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NBA Trade Deadline reactions with Dennis Xhaët

Dennis Xhaet of Play Sports TV joins Max to look back on a wild trade deadline in the NBA, assessing what the Cleveland Cavaliers did and how it affects their short and long-term future. That plus conversations on Isaiah Thomas' future as he joins the Lakers, the teams that didn't do enough and the advantages of reducing the amount of regular season games. Listen to archived episodes of The US Sports Podcast, including comedian Marek Larwood and NBA on TNT reporter Kristen Ledlow, here:...


Marek Larwood on Super Bowl 52, podcasts and gym culture

Marek Larwood, comedian, actor and writer is this week's guest on The US Sports Podcast with Max Whittle. Looking ahead to Super Bowl 52 between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, Marek discusses his gym routine, the podcasts he listens to and the quarterback matchup between Tom Brady and Nick Foles. Listen to archived episodes of The US Sports Podcast, with guests including Peter King of the MMQB and Craig Sager Jr., here:...


Remembering Cyrille Regis with Chris Green

Chris Green, author of 'Cyrille Regis: My Story', joins Max to remember the one and only Cyrille Regis. Chris spent hours with Cyrille both as a friend and for the book and shares some of his greatest and fondest stories of a man who will be remembered not only as a successful goalscorer, but someone who paved the way for every black British footballer that followed him. Listen to archived episodes of The US Sports Podcast with Max Whittle, including Joel Embiid and Carlos Peña, here:...


Andre Miller and Rip Hamilton

Andre Miller and Rip Hamilton are Max's guests on the US Sports Podcast. Miller played 17 seasons in the NBA for nine different teams, retiring at age 39 with the Spurs. Hamilton, who is famous for wearing a protective face mask, won a championship with the Detroit Pistons back in 2004 against the Lakers. Listen to archived episodes of the US Sports Podcast with Max Whittle, including ESPN commentator Mike Breen and the Atlanta Falcons' Jack Crawford, here:...


Marc Zumoff, TV voice of the Philadelphia 76ers

Marc Zumoff, TV voice of the Philadelphia 76ers on NBC Sports, is this week's guest on the US Sports Podcast. Marc talks to Max in London ahead of the Sixers' game against the Celtics, the eighth regular season tilt in the UK's capital. Marc talks about growing up a Sixers fan, his love for basketball, making up broadcasts as a kid, how he makes every show different and his role as a lead commentator.


Top 10 NBA surprises with Dennis Xhaët

Max is joined by Dennis Xhaet from Antwerp, Belgium as they share their biggest surprises from the NBA season so far. Question for the show? Tweet Max @max_whittle Listen to archived episodes, including John Amaechi and Adam Silver, here:


Hakeem Olajuwon

Hakeem Olajuwon, the NBA's all-time leader in blocks and a two-time champion with the Houston Rockets, is this week's guest on the US Sports Podcast. Hakeem talks to Max about growing up in Nigeria, his first impressions of America when he arrived at 18, David Stern's moustache in 1984, playing in the 'golden era' of basketball, facing the '86 Celtics in the Finals, winning titles while Michael Jordan was playing baseball in semi-retirement, his success during Ramadan and the toughest...


NBA chatter with Dennis Xhaët

Max brings on NBA regular Dennis Xhaet to talk over Oklahoma City Thunder's offensive struggles, the Cleveland Cavaliers' strange start to the season, Lonzo Ball's shooting, Kristaps Porzingis, surprising teams in the East and the Bucks' trade for Eric Bledsoe. Question for the show? Tweet Max @max_whittle Subscribe on iTunes:


Tim Rohan, the MMQB on 24 Hours with Shad Khan

Tim Rohan, writer for the MMQB and Sports Illustrated, is this week's guest on the US Sports Podcast with Max Whittle. Tim and Max worked together on the MMQB's '24 Hours with Shad Khan' story, an editorial and video following the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham FC owner. In London for the International Series in September, Khan practices yoga, hosts a brunch party on his yacht and takes a charter boat to Craven Cottage to watch his soccer team. Before the Jaguars defeated the Ravens at...


Luol Deng, LA Lakers

Luol Deng of the LA Lakers joins Max on the US Sports Podcast to talk about his childhood in south London, where he thinks he ranks amongst the best players in Chicago Bulls history, his annual Deng Camp in Crystal Palace, his friendship with Chris Bosh, his struggles with the Lakers last season and how long he thinks he has left in the NBA. Before the interview, Max shares his top storylines going into the 2017/18 NBA season. Subscribe:...


Gary Gramling, Sports Illustrated and MMQB Ten Things Podcast

Gary Gramling, senior editor at the MMQB and host of the Ten Things Podcast with Andy Benoit is this week's guest with Max on The US Sports Podcast. Gary breaks down why and how he uses Simpson's references in his articles, his opinion on Hall of Fame busts, the art of story telling, his thoughts on the major storylines coming out of the NFL in Week One, his new book 'The Football Fanbook', winning Sports Illustrated's first ever Emmy-award winning piece 'A Boy Helps a Town Heal' and his...


Neil Reynolds, NFL on Sky Sports & Andrew Charles, Brits In The End Zone

Host of the NFL on Sky Sports Neil Reynolds and co-host of the Brits In The End Zone podcast Andrew Charles join Max to preview the 2017 NFL season. In two varying conversations, Neil discusses his busy summer before looking at the Labour Day Weekend trades, Brock Osweiler's return to the Denver Broncos, Jay Cutler's prospects in Miami, Moritz Böhringer's future in the league, which British player in the NFL is the one to watch and his Super Bowl pick. Andrew explains why he supports the...


Dennis Xhaët‏ on Kyrie Irving, the Cavs and NBA Head Coaches on the brink

Dennis Xhaët talks to Max Whittle about Kyrie Irving's desperation to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James' future, Stephen Curry's dance moves, the NBA head coaches most likely to get fired next season, ESPN's win projections for the 2017-18 season, whether Kobe Bryant is a top ten player of all-time and more. Subscribe: Get in touch: @max_whittle on Twitter


Jordan Schultz, Yahoo Sports

Jordan Schultz, NFL and NBA reporter for Yahoo Sports, is this week's guest on The US Sports Podcast with Max Whittle. With Summer League over and Lonzo Ball the talk of the town, the guys discuss the future of the Lakers and other impressions from Vegas. Then, the NFL takes centre stage with Kirk Cousins' future in Washington, Ezekiel Elliott's off-the-field issues in Dallas and the biggest threats to the Patriots debated. Max's big question this week: Are steroids back in baseball, and...