writer and Bored To...

Duration: 01:04:44

TOT Ep #25 - The Gang talks to guest - comedian Daniel Crow!!

The boys welcome guest Daniel Crow - comedian and part-time dog whisperer! This week many subjects are tackled such as: Is Crow his real name? • Bobell & questionable dental practices • AB recounts a horrible tale of his mutant childhood teeth • More politics - Daniel is a Bernie man • Ugly current events discussed and social media’s impact • AB upset with all the violence these days but does he have a blunderbuss??? • More Trump talk - duh!! • Todd no fan of Chuck Schemer, AB likes him!!...

Duration: 00:56:26


A VERY TOTMAS HOLIDAY SHOW!! Yep, it’s the end of 2016 and the holiday season, and the boys end the year on a miserable note with musings in Angry Bob’s car: discussing our xmas party in a great German restaurant • 2016 - worst year ever?? • The dawn of TRUMP • Trumptime stories - Todd encounters and angry old white guy on the subway with a gun!! • 2 guys pissing on street in front of us amuse and upset • Bobell’s Trumptime story involves verbally spewed hate in a popular NYC diner • The...

Duration: 00:47:01

TOT Ep #23 - Comedian Actor Film Maker & Provocateur MATT NAGIN!!

We have as a guest the wild and wacky MATT NAGIN - comedian, actor, film maker, provocateur extraordinaire - and what an episode it is!! We discuss Negan or Nagin?? • The fun of fucking with an audience • How AB almost lost a comedy room • Doing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival • Sex in Scotland and other tales of inebriated debauchery • How AB ruined a cashmere sweater • Matt regales us with a Road Gig Nightmare tale • THE LEGENDARY MARLO THOMAS STORY • Matt Nagin - King Of Reality TV • What...

Duration: 00:53:00

TOT Ep #22 - TRUMPZILLA!! With guests Connie Flagtwat & Aaron Sweeney!!

TRUMPZILLA – the after the unthinkable show, discussing President-elect Donald Trump with guests Christian lady and Trump supporter Connie Flagtwat and comedian Aaron Sweeney – some of the highlights: How did Trump happen • Putin on the Ritz • Did the Hillary lose ruin it for a female Presidency going forward • AB tries to be optimistic in the debacle and gets laughed at • Connie stops in and talks Trump love and crushed velour • Trump discussed from the Christian right POV • More Trump...

Duration: 01:06:43

TOT Ep #21 - Performance Artist & 2016 winner Mr LES - JOHN KING!!

We’re honored to have the legendary ASS Minister of Information and 2016 winner of the Mr. Lower East Side Pageant JOHN KING as a guest!! A fixture in the NYC club, performance and community advocacy scenes for over 40 years, John regales us with tales relating to coffee enemas; his Midwestern origins; coming to dirty, dark and fun NYC in the 1970’s; the wild NYC club scene; luminaries of the NYC club scene met; AIDS origins theories; drug use in the 1970’s; working for the public advocacy...

Duration: 00:49:33

TOT Ep #20 - The Return of STACY KENDRO and lots more!!

On the latest episode we welcome back comedian STACY KENDRO and yuk it up with TOT favorite TODD MONTESI about a whole cornucopia of crap including: AB anger origins • weird religious practices • AB mouser extraordinaire • the scourge of clowns • Angry Claus • Stacy works with Caroline Rhea • AB tried to remember something but fails • extreme hoarding • vacuum tube technology, the 1939 New York World’s Fair & a Jodie Foster fixation • the first Clinton/Trump debate • Stacy & Todd vent •...

Duration: 00:56:08

TOT Ep #19 - Adult Film Director and Satanist DAVID HARRIS!!

This week we have an amazing guest: Adult film producer and Magister in The Church of Satan DAVID HARRIS – and another appearance by his charming partner and wife, HEATHER HEIGHT!! Also in attendance are Bob Bell and Howard Feller!! This week we talk to Dave about: his days in comedy and heading up Hate Speech Radio • being an Adult Film director • the state of the porn business in America • his position as a Magister in the Church of Satan • the true story of Satanism • Satanist just...

Duration: 00:53:46

TOT Ep #18 - Return of HOWARD FELLER with guest HEATHER HEIGHT!!

After a short hiatus, the TROIKA OF TERROR is back!!! With guest panelist HOWARD FELLER – the fun ensues with hard talk about: more comedy horror stories • Presidential politics • Trump’s GOP takedown • Bobell’s analysis • Howard’s analysis • AB just gets all anal!! Then, the gang is joined by another special guest – comedian HEATHER HEIGHT – and she shares the women’s perspective about the world of comedy and discusses some comedy controversies and very bad behavior by some male...

Duration: 00:54:29

TOT Ep #17 - COMEDY ROUNDTABLE - The Seedy Side of Stand-Up Comedy

A COMEDY ROUNDTABLE – with core members ANGRY BOB, BOB BELL & TODD MONTESI – the boys discuss many subjects pertaining to the seedy underbelly of stand-up comedy in New York City such as: comedy betrayals • the guest who never was • Todd’s take on comedy ingrates • Bobell’s harrowing story about being used • does the “industry” value malleable predators over talent • NYC bar comedy shows with moronic names • everyone’s a comedian now • Todd’s long running show at a new venue but with same...

Duration: 00:44:31


A amazing fast-paced episode with TON OF SPUTTERING INFORMATION as Angry Bob, Todd Montesi and the late (but still very much with us) Bob Bell tackle a myriad of subjects in the realms of history, politics, religion, popular culture and more – such as: the Zika Virus • the Rapture • Religious Garb • why so few Game of Thrones episodes left • TV show ideas • White Rage & Trump – but is he a False Flag Candidate • The New Deal • Reagan & the death of the New Deal • The Bushes • BOBELL...

Duration: 00:45:29

TOT Ep #15 - Part Two of the Rev Jen Miller Interview!!

PART TWO of the REV JEN MILLER Interview!!! Rev Jen, a writer, actor, director, artists, TROLL MUSEUM curator, producer, noted Lower East Side personality, AND MORE, shares more interesting tales from her august existence such as: more about being a SEXUAL SURROGATE • victim of cutthroat NYC Real Estate • How she was cowardly thrown out of her NYC apartment of 21 years • the demise of the TROLL MUSEUM (but the Angry Bobblehead was saved!!) • Jen fights back – with ART!! • The re-birth of...

Duration: 00:59:58

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