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Episode 113- Dr. Kalie Judge- Be Happy, Live Well

Dr. Kalie Judge is a family wellness chiropractor in Illinois, and owns Judge Family Chiropractic with her brother, Dr. James Judge. Dr. Kalie is doing so much positive work and is changing so many lives. She grew up with a long family line of chiropractors (35 and counting!), so she's been able to experience a lifestyle that revolves around the principle that the body has the potential to heal itself if you remove any interference that may be occuring. I loved my conversation with Dr....


Episode 112- Dylan Steeples- Plant Powered

Dylan Steeples is passionate about living a life of wellness and adventure. Dylan is a plant-based ultra-runner, and is also the host of the Plant Power Podcast. He is using his amazing platform to inspire so many people along their wellness journeys In this episode, Dylan talks about his own personal wellness journey, how he got into podcasting, and how ultra-running has completely changed his life. Excited to share our conversation! Keep up with Dylan on social media! Also be sure to...


Episode 111- Tim Shieff- Healing and Hustling

Tim Shieff is one of the most known and successful athletes in freerunning. In 2009, he was the world champion, and he's also competed in American Ninja Warrior as well as Ninja Warrior UK. Tim is also a huge advocate for the vegan movement, has an ethical clothing brand called Ethcs, and recently launched a training program called Mindful Warrior, that blends yoga and calisthenics. I loved this episode with Tim and love all of the amazing work he is doing! Excited to share our...


Episode 110- Carly Bergman- Sustainability and Zero Waste

Carly Bergman is an expert in sustainability and is extremely passionate about helping others learn how to decrease the waste that they create, and getting as close to a zero-waste lifestyle as possible. She has also transformed her health with a vegan diet, and her influence is making a huge impact, not only on people's health, but also for the planet. Excited to share our conversation! Carly's passion is contagious, and I know that I personally learned a lot about sustainability during...


Episode 109- Jackson Long- Thought For Food

Jackson Long is co-host of the podcast and YouTube channel, Thought for Food, which aims to help people adopt a healthy and adventurous plant-based lifestyle. Jackson is also a cyclist, and recently embarked on a cycling adventure across Europe to raise money for Mercy for Animals to raise awareness about the benefits of a vegan diet. In this episode, Jackson talks about his wellness journey and overcoming health obstacles while competing competitively as a cyclist, and how he turned...


Episode 108- Brenden Fitzgerald- Planet Protein

Brenden Fitzgerald is the founder of the company Planet Protein. Planet Protein makes vegan protein bars that is non-gmo, responsibly sourced, and made without palm oil. Planet Protein is changing the game, and their reach is increasing to professional athletes and leaders in the plant-based movement. I loved this conversation with Brenden. We cover some extremely important topics, from nutrition, to sustainability, deforestation, and ways that companies can save the planet! I hope you...


Episode 107- Bobby Sud- The Road Less Eaten

Bobby Sud has completely transformed his health and life with a plant-based diet. He was overweight, dealing with depression, and was dealing with many obstacles. But, he was able to overcome those obstacles and completely turn his life around. Bobby's passion is filmmaking, and his projects and connections are beyond impressive. He's now able to implement his new passion of the plant-based lifestyle into his work, and it's only fueling his ambition. Bobby's story is amazing, and if he...


Episode 106- Chris Hall- Raw Food Foot Soldier

Chris Hall is a raw food, detoxification enthusiast, who is host of the amazing podcast, Raw Food Foot Soldier! In this episode, Chris talks about his own wellness journey and overcoming addiction, we talk about different forms of detoxification and how it increases the body's level of healing, and we jump into his inspirations for staring his podcast and what he has learned from his guests! Excited to share our conversation!!! Keep up with Chris on social media! Facebook: Chris...


Episode 105- Talia Pollock- Party in my PLANTS

Talia Pollock is the amazing host of The Party in My Plants Podcast. She is also a blogger, holistic health coach, plant-based chef, and public speaker. Her incredible work has been featured on MindBodyGreen, Huffington Post, The Dr. Oz Show, and more!!! In this episode, Talia shares her own personal wellness journey, how her comedy career has helped her on her path (she got to work for a guy named Adam Sandler...), we talk about the start of her podcast and blog, and how she is using her...


Episode 104- Mario Gomez and Sami Faraj- Mindfulness and Fitness

Mario Gomez and Sami Faraj are both fitness experts located in Tampa, FL. But, they aren't your average trainers. Mario and Sami have realized the importance of mindset on achieving any goal, whether fitness related or not. They combine fitness with mindfulness, through yoga, meditation, and educating about eating in a way that raises your body awareness. Mario and Sami are making a huge impact for their clients, but they're also making such a positive impact in their community. I loved...


