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Batch84: Farewell Firestone Pale 31, Presidential Porters and Boozeleague Invasion

Salute tap heads, on Batch 84 we're being joined by Wylie Withers, the Commissioner of the Booze League. The gentlemen are bidding farewell to a Firestone Walker favorite; Pale 31. Nicole from is back and she's reviewing Flatland Brewing Company out of Elk Grove, CA. Greg talks about reaching the mountain of beer and drinking Pliny the Younger and Wylie talks about his trip to the hipster bar to try Hop Bullet. Listener Patrick has a question for the guys and what beers to...


Batch83: Arcadia Ales Hopmouth, BeautyandBeer, Will Scott Pour It Out

Cheers and beers everyone! The gentlemen are drinking, reviewing, and loving Hopmouth from Arcadia Ales. Nicole from is back, and this time she's reviewing her trip to Fountainhead Brewing Company in Sacramento, CA. Greg presents Scott with a new beer to find out if he'll pour it out, it's then extended to everyone to see who will and won't pour out Rogue's Santa's Private Reserve. Greg talks about his brewing session, complete with nerdy numbers and ABV percentages, Scott...


Batch82: Toppling Goliath HOPSMACK & Hoppy Homebrew

Cheers tap heads! The gentlemen are getting hoppy with the beer of the week: Toppling Goliath and their HOPSMACK Imperial IPA. Greg talks about his trip to MacLeod's for Robert Burns Day as well as his appearance on a podcast marathon. The March Madness IPA bracket is up, so cast your votes at In sports news: the Eagles won the Super Bowl, beers not to drink for the big game, the Clippers trade Blake Griffin, Ronda Rousey has a new fighting forum and...


Batch81: Drake's War Pigeon, Three Magnets SeaStorm & It's The Beer Girl

Look out for the blitzkrieg of hops! The gentlemen are getting bombed with hops with the beer of the week, they're drinking and reviewing War Pigeon Double IPA from Drake's Brewing. It's The Beer Girl is back, and her milkshake is bringing all the boys to the yard...her mango milkshake. The guys from the Overcrest podcast join to show to tell us how to tell what car people drive by the beer they're drinking. Greg does some important beer research at Arrow Lodge Brewing and Wade's Wines....


Batch80: Eagle Rock's Populist IPA & Seismic Brewing

Cheers to the hop heads out there, we're drinking some IPA's tonight. Our Beer of the Week comes compliments of Eagle Rock Brewery. Populist IPA is a delicious, well balanced IPA that pleases the lips. Greg talks about his trip to Eagle Rock Brewery and their upcoming party as well as the big event at MacLeod's Ale. Scott has a grievance about society and offers some parenting tips. Nicole from is back and this time she's talking about Seismic Brewing and Steve's Pizza....


Batch79: MacLeod Ale's Jennifer, Alastair and David

Cheers everyone, we're talking real ale today! Greg heads to MacLeod Ale Brewing Company in Van Nuys, CA to talk with the owners Jennifer and Alastair as well as head brewer David Chaney. They discuss the history of MacLeods, the idea of the brewer, why they specialize in cask ales, how the ended up in Van Nuys, and more! In addition, they delve into everyone's personal history, find out why Jennifer the music major decided to open a brewery, get the background on David and his brewing,...


Batch78: Firestone Wookey Jack vs Wookus

Cheers and happy new beer Tap Heads! We're starting 2018 off right, with some beer science! We pulled Firestone Walker's Wookey Jack out of retirement to go against Leo V Ursus: Wookus. Both held their own, but there can be only one winner. Nicole from joins the show to review Waterman Brewing from Northern California. Dan reviews Disaster Artist while slamming two other movies, Greg does some important beer research in Ventura, CA and Scott can't stand driving in the...


Batch77: New Years Hangover Beers

Cheers and Hoppy New Beer everyone! In honor of all the New Years Eve and Day celebrating you've been doing, we're reviewing the beers you need to have on hand to bust that New Years hangover and get you back on your way to accomplishing your resolutions. The first beer is one that everyone knows; New Belgium Brewing's Fat Tire. It's as easy to drink as it is to find and it's not too heavy on the wallet. The second shower beer is Scrimshaw Pilsner from North Coast Brewing Company. Very...


Batch76: A Toast To New Years Beers

Cheers and happy new year Tap Heads! The gentlemen are bringing you a special New Years episode with beers to cheers with! We know not everyone likes to have a champagne toast at midnight, sometimes you want a great beer! We're reviewing and talking about beers that are good to cheers with at midnight! First up is Fruitlands by Modern times; a sour, tropical fruit gose with guava and passionfruit. The second toasting beer is G&T Gose from Anderson Valley Brewing Company, this was the...


Batch75: Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale & Will Scott Pour it Out

Cheers and Happy Festivus Tap Heads! We're drinking for Christmas with Anchor Brewing's Christmas Ale aka Merry Christmas Happy New Year 2017. Scott has some traffic grievances to share while Greg talks about his awful experience at a co-ed baby shower. He also talks about his guest appearance on the BoozeCast live from Enegren Brewing. Dan reviews the brand new Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In Sports News: Russel Wilson keeps getting sacked, 49ers are heating up, the Raiders get robbed by a...


