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Body Parts For sale ? Thats Nothing New!

Are you kidding me? Did you actually believe that the leading providers of abortion in America, founded by one of the most racist individuals that has ever been born, Margaret Sangar, would not be involved in a practice that has thriving for years? I have to check and see If I still have the price list for the diferent parts of the baby most harvested by this insidious market. Yes in the land of the free and the home of the brave we destroy human beings in the womb indiscriminately and...

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Can We Find America Again Or Is It Lost Forever

Say hello to the new America. I am sure once you really meet and understand the new America you will have nothing to do with the new USA. Last week the new America made its introduction and sent a clear message across the land that life for you has changed and please don't bother me with your faith and this judeo-Christian ethic. Oh yes for those of you that call themselves Christian, you are the problem, you are the enemy. I must say that I don't get the chance to listen to the number one...

Duration: 01:01:45

The Charleston Murders And Race relations

The timing and the Charleston massacre was uniquely animus. With civil unrest still at a high over the recent encounters police have had with Black men it would have been perfect timing prior to Junteeth celebrations for the African American community to be invoked to protest or even riot nationally. Is their a sinister plot to cause chaos throughout America which then would invoke marshal law. In order to effectively have marshal law you would also would have to have absolute control of...

Duration: 01:01:31

The verdict Still Is Not In On Marriage But What To Expect?

The verdict has not come as of yet but the climate certainly appears to be pointing in the direction of Same Sex Marriage being affirmed by the court but to what degree? The voices of the conservatives are crying out against any such decision by the court would mean an end to society as we know it today. The foundational stone that we have been trying to get back to would be removed all together. The first institution implemented by God would be maligned forever.

Duration: 01:01:47

Local High School Chaos At Paterson High School

There are no Republicans running Paterson nor managing the Paterson school District. Now a days when you talk about the Feds you are referring to an administration un der the Barack Obama flag of the Democrats. So the failing schools can be squarely put upon the sholders of the Democrats. Yet even after the horrific conditions of failing schools such as Paterson High School parents will elect the same party pimps and wonder why the condition of depleted schools never changes.

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Know What You Believe With Chris Pascal and The Urban Prophet

June will prove to be the month of destiny fro America. The Supreme Court soon will be redering their decision on Gay marriage. Chief Justice Ginsburg has all ready revealed her position and vote on the issues by performing a marriage between two gay couples during the time she should have been deliberating. Will the bible believing church as Hillary cliunton has suggested have to change its ways and teachings on gay marriage. When teachers are taking classes to stores that sell sex toys...

Duration: 02:02:38

Know What You Believe With Chris Pascal And The Urban Prophet

Bill Oriely has been a stern critic of issues in the Black community and has taken a lot of criticism from Afro-American leaders on his narrow scope of solution and failure to recognize the role racism plays in the failure in the urban communities. We can all take a look at the issues without labeling problems and people with slur words and derogatory descriptions. The worse thing to happen is now to see that hipocrisy can play a major role in commentary and when that happens it detracts...

Duration: 02:02:48

Charlie the Mexican Demon? Marine Court - Martialed Over Bible Verse

Teens are participating in a new social media craze that attempts to summon a Mexican demon named Charlie. The Charlie Charlie Challenge surfaced Monday on Twitter and has gone viral across social media platforms. The challenge includes putting two pencils on a piece of paper in the shape of a cross. Are these signs of the times? Religious Freedom is not just a civilian issue. Our soldiers are under attack by their own commanding officers! This is insidious.

Duration: 01:01:28

Ted Cruz Gives Impromptu Lesson to Clergy On How To Stand UP!

Ted Cruz gave an impromptu lesson on how to deal with media and their attacks against those who differ in thought on the issue of same sex marriage and many of the other social issues. I believe this is the type of courage we need in this present hour to begin a movement for the religious freedoms that are eroding away. We are just days away from the Supreme Court decision and the impact this will have on the Nation may prove to be monumental. The reason its at this point is because clergy...

