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Adam Starseed Bey | E.T. Contact Astral Travel & Remote Viewing

There is a world that exist just beyond our reach. A world thriving with life that is full of thousands of non human-like entities. These beings interact with life as we know it most often unawares by the average mind. Sometimes these beings cross over into our reality and we catch a glimpse of their likeness. Sometimes the walls between the worlds dissipate and contact is made. There is nothing that exist in our dimension that does not have some type of spiritual implications. In this...

Duration: 01:24:48

Jed Payne | Overcoming Addictions | The TruthSeekah Podcast

Everyone has a story. Many have faced the demon of addiction. Some still are. Some die trying. Jed Payne shares his story of overcoming drug addiction after 18 tries at rehab and literally being brought back to life. Jed's story gives hope to the hopeless and lets them know that their is a light at the end of the tunnel and that true freedom is absolutely possible. Jed Payne is also one of the hosts of the podcast Church and Other Drugs. A podcast that discusses religion with a comedic edge...

Duration: 01:26:34

Watchman | Ascending Jacob's Ladder | UFOs, Aliens and Music

So you like Hip Hop Music, UFOs, Aliens and Spirituality? Us Too! Watchman started out doing Christian Rap music with TruthSeekah back in the mid 2000's. Over the years the two have traveled to tons of churches sharing their testimonies of how came came out of darkness and into the marvelous light of Jesus Christ. But somewhere along their path something happened. Something changed. Their message got a little deeper, a little stranger and even weird some would say. What happened? Why did...

Duration: 01:20:01

Keys To Manifesting Your Dreams | Jennifer Casolary

There are keys to manifesting your dreams. Practical steps that actually work. Jennifer Casolary sat down with TruthSeekah to explain some of the practical things that we can do in our day to day to keep our vision in front of us and our goals in the forefront. Habakkuk 2:2 in the King James Bible speaks about the importance of actually writing down our goals and having a vision board. Studies have shown that you are 50 percent more likely to achieve your goals simply by writing them down....

Duration: 00:59:28

Spirit Talk | Round Table | TruthSeekah & Michael Basham

TruthSeekah and Michael sit down for a round table discussion about Spirituality and the Spirit Realm. Some of the topics we discuss on the show may seem a little deep and hard to comprehend but the emphasis always goes back to making our encounters tangible. There is always a lesson to be learned from the realms of the spirit. We also talk about intention. Pointing out a lot of tools that we use to access and maneuver around the spirit realm. To go in and not to just be amazed and in awe...

Duration: 01:52:57

Charity Croff | The Universe, Consciousness and God

This is the second hour of the interview with Charity Croff. TruthSeekah and Leo go into discussion about the patriarchy and some of the ancient beliefs that were once represented by the early church. Charity Croff is one-half of a group called Arch Duke. He is one of the most gifted videos essayist on the web. His downloads have reached into the millions. His eyes are almost hypnotic and his essays are delivered like a Miles Davis song. God willing, his star will only get brighter in the...

Duration: 00:47:25

O.D.D. Reality | Conspiracy Theories, Spirituality & Religion Fact vs Fiction

In this episode TruthSeekah has a conversation with O.D.D. Reality about Conspiracy Theories, Spirituality and Religion. TruthSeekah talks about his distaste for conspiracies now a days due to EVERYTHING being a conspiracy. It seems like everything that happens in the media quickly becomes a conspiracy theory and the illuminati secret cabal must have something to do with it. Everything from the Sandy Hook shootings, Death of celebrities to forgetting the title of popular childrens book....

Duration: 01:36:24

Brian Godawa End Times

In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Brian Godawa the author of the Chronicles of The Apocalypse series about the end times and Bible prophecy that has already taken place without us even knowing it. Cognitive dissonance would have us read over very key scriptures within the Bible that are very easy for anyone to understand and they already have a meaning because of that we've been told. This allows us to simply read over it because we feel as if we already know what it's talking about...

Duration: 02:26:50

Healing From Sexual Abuse And Childhood Trauma Chris Duthridge

Chris Duthridge shares his moving story of how he was able to find freedom from years or sexual abuse and childhood trauma that led to a lifestyle of drug use and violence. Many people are suffering late into their adult year from things that have happened to them even as a child. We we find forgiveness and lend it towards those who have wronged us an even greater measure of forgiveness is then poured out upon us. Not dealing with childhood trauma only leads to creating more trauma and...

Duration: 01:20:57

The Nephilim Fallen Angels and Demons of the Bible Gary Wayne

The Bible talks about the fallen angels looking upon the daughters of men and deciding to make wives of them. Hence the Nephilim, which are the Giants of Old, the men of renown. The Nephilim are the offspring between the daughters of men and the fallen angels. Genesis 6 goes into much detail about what happened between the mixing of the angelic and human seed. The Book of Enoch also acts as a companion guide to this story and explains the detail about how angels and demons operate in the...

