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The Undebeatables - Episode 298: El Hombre Indestructible

While the NBA takes the week off for All-Star break, the Undebeatables are hard at work planning the Pacers' future, debating playoff reseeding, and learning about Valentine's Day! Plus, figure out your NBA spirit player with Joey's Stat of the Week. And if you like us, help us out by using this link when you use Amazon. Thanks! Halftime: The Time Has Come by Scoot Dubbs Adam Silver's Press ConferenceJersey Numbers!Valentine's DayAmazon Link


The Undebeatables - Episode 297: The O'Doul's Belly

There was just one game to cover this week heading into the break. We talk All-Star Weekend and all things Pacers. Links Pacers at NetsNBA All-Star WeekendNBA Rising Stars ChallengeHelp Us Out On Amazon


The Undebeatables - Episode 296: Come On, Littlees!

This Thursday, the boys give All-Star predictions and tell you why they think Zebras have stripes. Plus, Joey's Stat and what to expect from the Pacers heading into the final stretch of the NBA season. Happy Chinese New Year! Halftime: The Sun Goes Down by Bangs Nicely Amazon Link


The Undebeatables - Episode 295: A Burlap Sack Of Feral Cats

This Monday show we cover three Pacers games and a wild trade deadline. Go Pacers! Links Pacers vs WizardsPacers at CelticsPacers vs KnicksHelp Us Out On Amazon!


The Undebeatables - Episode 294: Cool Catch Phrases After Somebody Gets Eaten

What's the matter, Pacer Nation? Cat eating your entire body? The NBA trade deadline has arrived! This Thursday the boys breakdown NBA trades, the dunk contest field including Victor Oladipo, IT's historically bad defense, and a progress report on Glenn Robinson III. Plus, hairball impressions. Halftime: 1999 by John Stamps TRADES!IT's DMad AntsAmazon Referral Link


The Undebeatables - Episode 293: An Ability to Win the Games We Should

This show we discuss a nice 2-1 week of basketball. Help support the Undebeatables by shopping at Amazon. Links Monday, January 29th - IND vs CHAWednesday, January 31st - IND vs MEMFriday, February 2nd - IND @ CHA Give us an email at, hit us up on Twitter, or Facebook.


The Undebeatables - Episode 292: Suggested Outside Reading

Your favorite Pacer podcasters tackle the NBA All-Star game, season ending injuries around the Association, Dragon Ball Z, and the Bartender makes a plethora of bold predictions. Plus, should Myles Turner continue to come off the bench? Is Nate McMillan Coach of the Year? Is David West still playing the tuba? R.I.P Rasual Butler Halftime: Outbound 37 by David Peck LINKS De'Aron Fox and Dragon Ball ZNBA All-Star PicksD West and the PelsCoach of the Year?


The Undebeatables - Episode 291: We Almost Broke Your Game

Three wins this week in Pacers Nation! We end a successful road trip and head back to Bankers Life. Plus, we set a new record for longest Boomerang. Go Pacers! Links Pacers at SpursPacers vs SunsPacers at CavsPacers vs MagicHelp Us Out On Amazon


The Undebeatables - Episode 290: Burlap Sack Full of a Puma

Eight is great! Join your favorite Pacer podcasters on Undebeatacon for NBA trivia, chemistry concerns, and all the ridiculousness you've come to expect. Halftime: The strummings of Jason Triplett


The Undebeatables - Episode 289: Sympathy for the Robot

Live from Undebeatacon 8.0, we’re joined by super Blazer fan, Nico, to break down the Pacers road trip. Links Support the show when you shop at AmazonPacers at SunsPacers at JazzPacers at BlazersPacers at Lakers


The Undebeatables - Episode 288: A Dumptruck Full of Bitcoin

This show, the crew discusses the bench, talks All-Star starters, and answers an Undegoogleable. Links Support the show when you shop at AmazonBench StatsHalftime Music: NewJetty - Lonely HypeJoey’s Stat of the WeekWatch the G-League on Twitch

The Undebeatables - Episode 287: Bowser-Ang

This show we cover a three game home-stand in a 2-1 week for the Pacers with games against the Bucks, Heat, and Cavs. Also for your listening pleasure a Boomer-Ang! Go Pacers! Pacers vs BucksPacers vs HeatPacers vs CavaliersHelp Us Out When You Shop On Amazon


The Undebeatables - Episode 281: We Are In The Right Way

Merry Christmas, Pacer Nation! The boys discuss the pros and cons of the Celtics loss, take guesses on the Christmas Day game participants and the longest tenured player on each NBA team, and have a few laughs. The Undebeatables wish you a safe and happy holiday season. LINKS Stat of the WeekBogie Interview


The Undebeatables - Episode 280: No Give Up

Your Indiana Pacers are playing well beyond expectations, but that doesn't mean Pacer Nation isn't allowed to feel betrayed by Paul George, and it doesn't mean that your Undebeatables won't fret about a pattern of double digit deficits. Escape the holiday chaos with a few laughs and learn a thing or two from Joey's Stat and Undegoogleables. Halftime: Phusop by LONEgevity LINKS 2021 NBA All-Star Game in Indianapolis!PG's Return to the FieldhouseJoey's StatUnder the Weather Bow


The Undebeatables - Episode 275: Vic-Olaaaa!

The Pacers were 3-3 over the past two weeks. We also had two "wins of the year" to cover. It's a fun team! Go Pacers! Links Pacers at MagicPacers vs RaptorsPacers vs CelticsPacers vs MagicPacers at RocketsPacers at RaptorsHelp Us Out On Amazon!


The Undebeatables - Episode 274:

Happy Thanksgiving, Pacer fans! Your favorite Indiana Pacer podcasters wish you a wonderful day full of food, drink, fellowship, and Undebeatables. This episode we breakdown the Bledsoe trade, share adjusted predictions on the Pacer and Thunder seasons, and lots of cat talk. How much do you know about the first Thanksgiving? Probably more than we know. Check us out! #FreePirateCat Halftime: Hole In My Pocket feat. Selina Carrera by Pete Sayke LINKS #FreePirateCatPirate Cat's...


The Undebeatables - Episode 273: Between The Hamm's

It was a fun week of Pacers basketball, posting a 3-1 week. We managed to get revenge for two early season losses. We cover that and kick off with a Boomer-ang from the Bartender. Go Pacers! Links Pacers vs RocketsPacers at GrizzliesPacers vs PistonsPacers at HeatHelp Us Out When You Shop On Amazon


The Undebeatables - Episode 272: By Means of Which the Pursuit of Dishonor Is Indicated

Your favorite Pacer analysts talk Myles Turner, Kyrie's face, and flipping the bird. Halftime: "Boogie" ft. Mr. Kinetik by Hinx Jones LINKS Baynes of Kyrie's Existence BRADThe FingerThe BirdMurder of Emoji?The Undebeatables Amazon Link


The Undebeatables - Episode 269: Our Bogdanovich Is Better Than Yours

It was a 2-1 week in Pacers Nation, including a road game over the Cavs. Links Pacers vs KingsPacers at CavaliersPacers at 76ersSupport Us On Amazon!

The Undebeatables - Episode 265: How To Take A Shot Mid-Shift

The 2017-18 Pacers season is upon us! We kick off the year with three games in our first week. We cover that as well as tough news in Boston. Links Pacers vs NetsPacers vs TrailblazersPacers at Heat Help support our podcast using this link for Amazon. If you are not using our link, then check out AmazonSmile to find a deserving charity. It's free! We'll be back with another show on Thursday. Go Pacers!


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