Duration: 01:10:02

A closer Look At Hillary And Mariage And Parental Rights

If you are a Christian you should be extremely concerned of the verbiage that is coming from the Left and this administration, which is as left as it gets. We all must realize very shortly the decision is going to come down from the supreme court concerning same sex marriage. It has been said by the solicitor general that bible believing Christians are going to be an issue and that means we and hopefully you will not be able to be unscathed from the attacks of government against your...

Duration: 00:55:29

Know What You believe With Chris Pascale And The Urban Prophet

Its just about that time! Soon we will know if the Supreme Court will dare to challenge the order of God for humanity and thus impact the nation totally. I would say still the church has no idea what threshold we are standing at. Will schools and bible believing churches be forced to change their positions on such fundamental principles of scripture in order to comply with government? " Big Brother also is insisting that you be held totally responsible for your child's absences in school...

Duration: 01:59:54

Know What You Believe Open Forum Program

We will look at this weeks past events and take on some the topics covered in this weeks programming. With the church seemingly still too anemic to respond to the ever increasing attacks on its foundational truths we have reflected on the epic letter Dr. Martin Luther King penned in 1962 from a Birmingham Jail. We will soon be hearing the response of the Supreme Court to marriage in America and abortion still rages in the land with a reluctant republican party that has not demonstrated the...

Duration: 02:00:28

Are We Christians In America?

When will the Christians truly stand up in America so the President can see the witness of faith stands true and God always has a remnant. The confusion we are having in the faith is not new to America because Martin Luther King questioned the fortitude of the church during his God ordained assignment of civil rights in America. In his letter from a Birmingham Jail he chided the church to be God intoxicated that they would not be astronomically intimidated. The Church seems to intimidated...

Duration: 00:59:44

Christianity, Obama and the Declining influence of the Church

In a land where Christianity is under attack the it is very obvious the token gestures made but the Whitehouse to appease its "religious" base often reveal an underlined disdain for the Judeo-Christian history of this nation and the core values of the faith. Barack Obama's speech often betrays his true position on faith and seems to always refer to faith in the third person other than an innate claim of Christianity himself. In the midst of prominent clergy from across America he takes the...

Duration: 01:00:34

Racism To Be Portrayed On The 20 Dollar Bill- Margaret Sanger

Can there be anything more insidiously proposed; is there anything more ironically insane then this narrative? Let us look at this for what it is. Millions in America, and I do mean millions, thought their vote for Barack Obama would once-and-for-all deal a death blow to our past slavery and segregation stigma and signify to the world that racism is dead in America. Yet under the Obama administration and with his approval the most notorius racist of our US history is a candidate to be...

Duration: 01:01:00

Churches Now Can Prohibited From Worship In Public Schools

The US Supreme Court has refused to hear the case of Bronx Household Of Faith. This statement is heardfrom co-chair of Right To Worship Rev. William Devlin"Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has denied our writ in Bronx Household, we will go humbly to Mayor DiBlasio asking him to change the NYC Department of Education policy-the mayor as public advocate marched with us in 2012, we hope and pray he remembers his commitment to faith-based institutions."

Duration: 02:00:10

Know What You Believe With Chris Pascale And The Urban Prophet

Today's Issues with prophetical insight

Liberating Low Income through School Choice

Education is clearly a necessary path for children caught in the web of poverty and despair. The fact that there is failing schools means we have failed as the guardians of this generation to offer them vision and opportunity. Tonight we will hear a dynamic 15 minutes by Marquette professor Howard Fuller. There is an African Proverb which states, "It takes a whole village to raise a child" I would add provided the village values their children.

Duration: 01:00:20

Camden Schools Test Scores A Colossal Disaster

America's second most egregious sin is the deliberate failing public school system. Education is a civil right and the system itself is proving to be a cash cow for corrupt politicians and government employee's. The callous response of the system controlled by the Teachers Union is criminal and the only way this will ever change is through parental revolt. Protest should be unimpeded until the destruction of this pipeline to destruction is abolished.

Duration: 01:00:44

school choice the Answer To failing Schools

Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings and a host of other gangs plague our inner cities but is this the result of a society that has failed the children of this generation? When we look at the failure of the present school system that is validated by the number of failing schools especially in the inner city there is without question a "State of Emergency" in the public school system where ever you reside. Lets explore some answers to the problem and our responsibility to employ them.

Duration: 01:00:52

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