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Episode 35: Talking business with Florian Faes of

Sometimes it feels like language professionals forget that they are just that - professionals with a business "attached" to them. While being a wordsmith or having "a way with words" is perfectly fine, the economic elements must not be forgotten. Enter Florian Faes, co-founder and managing director of, the language industries biggest (and only?) business focused one-stop-news-shop. The Troublesome Terps grill him on the origins of the website, business trends is seeing across the...


Episode 34: The Crystal Ball of Interpreting

In this "back to the roots" episode of the Troublesome Terps, Jonathan and the Alexes take a look in their crystal ball and have a discussion about what the future of the interpreting market could look like, that might be considered controversial. Ever thought about additional services interpreters could offer or where your responsibilities as interpreter start and stop? Then this is the episode for you! Let us know what you think down in the comments or on Twitter, we really want to hear...


Episode 33: Exchanging thoughts with Corinne McKay and Eve Bodeux

Interpreting and translation are two sides to the same coin - or so they say. Joining us on this exciting crossover episode, are the two hosts of the "Speaking of Translation" podcast Corinne McKay and Eve Lindemuth Bodeux to talk about just that! What are total interpreting and translation stereotypes and - gasp - might there be a grain of truth? How do translators stay focused on a 200 page document? How do interpreters deal with double bookings? What are the boons and banes of working...


Episode 32: Our year 2018 in review

2018 was truly another blockbuster year for the Troublesome Terps. Not only did was our first - and certainly not last - live event in London a bonafide hit (thanks to all the supporters and attendees!), as always we covered a wide range of different and super interesting topics this year. Humor in interpreting and our very best travel tips and tricks provided some levity, discussions on feelings/emotions in interpreting and why interpreting research matters, provided some serious food for...


Episode 31: The 2018 Live Event

It finally happened. The three Troublesome Terps got together for their very first live event at The Roebuck pub in London! With almost 40 guests, we discussed two topics. First, we covered the topic of "Lies We Tell Clients". These "untruths" cover many different aspects, whether it's changing your quote for the umpteenth time or whether it's telling the client that "of course" you already have a team in waiting, although all your "usual suspects" are already booked. We talk about what to...


Episode 30: Alex and Alex do London Met

When in Rome - or London as it were - why only settle for one live event when you can have two? On November 17th, hours before the big podcasting event at The Roebuck, the two Alexes were invited by Danielle D'Hayer, course leader of the MA Conference Interpreting at London Metropolitan University, to join her and a group of students in their language lab for a lively Q&A session. The students contributed many questions ahead of time and even "on the fly" on the day and had an interesting...


Episode 29: Aline Casanova in the Feedback Loop

Giving and receiving feedback is a crucial part of not only becoming an interpreter, but also continuously improving yourself, your business habits and your interpreting skills. Aline Casanova and some brave fellow interpreters joined forces and introduced the world to InterpretimeBank, a platform by and for interpreters. InterpretimeBank is for honing your skills, as well as giving and receiving feedback from a feedback partner. Aline joins the Troublesome Terps to talk about why it is...


Episode 28: Ask Us Anything 2018

Ask and you shall receive - and ask you did! For our very first Ask Us Anything episode, we received a ton of questions that kept you up at night. From speedy speakers to ABC language combinations, listening to your gut feeling and creating interpreting standards in the Arabic interpreting world - you sent us a wide range of questions that we relished in answering! Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this episode and let us know what you thought of our answers and if you have any...


Episode 27: Why Bother with Interpreting Research?

Certainly research is important in every discipline or field of work, but surely you have also sometimes wondered: actually, why should I care? Surely, it's not like in depth analysis of the voice-to-ear-span or complex and highly complex communication models help you be a better interpreter "out in the field", right? Well, luckily Jonathan and the two Alexes are here to help and discuss exactly why you SHOULD care and what research does do for you. Let us know what you think and let's...


Episode 26: Standing up for fun with Matthew Perret

Have you ever laughed your head off in the booth or have you been gobsmacked by a joke that was thrown your way by a "fun" speaker? Interpreter and professional funnyman Matthew Perret joins the Troublesome Terps to shine a light on what silk purses, Mae West and German structure have to do with putting the fun in fundamentally difficult to interpret jokes. After all, not all jokes are a laughing matter! Special Guest: Matthew Perret.