Duration: 02:10:11

Leaving The Church to Find God Larry Reid & V. Terrill "Buddha" Hill

In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Larry Reid and V. Terrill "Buddha" Hill of Larry Reid Live about leaving the church and finding God. Some of the topics discussed are about how spirituality is universal and no one religion hold ownership to spiritual abilities nor encounters but only to the names and ideas attached to these universal principals. The conversation also touches on being able to laugh at our beliefs and how we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. Laughter is as a...

Duration: 01:05:38

Judy Messoline | The Lady Who Built A UFO Watchtower

Judy Messoline was made famous by being the lady who built the first UFO Watchtower in Hooper Colorado. Judy went out on a limb and created the platform to see spaceships and essentially UFO sanctuary without even having one sighting. Since its conception Judy and friends have seen well over 100 strange lights in the sky performing bizarre aerial phenomena not created by human ingenuity. Later in the interview TruthSeekah and Judy speak about the spirituality behind the E.T. contact and...

Duration: 01:04:02

TruthSeekah Breaks Down Flight of the Navigator

Breaking Down The Hidden And Cryptic Meanings Of Some Of My Song Lyrics TruthSeekah Breaks Down is a new idea that I had where I go into details about the meanings behind some of my song lyrics. In this particular episode I break down the lyrics for my song Kymatica letting you know where I got the name and what the heck I meant by all these crazy lyrics. I hope you enjoy! FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR | TRUTHSEEKAH FEATURING RASUL ALLAH Hypnotic Gnostic’s researching the records...

Duration: 01:24:48

Illuminati Congo | Manifestation | Bringing The Dream Realm Into Reality

TruthSeekah speaks with Jahn Illuminati Congo about spirituality and living out your dreams. In this discussion the two speak about how they gave up their nine to five to pursue their passions of music and the healing arts. Manifestation is possible and the steps to living out your dreams can be achieved in a very practical way. Once you make up your mind to recapture your dream the Universe / God delights in this decision and helps you to unlock your full destiny. It is a song and dance,...

Duration: 01:18:52

Hope Medford | Spiritual Energy In Music | The Divine Feminine

In his interview TruthSeekah speaks with Hope Medford of Medicine For The People about spirituality within music and how to tap into that secret trance state while performing. Another topic discussed was the sacred divine feminine energy and why women should be taught to embrace their bodies instead of seeing themselves as shameful. The hand drummer for world roots rock band, Medicine for the People since 2007, Hope has been playing percussion for almost twenty years. Her first teacher...

Duration: 00:56:21

True Hallucinations | The Magic of an Alchemist | Drew Gower

Drew Gower was at his largest of 388 pounds when he had his awakening and during this interview he is down to 204. After years of regret and depression Drew had a moment of self realization during a psdiclicobyn mushroom experience. After this profound encounter Drew also found himself with a copy of the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho given to him by TruthSeekah. These two experience sent Drew and TruthSeekah on a path of enlightenment, self worth and inward discovery. During this...

Duration: 01:54:46

Disl Automatic | Spirituality, Life and Success | Conversation With TruthSeekah

Disl Automatic is a Revolutionary Hip Hop Artist whose message is to spread freedom and equality to all people and animals alike. Disl is also a huge vegan activist and has made many songs about his love for animals and distaste for corporations and industries killing other living creatures for profit and greed. In this episode TruthSeekah and Disl cover everything from Spirituality to police shooting unarmed black men all the way to their favorite movies and video games. In this 3 hour...

Duration: 03:24:55

Rory Campbell | The Shaman Poet | Spirituality and Oneness

In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Rory The Shaman Poet about going into the spirit realm and looking within for answers. Poets, it’s said, are shamans of words. True shamans are poets of consciousness. Journeying into a deeper reality with the aid of sung and spoken poetry, they bring back energy and healing through poetic acts, shapeshifting physical systems. When we dream, we tap directly into the same creative source from which poets and shamans derive their gifts. When we create...

Duration: 01:15:53

Return To Nature | Psychedelics and Our Mystical Connection With The Plant Kingdom | Dan De Lion

In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Dan de Lion about the consciousness of plants and how to connect with them. Dan De Lion is an Earth Herbalist, Forager, Musician, and Teacher dedicated to working with Nature to facilitate the reunion of the people with our planetary purpose. He teaches through Return to Nature, providing classes, lectures, and seminars on wild food foraging, mushroom identification, herbal medicine making, as well as primitive and survival skills with a focus on...

Duration: 01:36:40

Deliverance Ministry, Healing Inner Wounds & Childhood Trauma | Anthony Cummings

In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Anthony Cummings about the importance of deliverance ministry. In this episode you get an up close and personal look into Anthony and TruthSeekahs personal struggles growing up without fathers and how to overcome such character flaws and mindsets. Anthony currently lives in Texas, and is married to his wife Sara. He currently tutors students in Biblical Languages while finishing his certification, in and through Regents University, to become a...

Duration: 01:42:00

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