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The Return of The Verbal Train Wreck

Season 2 of The Verbal Train Wreck Break down of the biggest stories from 2017hub christmas spike. What are people looking up? Keaton Jones bullying video break down What excuse have you used to call in sick from work? We welcome your calls anytime during the show, please feel free to call to add to the subjects and stories, or just say Hi whatever is welcome. Every episode is full of surprises that may not be listed above, what do you have to lose just listen.

Duration: 01:43:08

Unicorns, Rainbows, Cotton Candy filled clouds, and safe Places

We are back live on December 16th. Please stay tuned in for the official start time! Follow us on Facebook @TheVerrbaltrainWreck and on Twitter. This is an old episode.

Duration: 01:10:23

Gotta Catch Them All

Intro Recap of last weekJay shares story about volunteeringGhostbusters remake Pokemon Go takes over the world Criminals robbing teensPokemon Blow and GoWhere do these teens wander into?Breaking and entering to catch rare PokemonGuy gets caught cheatingTeens fall from cliff No with your Big Mac Chewbacca mom sings Michael Jacksons Heal the world with our live breakdown Jay loses it going off on the president

Duration: 01:34:00

Friday night! What are you doing? (Testing Audio)

It's Friday night, what are your plans? Are yougetting ready to hit the clubs or bar to unwind? As you get older do you stay in more I wanna know if age plays a factorShare your drunken stories as tonight is open forum Words that should be banned, my vote is bae what is a word you wish people would stop using? Strip club amendment should there be a higher legal age let's say 21 guys and girls share your crazy strip club experiences Boxcutter and penis don't mix well Have you been cheated...

Duration: 00:40:13

The sunshine state provides headlines gold

Celebrity death pool. Who do you think is next or who do you wish was next? Yes maybe wrong, but we all have that celebrity we can't stand so call in with answers to either question. Newest feature on the world's largest site Florida what more needs to be said, we dive into the crazy headlines to hit the sunshine state. Man has sexual relationship with aquatic marine mammal, tune in to hear which oneWhat did this man do to be stabbed by his girlfriend, let's say I'd be dead by now for the...

Duration: 01:27:53

Mystery of the lost pants solved, now let's help find woman's missing hand

People admit the things that hapen in everyday sex that doesn't happen in Call in and share your stories on this topic or experiences that we may have missed on the list Woman needs a helping hand to find her prostetic hand that is lost I share a story of of what was left in a elevator that someone lostWhat have you lost during a bender at the bar? Call in and share your story The old I'll give you a blowjob trick where your wife ends up doing this? Tune in as we share this mans horrifyng...

Duration: 01:23:47

Oh My God They Killed Harambe ! You B*******

Harambe shooting Things zoos can do to avoid this in the futureWe give our opinion on what should have happenedStephen Jackson confronts white men in gym defending this star? Clean up needed in the self scan area please. What had to be cleaned? Chewbacca mom update World's first sex cruise to set sail next fall Petition to ban the word hun. Call in and tell us what words should be banned or you wish would disappear We tell you about a tour coming this summer thats a must see Jeopardy...

Duration: 01:43:00

"Mat herpes" it's a real thing

What are the top 10 innocent sounding search terms on Google? We have that for you and do a full breakdown of the terms as we save you from the work and look them up live. Alabama proposes this bill against pedophile. Is this bill taking it too far or not far enough? share your thoughts with us today Does Facebook have secret sex group? If so how did I not know about them! Train Wreck dumb criminal of the week Is Uber charging you for outlandish reason and you don't know? Trending this...

Duration: 01:17:17

Morning mystery of who could have done this to Jay's boxer briefs?

hub most searched by state No technology day could you go 24 hours without? Mystery in Jay's boxers who could have possibly done this? Nine year old hears our show first time and ask this of there parent? What is something you had to explain to your kid that they heard? Left lane is for passing Michigan cops giving friendly remider to motorist

Duration: 01:09:38

Bigger than the Super Bowl the first try and we fail

Mens lingerie(Men would you wear this for your lady? Ladies would you find it sexy if your man wore this?) Man racks up 400 lays and is bored with sex.( Guys or girls tell us your numbers and is sex boring now?) Nick's apology and to be honest I have no clue what it may be Trending this week Top Ten must have foods for your Super Bowl party

Duration: 00:15:06

BBQ,Flying Pork Chops, and well just tune in it's another Florida story,Go Fund

Is there really a detox for your vagina, well we have the answer and put our spin on it. Passenger passes flight attendant a note to make an announcement about a guys or girls bad flatulence in rows10-12 Can you purr? If you answered yes then we have a job for you that only requires your time at night, and yes you get milk and fed BBQ, Flying pork chops and Bare ******* oops have to tune in and heres a hint another Florida story Go Fund Me Page set up for woman who spent all her money on...

Duration: 01:30:16

Thomas from Grand Rapids

Words your child uses, do you know what they mean? Ofensive banner taunting LSU fans Penis Pastries! Yes there real and look delicious Poo Pourri ad (audio clip) Update saw this over the holidays and can be purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond haven't tried it personally. Thomas from Grand Rapids is a 20 minute clip of how he wants to hook up. Nick and I push the limits on what he will d.

Duration: 01:14:05

Sex,Ribs, and a Barbie Jeep all in one show

Man saves family, and his ribs with full audio that is classic When vehicle sex goes wrong How can you own the Batmobile Newest trend in baby names University student drives Barbie jeep after DUI What does this couple wake up to and find on their driveway

Duration: 01:05:40

Let the Halloween costume wars begin

Costume wars Caitlyn Jenner vs Cecil The Lion (would you wear either one?) Do you find them offensive? Can this really happen the McWhopper? Sorry this doesn't cure hangovers, but sure does feel good when your hotboxing Man with world's largest penis

Duration: 01:16:52

Weird webcam porn is that possible

Webcam has just gotten weird Apple Watch can now control your sex toys Body wraps Does your penis look good? BFF tampon New App called Pooductive (we go live on the app)

Duration: 01:10:11

Is the show changing formats?

Man sues wife for fraud after seing her with no make up Police find clever new way to catch drug dealers WTF titles on Kindle Show format changes, we sample a few ReligionHip-HopPillow TalkEntertainment

Duration: 01:06:49

Craft Beers are all the rage, so we give it a shot

Craft Beer McDonalds secret menu Hulk Hogans racist rant Eminem honary NWA member Back To The Future (what the film got right and wrong with the future) Electronic sports league to start drug testing

Duration: 01:12:20

Call me Caitlyn

Sunburn art the hottest trend Doctors taking selfies with womens vaginas Utah girl calls men out about condoms #NoFlagginChallenge trending Miss USA stumbles (we have the audio) and our version of Nikki Lambert answering for us Song of the week by Queens of Pop "Call Me Caitlyn) parody Jenner audio and breakdown of the whole Jenner circus

Duration: 01:19:08

Can't eat pudding pops with missing fingers!

Famous people that have messes up Ex. Bill Cosby, Russel Wilson Party foul man shoots beer pong opponent Hustler of the week, Apple store rapper Surprise song of the week celebrating the confederate flag coming down in South Carolina Taco Bell test delivery service Japenese game shows Salty ball pizza

Duration: 01:20:43

Technical difficulties finally hit the show

Craigs list ad for Molly the dog Disney's animal kingdom now selling poop? Giant Penis sprays confetti on passers-by Size shaming your not a 10 your a rose (Our version of audio on what we consider sizes) these are offensive, but I did warn you. P. Diddy (audio) Song of the week The Weekend (The Hills)

Duration: 01:12:01

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