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Ep. 129 Social Media Censorship

Facebook is easily the biggest social media platform in the world. It is used for sharing our daily thoughts, promoting businesses and of course political discussions. Over the past few years Facebook has sought to actively sensor some political views, normally conservative ones which they claim are hate speech or as its puts violating their community standards. Many on the right have been subjected to repeated 30 day bans from Facebook and also had their Facebook pages unpublished. The...


Ep. 128 Barnaby vs Malcolm, Religious Review, Indigenous Voice and Florida School Shooting

It was another busy news week on multiple fronts, to discuss the major stories we were joined again by the Unshackled’s Senior Editor Damien Ferri. The Barnaby Joyce sex scandal turbocharged itself this week. Labor previously would not go near the issue however went on the attack over Joyce's moving of his lover Vikki Campion to other MPs' offices and the fact Joyce and Campion are now living rent free in a house owned by New England businessman Greg Maguire. The Nationals decided to stay...


Ep. 127 Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships

One of the most concerning issues in Australia has been the use of education system by the left to promote cultural Marxist ideas and engage in the social reengineering and early sexualisation of children. This most famously began with the Safe Schools program designed by Marxist academic Roz Ward promoting the LGBT agenda. It was thankfully defunded by the federal government by its influence still pervades the education curriculum, particularly in Victoria. Victoria is also where the...


Ep. 126 Stock Market Crash, Barnaby Joyce, Jim Molan and Susan Lamb

Stock Markets worldwide had somewhat of a crash with the US Dow Jones closing 1,175 points down or losing 4.6% of its value. It translated to the ASX on Tuesday which lost 6 per cent of its value falling to to 6,026 points. On Thursday the Down fell again by 1,033 points or 4.2%. The biggest drop was reserved for crypocurrency bitcoin which fell from a high of $20,000 to 6000 losing 70% of value. Nobody has been able to pin down an exact reason for the crash, some say is because many are...


Ep. 125 YouTuber Hunter Avallone

YouTube has become a large part of modern popular culture and the anti-social justice warrior video genre has become extremely popular as a response to all of the madness that has been pervading western nations. To discuss this and his own successful YouTube career we were lucky to have on the show American YouTuber Hunter Avallone who is arguably one of the world’s most famous anti-SJW YouTubers. At the age of just 21 his channel currently has 385,000 subscribers. We explore his humble...


Ep. 124 Australian Politics Returns

This week we saw Australian politics return in a big way with some major developments that will shape the 2018 political year. To discuss them we invited back on the show social media personality and Vlogger Libby DownUnder. We learned some disturbing detail about the federal government's proposed foreign interference laws. Any donation made to a political advocacy group over $250 a year will require a statutory declaration from a justice of the peace, this will apply to any group spending...


Ep. 123 Australia Day Saved

Despite the unprecedented number of attacks on Australia Day 2018 in the weeks leading up to it, on the the day most ordinary Australians celebrated the day, what is good about the nation with friends and family over a barbeque. There was no violence or riots and the day was a success. The Unshackled was there to cover Australia Day events in the greater Melbourne area. To discuss what turned out to be a pleasant Australia Day I invited on the show Logan Spalding who was one of the members...


Ep. 122 One Year of Trump

It was the one year anniversary of the inauguration of President Donald Trump which brought plenty of news out of the United States. To discuss these latest developments joining us for the third week in a row is Deputy Editor of The Unshackled and Host of Front and Center Emilio Garcia who is still on holiday in Mexico. Donald Trump celebrated one year in office by talking up his achievements of improved economic conditions in the nation and the destruction of ISIS overseas. He also sought...


Ep. 121 The Battle for Australia Day

Australia Day 2018 is fast approaching and as a result we have seen the attacks on our national day stepped up even further. It would seem that it is more important than ever to celebrate Australia Day and make sure that our political class doesn’t buckle again under the campaign being waged by the cultural elites to change the date. To discuss the battle for Australia Day we are joined by the new Chief Correspondent of the Unshackled Steele Archer. The Greens launched their own campaign...


Ep. 120 Interview Show with Hayden Bradford From Protect Victoria

Following our In Focus Show on Victoria's African Youth Gang Crime Wave and that the state's crime crisis still very much in the news with violent crimes continuing to be committed on by men described of being of African appearance we thought it would be best to bring on an expert on this issue to discuss how exactly Victoria ended up in this situation. Our guest today is Hayden Bradford who is the founder of Protect Victoria a new lobby group which is calling for the state government...


