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Childs Play

View the world though a child's eyes in this episode of The Unintended Audience! Tom and Matty delve into the fun, strange and sometimes uncomfortable ways in which adults play with stuff meant for children. So whether you're a collector of toy GI Joe's, someone who gets super turned on when pretending to be a puppy, or you just can't help but identify with Rainbow Dash because of her respect of loyalty and amazing flying skills, this pod's for you!



Have YOU ever: Had a bacterial infection cured by antibiotics? Microwaved a burrito? Read a blog to make yourself feel better about how bad you are at cake decoration? If so, then you have benefited from the unintended upsides to other people’s failures! In this episode of The Unintended Audience, Matty and Tom discuss one of these things plus other examples of cool stuff that is sometimes created out of failure. (Even if it’s just a schadenfreude-filled story about a man-child and his...


Trash Talk

One man's trash is another man's treasure, right? Well, in this jewel of an episode of The Unintended Audience, Matty and Tom talk about how people reuse actual trash in interesting ways, and about how reality TV show producers reuse the lives of tragic people for our entertainment. Oh - and Tom tells a true story about screaming at his neighbor in his underwear. Not a high point in his life.


Let's Talk Safety

Have you ever REALLY thought about how strange, misguided, and sometimes just bunkers PSA mascots are? Matty and Tom have, and we talk about that! Also, we discuss our love-hate relationships with safety signage. Let us share the never ending joy we feel about the weird and wonderful world of public service announcements, in this oddly specific episode of The Unintended Audience.


Amateur Hour

Join Tom and Matty on our maiden voyage into the warm, sunny seas of podcasting! This episode is about the weird ways in which amateur reviews are entertaining to us. We discuss strange people who take the time to review fast food and chairs on YouTube, and the hilarity of butt plug reviews on Amazon. ("Well made.") We're super excited to share our mostly dumb, but sometimes smart conversation with you. Thanks for listening!