Episode 103- Jackson Foster- Cycling Around the World as a Vegan Digital Nomad

Jackson Foster runs a very successful YouTube channel and podcast called Plantriotic. He's known for living a life of adventure and documenting the whole process. He's currently cycling around the world as a vegan digital nomad and is changing so many lives along the way. I love Jackson's story and energy and excited for you to follow his journey as well! Excited to share our conversation! Keep up with Jackson on social media! Instagram: @plantrioticYouTube: Plantriotic iTunes:The...


Episode 100- Doug Schmidt- From Heart Attack to Heart Strong with a Plant Based Diet

After having a heart attack in 2008, at 49 years old and 225 lbs, Doug Schmidt knew that he needed to make serious changes to his health and life. What happened next was more powerful than he could have ever imagined. After transitioning to a whole food, plant-based diet, Doug lost 60 lbs and regained his health, but the positive impact didn't just stop there. He is now helping over 1300 colleagues do the same. His story has caught the attention of many mainstream media outlets, including...


Episode 102- Plant Based Podcaster Roundtable- Ian Cramer and Howard Jacobson

Today’s podcast is a special bonus episode. I wanted to add in something extra this week with it being my 100th Episode week. I was thinking about what I could do, and thought it would be a lot of fun to bring in a few other plant-based podcasters in like a rountable setting…super casual, just talking about nutrition, wellness, mindset, whatever comes up. So plant-based podcasters Ian Cramer, from The Ian Cramer Podcast, and Howard Jacobson from The Plant Yourself Podcast, jumped on here...


Episode 101- Dr. Danielle Belardo- A Plant Based Cardiologist on a Mission

Dr. Danielle Belardo is an amazing cardiologist who is dedicated to transforming her patient's lives, not just masking symptoms. She focuses on lifestyle modification and a plant-based diet, in order to prevent heart disease. I loved our conversation and excited for her to share her story and all of the amazing things that she is working on! Excited to share our conversation! Keep up with Dr. Danielle on Social Media! Instagram: @theveggiemd Also be sure to check out her...


Episode 099- Adam Sud- Plant Based Addict

Adam Sud's story of transformation is incredible. Adam was at 320 lbs, had type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, was dealing with severe food addiction, and was a drug addict. His life was spiraling out of control to a point of attempted suicide. Adam decided he had to radically change his life if he wanted to live. And that's exactly what he did. He went to rehab, implemented a plant-based diet, and lost 130 lbs. Adam is now educating others, is being featured in upcoming plant-based...


Episode 098- Matt Bennett- Benefits of a Raw Vegan Diet

Matt Bennett is a holistic health educator with a focus on detoxification and raw living foods. He runs a YouTube channel called Raw Intuition, has coaching services, and teaches raw food classes. In this episode, Matt talks about his own personal wellness journey, why he decided for himself to eat primarily a raw vegan diet, and we dive into the details of what it means to eat "raw," and the benefits that can be obtained by implementing more raw foods into your diet. Excited to share...


Episode 097- Bethany Stec Janicek- Enjoy Life by the Spoonful

Bethany Stec Janicek has completely transformed her life. After dealing with food addiction and depression, she discovered plant-based nutrition and knew it was the answer for her. She lost 80lbs and is now helping countless amounts of people do the same through her website and online coaching community, Nutribabe Nation. Excited to share our conversation! Keep up with Bethany on social media! FacebookInstagram Also be sure to check out Bethany's...


Episode 096- Kathy Freston- Clean Protein

Kathy Freston is a food and wellness expert who focuses on vegan nutrition. She is doing amazing work and recently released her newest book, Clean Protein, co-authored with Bruce Friedrich. In this episode, we discuss Kathy's personal wellness journey, dive into issues with the food industry and factory farming, and learn more about the release of her newest book! Excited to share our conversation! Keep up with Kathy on social...


Episode 095- Angela Means Kaaya- Changing a Community with Plant-Based Food

You probably recognize Angela Means Kaaya as Felicia from the movie Friday. She's also known for the Nickelodeon show Cousin Skeeter, and doing stand up comedy openings for people like Chris Rock and Jamie Foxx. She's an extremely talented person and also passionate about wellness and cooking. After transforming her own health, she began on a mission to help as many people as possible do the same. Angela recently opened a plant-based restaurant called Jackfruit Cafe, and it's making such a...


Episode 094- Charlie Jabaley- From 300lbs to a Vegan Endurance Athlete

Charlie Jabaley's story is one of the most inspiring stories that I've ever heard. Charlie managed the rapper 2 Chainz for 10 years, won Grammys, and had a 15 million dollar a year music business. But as his success increased, so did his weight. He found himself at 300 lbs, extremely unhealthy, depressed, and battling major food addictions. He hit rock bottom with his health and his world was flipped upside down after discovering he had a brain tumor. Charlie decided that he was going to...


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