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The Undebeatables - Episode 273: Between The Hamm's

It was a fun week of Pacers basketball, posting a 3-1 week. We managed to get revenge for two early season losses. We cover that and kick off with a Boomer-ang from the Bartender. Go Pacers! Links Pacers vs RocketsPacers at GrizzliesPacers vs PistonsPacers at HeatHelp Us Out When You Shop On Amazon

Duration: 00:38:41

The Undebeatables - Episode 272: By Means of Which the Pursuit of Dishonor Is Indicated

Your favorite Pacer analysts talk Myles Turner, Kyrie's face, and flipping the bird. Halftime: "Boogie" ft. Mr. Kinetik by Hinx Jones LINKS Baynes of Kyrie's Existence BRADThe FingerThe BirdMurder of Emoji?The Undebeatables Amazon Link

Duration: 00:41:53

The Undebeatables - Episode 271: We Already Goad

It was a 1-3 week in Pacers Nation. The good news was a great win to close the week against the Chicago Bulls. Join us for analysis and a Boomer-ang. Links Pacers at KnicksPacers vs PelicansPacers vs PistonsPacers at BullsUndebeatables Amazon Link

Duration: 00:34:56

The Undebeatables - Episode 270: The Paper Bag Wasn't Wet Enough

Pacer Nation, your boys check in on the Cav's struggles, Daylight Savings Time, and wonder whether Sabonis should be starting now that Myles Turner has returned. Halftime: Refreshing ft. Izaiah by Ye Ali LINKS Stat of the WeekUndebeatable Drumstick Dash Team LinkAmazon Link

Duration: 03:43:30

The Undebeatables - Episode 269: Our Bogdanovich Is Better Than Yours

It was a 2-1 week in Pacers Nation, including a road game over the Cavs. Links Pacers vs KingsPacers at CavaliersPacers at 76ersSupport Us On Amazon!

The Undebeatables - Episode 268: Monkey Nuts

Your favorite Pacer podcasters talk mediocre Lance, Turner's head boo-boo, and a seasonable Undegooglable. Plus, what's going on in Phoenix and Joey's Stat x 2. Go Pacers! Halftime: Dear Ms. Lauryn by Willis LINKS Joey's StatJoey's Stat...Take TwoAmazon. You're Buying Your Stuff There Anyway!

Duration: 00:51:24

The Undebeatables - Episode 267: I Can Edit You Right Out!

It was a 2-1 week for the Pacers in spite of Myles Turner missing time. We break down what went well and a couple things that didn't. We open with some Trick or Treating. Happy Halloween, Pacers fans! Links Pacers at TimberwolvesPacers at OKC's Professional Basketball TeamPacers vs SpursSupport us on Amazon!

Duration: 00:26:43

The Undebeatables - Episode 266: Emotional Stat Line

Join your favorite Pacer analysts as they give takes on the early returns of the Paul George trade, Nate's coaching job, and surprises of the NBA season so far. Plus, Joey's stat and a please don't Google Undegooglable. Halftime: Giving Tree by Sirius Blvck LINKS Jonathan Isaac Forgets His UniformGiannis!Earl Watson Wins Coaching Carousel Game

Duration: 00:42:46

The Undebeatables - Episode 265: How To Take A Shot Mid-Shift

The 2017-18 Pacers season is upon us! We kick off the year with three games in our first week. We cover that as well as tough news in Boston. Links Pacers vs NetsPacers vs TrailblazersPacers at Heat Help support our podcast using this link for Amazon. If you are not using our link, then check out AmazonSmile to find a deserving charity. It's free! We'll be back with another show on Thursday. Go Pacers!

Duration: 00:29:47

The Undebeatables - Episode 264: Baby Race Based Economy

Pacer Fans, the NBA is back! Join your favorite Pacer pod-nerds as they break down the 2017-18 roster.

Duration: 01:16:33

The Undebeatables - Episode 263: You Got Horst, Bro!