Episode 25: We Iron out Your Travel

Travelling is just as much part of an interpreter's life as speaking another language and dealing with a casual work-related caffeine addiction. Jonathan and the Alexes discuss the pros and cons of plane vs. train, hot chocolate vs. coffee, travel iron vs. water spray and a ton of other absolutely crucial travel aspects that will make your professional life (or just your upcoming summer holiday) so much easier! So buckle up, join us on this wild ride and let us know how YOU travel!


Episode 24: Get in Touch with Your Feelings (or Emotions)

The Troublesome Terps are all in their feelings with guest host Caroline Lehr. Caroline not only has a PhD in emotion psychology, but also a keen interest in the influence of emotions on interpreters and the interplay between them and our performance in the workplace. A heady and insightful episode! Special Guest: Caroline Lehr.


Episode 23: Professional Associations For Interpreters: AIIC & VKD

Why should conference interpreters care about joining an interpreting specific association? What can associations do for the interpreters, but also vice versa: How can conference interpreters contribute to a productive life in associations? To discuss this very timely and important topic, the Troublesome Terps are joined by Sarah King, Secretary of the German Region of AIIC, and Karin Walker, Chair of the German Association of Conference Interpreters (VKD). Together, we discuss why it is...


Episode 22: Real Professions Have Professional Associations! (ATA & ITI)

Many interpreters and translators are members of one or more professional associations. But why? What do professional associations actually do for the interpreting community and why should interpreters care? To discuss these and many more interesting points, the Troublesome Terps are joined by Corrine McKay, President of the American Translators Association and Sarah Griffin-Mason, Chair of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. They both provide fascinating insights into the...


Episode 21: Looking for Trouble with the Vocal Fries

Hungry for more podcast? This month, the Terps are looking for trouble with the tasty Vocal Fries! Together with Vocal Fries hosts Carrie Gillon and Megan Figueroa, Jonathan and the Alexes discuss a wide variety of different topics from linguistic discrimination to gendered language to code switching and what's up with French in Canada or with Spanish in Arizona. Special Guests: Carrie Gillon and Megan Figueroa.


Episode 20: We Mean Business With Judy Jenner & Ewan Menzies

Jonathan and the two Alexes have invited interpreting and translation entrepreneur Judy Jenner, co-author of "The Entrepreneurial Linguist" alongside business development expert and CEO of Castle Strategies Ewan Menzies to talk shop. In this episode we really get down to business! Both Judy and Ewan share their insights into what makes clients tick, and discuss with the Troublesome Terps how to assert your service's worth and be the best entrepreneurial interpreter you can be. Special...


Episode 19: 2017, A Troublesome Year In Review

The three troublemakers sit down to look back at a rather troublesome year. We talk about the episodes we put out in 2017 and about trends and developments in the interpreting space. Plus: The very first edition of our Tops and Flops Awards! (Photo by Ariel Besagar ( on Unsplash...


Episode 18: UTIC Live Webinar - Machine Interpreting Revisited

Revisiting the subject of our very first episode, we will fulfil our brief to cover the topics that keep interpreters up at night. In this webinar, we tackle the controversial topic of Machine Interpreting. “Universal translation” apps, gizmos and gadgets from small startups and even heavyweights like Google have been mushrooming recently. Many people in our industry are wondering whether it is only a matter of time before interpreters made of flesh and blood will be replaced by machines....


Episode 17: Mental Health For Interpreters

Jonathan and the two Alexes have invited Justine Mason, formerly a mental health nurse and currently senior lecturer in health and social care at Wrexham Glyndwr University. She has completed a part-time MA in translation studies and written a dissertation about public service interpreters in health settings, particularly emotional difficulties and coping strategies. Justine and the Troublesome Terps discuss the mental health that interpreters can face in their profession. Special Guest:...


Episode 16: The Social Media Muppet

The three troublemakers have invited interpreting student Hugo Menendez to discuss social media and how interpreters should or should not use it. Special Guest: Hugo Menendez.