Ep. 119 Shithole Countries, Trump's London Trip and Mexico

No sooner had we recorded last week's show on US politics that United States President Donald Trump made his comments during negotiations with Democrats about not wanting to take anymore immigrants from what he termed shithole countries. To discuss the fallout from these comments other further US developments we invited back on the show Deputy Editor of the Unshackled and Host of Front and Center Podcast Emilio Garcia who is currently right next door to the United States in Mexico. While...


Ep. 118 Fire and Fury, Bannon, the Golden Globes and Oprah

Following the success of our single issue in focus show on Victoria’s African Youth Gang Crime Wave we decided to continue this format with a show dedicated to the latest US political developments. Joining us this week is the new Deputy Editor of The Unshackled and Host of Front and Center Emilio Garcia who during his trip in Mexico has been acting as our US correspondent. The book Fire and Fury by Michael Wollf has caused a huge political firestorm, the mainstream media believe that its...


Ep. 117 Interview Show with Charlie from Verum Media

One of most successful alt-media channels last year was Verum Media which gained a large following on Facebook and YouTube. It was particularly active during the same sex marriage postal survey where it discussed some of potential consequences of same sex marriage. The channel also explores other concerning and degenerate trends in western society. The channel was founded by Charlie who is based in Sydney. He is not just a reactionary as anyone who has watched a lot of his videos knows he...


Ep. 116 In Focus Show on Victoria’s African Youth Gang Crime Wave

The biggest news story in Australia over this holiday period has been Victoria’s African Youth Gang Crime Wave which has turned into tsunami with violent crimes being committed all throughout Melbourne particularly in the city’s west by men described as being of African appearance. We decided to look at this issue in detail by documenting all the crimes that have been committed, the reactions to it from Victorian authorities and other political observers as well as exploring possible...


Ep. 115 2018 Preview

Following our 2017 Year in review show where we reflected on some of the setbacks we faced last year we thought we would begin 2018 with a preview show about some of the battles that will be coming up. To do this we are joined by Stephen Cable from the Cable Critique. The left was able to regain control and be back in ascendancy in Australia mainly due to the lack of political leadership on the right, the dominance of the left in the institutions of influence while the voters in between...


Ep. 114 Interview Show with Ex-Antifa Member Shayne Hunter

One of groups that has terrorised western nations this past year apart from ISIS is Antifa. They are a far-left street activist group who attempt to de-platform, harass, vilify, slander and ultimately violently attack those they disagree with. This is because they subscribe to such as extreme ideology that they view anyone that doesn’t agree with them of perpetuating hate speech and oppression against various victim groups. Antifa started in the United States and has been successful in...


Waves Ep. 113 2017 Year In Review

After the triumphs of Brexit and Trump in 2016 the political establishment made a comeback this year and to a large degree they were successful. On this week's review show we will look back at the political developments of 2017 in Europe, the United States. To do this we welcome back to the show Unshackled Contributor Jacob Watts. In Europe's election year Party for Freedom leader in the Netherlands Geert Wilders increased his party's representation, but wasn't able to unseat the ruling...


Ep. 112 Interview Show with Bettina Arndt

One of the most contentious social issues in Australia is that of feminism and men’s rights. Feminists in Australia have captured our media and political class which they use to push their pet causes of domestic violence, rape culture, the gender wage gap and male privilege. Meanwhile any attempt to discuss men’s issues is dismissed and ridiculed as we saw with the media treatment of Cassie Jaye director of the men’s rights movie the Red Pill when she was in Australia. Her publicist for...


Ep. 111 MYEFO, Cabinet Reshuffle, Flinders Street Attack and Trump Tax Cuts

For our final review show before Christmas we discuss all the major news stories with Senior Editor of The Unshackled Damien Ferri. The Federal Government released the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook Deficit (MYEFO) this week which had some good news about the state of the budget. The deficit for this fiscal year has been reduced by $5.6 billion however is still projected to be $23 billion and a surplus will not be achieved until 2020-21. $2.1 billion worth of savings will come from...


Ep. 110 Interview Show with Cr Jacinta Price from Save Australia Day

Australia Day 2018 is now not far away however throughout the year we have seen an unprecedented amount of attacks on our national day. But the fightback has begun. Mark Latham’s Outsiders has launched its save Australia Day campaign which will feature an advertising campaign putting the case for keeping Australia Day on 26th January. Heading this campaign is Alice Springs Councillor Jacinta Price. She was originally a singer but has now chosen to pursue activism on indigenous issues with...


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