Your favorite Pacer podcast breaks down the crappitude that is the NBA Eastern Conference. Can the Cavs repeat as EC champs? Who of the worst is the worst? Bet on our most certainly accurate predictions only with dispensable income and if it's legal in your state. Happy Birthday to the Doctor and to Coalson's Grandma on her 96th! Halftime: Back to Basics by Blu & Exile LINKS AmazonJeremy Lin and Kenyon MartinWestgate NBA Over/Unders

Duration: 01:25:14

Episode 257: Come Watch Us Tinker!

Episode 257: Come Watch Us Tinker! The UndebeatablesEpisode 257: Come Watch Us Tinker!The UndebeatablesThis week, The Doctor and The Bartender discuss the Pacers recent moves and take a stroll around the association. Links 1. The Audition 2. Falling in Love with Trip and Brick 3. Welcome Back, Darren 4. Monta Ellis Gotta Stroll 5. Bojan Bogdanovic Signs 6. Pacers Trade CJ ...

Duration: 01:13:33

The Undebeatables - Episode 256: Welcome To The Sabonis Era

The uncertainty is finally over and Paul George is no longer a Pacer. Did we do enough in the trade to save the franchise from mediocrity? Also, lots of movement around the league to discuss. Happy America’s Birthday Pacers Fans! Links Paul George Traded to Thunder Chris Paul to Rockets Ricky Rubio Moved to Jazz Jeff Teague to Timberwolves in ...

Duration: 01:16:15

The Undebeatables – Episode 255: Two Jukes At The Joint

This episode, we dissect the NBA Draft and ponder what the Pacers will do going forward. Lavoy Allen Is Gone Draft Results Jimmy Butler Trade TJ Leaf Scouting Report Ike Anigbogu Scouting Report Edmund Sumner Scouting Report Tamika Catchings’ Number Retired Brian Windhorst On The Lowe Post

Duration: 01:01:36

The Undebeatables - Episode 254: UnGOAPy

Sooooo Paul George is all but gone, and the boys have a lot of processing to do. Plus, the NBA draft is coming this Thursday. As a Pacer fan, you have a lot of catching up to do. Give us a listen. LINKS IndyStar Nails It PG Gone Caleb Swanigan PG Trade Options More PG Options

Duration: 00:56:50

The Undebeatables - Episode 253: Smoke Signal In Morse Code - The Undebeatables

The Undebeatables - Episode 253: Smoke Signal In Morse CodeThe Undebeatables - Episode 253: Smoke Signal In Morse Code{{svg_share_icon}} {{svg_share_icon}} {{embed_code}} Copy Embed EmbedYour favorite Pacer analysts breakdown the NBA Finals, discuss whether or not Kevin Durant broke the league, and mull the possibility of a Loveless, but Georgeful Cavs team next season. LINKS NBA Finals Game 2 NBA Finals ...

Duration: 00:56:46

The Undebeatables - Episode 252: Horse Heads In Beds - The Undebeatables

Your favorite Pacer fanboys are at it again this week, breaking down the NBA Finals and stressing about the Pacers’ cratering leverage in the Paul George fiasco. LINKS Giannis Dunks Sam Amick on Paul George More Grim PG News Even More Grim PG News Presidential...

Duration: 01:03:25

The Undebeatables - Episode 251: The Grass Is Literally Greener

This week the boys preview the NBA Finals and discuss its historical ramifications. Plus, the trade market has cooled for Paul George, Joey’s Stat, and plot suggestions for Jurassic World 2. Check us out!

Duration: 01:58:13

Episode 250: I'll Panic You Back

Yes, Pacer Nation, the Undebeatables are hitting all the panic buttons after Paul George didn’t make an All-NBA team this season. What does it mean for him and the franchise? We’ve got all the scenarios, so check it out. Plus, NBA Finals predictions, Joey’s Stat,...

Duration: 01:13:31

The Undebeatables - Episode 249: He's Good At Using His Words

This week, we cover the end of the second round of the playoffs and preview the conference finals match-ups. We also have an Undegooglable and start to gameplan for the off-season. Links: Playoff Picture Cat Videos!

Duration: 01:05:58

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