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Accepting Failure And Your Level Of Ability

In this week's minisode of the Unconquerable Souls podcast, Chris discusses accepting defeat and accepting your actual ability. Check your ego and learn how to fail and learn so that you can grow and evolve into a better person! Listen and leave a comment or question!

Duration: 00:14:11

What I Learned After A Year On Creatine

Kyle was always at a healthy weight but wanted to get bigger and stronger. So, he began a yearlong experiment of taking creatine to supplement his workout routine and has documented his experience for you.

Duration: 00:21:41


Thoughts+Feelings+Actions= Results. This is the equation we discuss when it comes to putting our unconquerable mindset into action and executing on our thoughts and feelings. With your host, Chris Green, Krav Maga and Survival Skills Expert, Former Law Enforcement Officer and Owner of Invictus Defense Academy, you will dive in and explore the math and science of taking our thoughts and putting it into massive action!

Duration: 00:19:36

Having a Warrior and Training Mindset

Have we as a society grown weak? What can we do as individuals to tap into our inner-warrior and overcome the softness and complacency our culture has taught us? Chris and Kyle explore the methods to gaining and cultivating a warrior mindset. For questions or suggestions, email

Duration: 01:17:19

Warrior Wednesday - What Is A Warrior?

In this episode of Warrior Wednesday, we talk about what the definition of the word "Warrior" and how we commonly misuse the word in today's society. We also discuss what a warrior is and the lifestyle and mindset that they embody. We talk about the Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs analogy coined by Lt. Col Dave Grossman and how you can become a modern day sheepdog warrior! Leave us a review and don't forget to share the podcast with your friends on Social Media! Train hard, Train Smart and...

Duration: 00:15:33

Minisode - Take Time To Make Time

Why is it that everything else gets priority in our lives but our training? Host Kyle Richardson defines the importance of making time for your training, the journey of progress and the need to clearly define your goals and targets.

Duration: 00:06:42

Warrior Wednesday- Kyle Carpenter

Warrior Wednesday is a short podcast where we talk about a warrior in history who has embodied and embraced the Unconquerable Soul way of life and mindset. This is where we discuss how these brave men and women apply the Invictus mindset and came out on top as heroes! Today we talk about Medal of Honor Recipient Cpl. Kyle Carpenter, United States Marine Corps and his brave decision to jump on a grenade for his fellow Marine! HE JUMPED ON A FREAKING GRENADE! You gotta year this!

Duration: 00:07:46

Minisode: What Is Invictus?

Chris walks us through the poem 'Invictus' by William Ernest Henley and breaks down for us what it means to be unconquerable and how to apply that mentality to our everyday lives.

Duration: 00:10:18

Episode 1 - What Is Krav Maga?

Hosts Kyle Richardson and Chris Green explore the fundamentals of Krav Maga, along with their experience. Chris offers a unique perspective, being one of the highest ranked Krav experts in America, while Kyle is just beginning his Krav and self-defense journey.

Duration: 01:14:50