Batch74: Coronado/Cigar City Conquista & What Does Dan Know

Tis the drink a beer! Join the gentlemen as they drink and review Conquista, a collaboration from Coronado Brewing Company in San Diego and Cigar City Brewing Company in Tampa. Greg takes a field trip to the Stone Company Store in Pasadena, and Scott has a Tales from Uber for all the humbugs out there. Dan is challenged as the gentlemen play a very holiday edition of What Does Dan Know. The bullpen beer is Coconut Pantry Porter from Five Threads Brewing Company in Westlake...


Batch73: New Belgium Accumulation IPA & Debilitating Hangovers

Cheers, happy repeal day and welcome to the holiday season! In honor or Repeal Day, we've got some prohibition trivia for you. It’s beginning to look a lot like beer:30, and we’re helping you to pick a good beer to celebrate the season with. We’re starting things off with a review of New Belgium’s Accumulation White IPA, fresh out of their Winter Folly Pack. Golden and hazy with some nice hop and citrus that are rounded out by all that wheat. Greg talks about drinking at Disneyland and...


Batch72: Sierra Nevada Celebration IPA & It's The Beer Girl

Cheers Tap Heads and Hoppy Holidays! Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can officially start drinking holiday beers. The gentlemen are drinking and reviewing Celebration Fresh Hop IPA from Sierra Nevada. Dale aka It's The Beer Girl is back and she's telling us about another Sierra Nevada holiday time beer, this time it's their Holiday Haze IPA. Greg is talking about his Melvin Brewing beer tasting as well as big free booze event. Scott talks about being forced to go to some horse show...


Batch71: Thanksgiving Pairings and Beers with Mandy

Cheers and happy turkey day! The gentlemen are drinking and reviewing beers to have with Thanksgiving Day dinner. First up is Five Threads Brewing Company's Heidi's Saucy Sister, a cranberry infused berliner weisse. The gentlemen discuss people getting sick, what's wrong with men, and getting drunk when you're old. Mandy from Beers with Mandy joins the show to discuss pairing beers with Thanksgiving dinner and has a great recipe for cranbeery sauce. For Thanksgiving dessert, we're boozing...


Batch70: Stone Xocoveza & Weyerbacher Sunday Molé Stout

Cheers Tap Heads! As the weather cools the beer gets darker, the gentlemen are comparing two Mexican chocolate beers. First up is Sunday Molé Stout from Weyerbacher Brewing Company out of Pennsylvania. The second chocolate beer comes to us from San Diego and is Stone Brewing's Xocoveza, one of Dan's favorite beers of all time. Will there be a new favorite, or is Stone safe for now? Greg talks about some beer research that took place with Three Weavers Brewing and Karl Strauss Brewing Co....


Batch69: Firestone Leo V Ursus Inferos

Cheers tap heads! The gentlemen are back and are drinking/reviewing Firestone Walker Inferos, part of the Leo V Ursus series. Greg had a sad tale to tell about rescuing a fallen beer. In sports news: Tom Brady is getting his own line of Aston Martin, Josh Gordon talk about getting drunk before games, Lamar Odom is on his A game, Dodgers losing the World Series wasn’t the only bad news for Yasiel Puig, GSP returns to UFC and more. A listener writes in to give us crap for our choice of beer...


Batch68: Stone Enjoy By 10.31.17, It's The Beer Girl's Fall Beer & Pumpkin Stuff

Happy Halloween tap heads! Grab a pint and cozy up, the gentlemen are drinking Stone Brewing Company’s Enjoy By 10.31.17 for their beer of the week. But it’s getting real basic in the bullpen. It’s The Beer Girl is back and she’s taking us on a tour through the Samuel Adams Beers of Fall pack. Greg talks about his wedding drinking challenge (and getting pretty drunk at the wedding), trying some great beers and more. A listener writes in wanting to know what beer to keep on hand for guests....


Batch67: Luponic Distortion 1-7 & 21st Amendment Girls Pumpkin Battle

Cheers everyone! We're putting seven beers up against each other in the ultimate Beer Science; it's all seven Luponic Distortion IPA's from Firestone Walker in an ultimate battle for science. The 21st Amendment Girls are back and they're battling the pumpkin ales: it's Dogfish Head Punkin Ale vs New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin Ale and it may just break the girls up. Greg goes to Five Threads second anniversary party while Scott shows the foreigners how to drink. In sports news:...


Batch66: Beer Camp Across The World

Cheers beer fans, we’re going camping! The gentlemen start off drinking and reviewing Dry-Hopped Berliner-Style Weisse, a collaboration from Sierra Nevada and Saint Arnold Brewing Company for the Beer Camp Across The World series. Listener Christ writes in with an important beer question for Greg and Scott has a Tales from uber with the Los Angeles Chargers. A game of Will Scott Pour It Out turns in to Will Dan Pour It Out?! In Booze News: Mission Brewery needs some help and you can help...


Batch65: Figueroa Mountain Hoppy Poppy & Second Chance Tabula Rasa Porter

Cheers to all the GABF winners! The gentlemen are drinking and reviewing two medal winners from the 2017 Great American Beer Festival. First on tap is Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company's Hoppy Poppy IPA. The guys remember the life of Hugh Hefner and Greg takes issue with Time Warner in his big move. In Sports News: OJ Simpson is a free man, dominators of the NFL, Dolphin's coaches doing coke, Peyton Manning's statue, LeBron blesses the All Star game, the 76ers will suck forever and more!...


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