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Shoot em up! Bang! Bang!

This episode we talk the school shooting, the check in protocol, and some entertainers that make the news for the wrong reasons. Probably one of the best new era episodes. Press play and be entertained!


sex robots been a thing!

Prepare to be blown away "The Verdict" is on some whole new s#%t! This is the perfect episode to get back on the bandwagon. Following the success of last episode we now cover more outrageous and bizarre cases and give our (splashjordan & gorilla hit) two cents. Finally this show has a weekly segment that debuts on this episode let us know what you think in the comments! Its a new day friends now all you have to do is press play & be entertained!


"kept you waiting, huh?"

We're back! After a well deserved albeit abrupt hiatus I present you the first episode of the new year. Possibly the most gripping and outlandish episode yet. First, I should tell you now that I Am Wes has moved on to another opportunity. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors and appreciate everything he brought to this show. This week I have a guest that will knock your socks off for sure. I wont spoil any of what he says, but if you dont know Eerie Canal now then you most...


One Over Jordan

This episode we finally disclose the details of our upcoming holiday party featuring an Ugly Sweater Contest. The winner will receive $500.00 while several others will have a chance to win some smaller cash prizes too. Also in this episode we say how we really feel about the Keaton Jones situation, weigh in on users vs dealers, and talk net neutrality. Probably the best episode that we posted today. Press play and be entertained!


An Eagle, Koala, Dragon & Unicorn

This week is double packed with two titans of industry joining us this week we have critically acclaimed songtress "Zensofly" and verified marketing expert Quiana Shepherd after we dig into them personally for a bit we get into some of the details about who they are and what they do. Another fan favorite for sure. Click the link and be entertained!


"Only One" ft Sean Kyd

Wow! is the only word I can think of to describe this episode. The home Sean Kyd pays a visit and drops gem after gem in what is probably the best of The Verdict Podcast yet! Aside from explaining how he got his name Sean gives some insight to who he is and how he feels and what prompted him to write his infectious new single "Coupons" out now btw. Stop reading this box and click the link only if you really want to be entertained!


The End is Near.....

All runs must come to an end and this is the end of ours.....(sort of) The Verdict is closing one chapter and starting a next. Consider everything until now a preview of whats to come....If you are in the Carolina area then you definitely want to press play and find out about our upcoming ugly sweater party where you could win up to $500.00 cash. Don't be stupid click the link & get paid.


No Means No!!! (except in Hollywood)

This week must be for failures. We discuss Liangelo Ball (fail) and his bone headed choices in China. We debunk the rumors that the Earth is flat (fail) we discuss the many failures related to cheating & attempting to have your spouse killed. We also talk about the many disgusting men who have used Hollywood as their own personal sexcapade! But we also put our feet in our mouths and sound ignorant while debating these issues. Major shout out to Sean Kyd for having splashjordan in his...


A True American Hero

Earlier in the week there was a tragic shooting in Texas where at least 26 people lost their life, and 20 others injured. After we get the serious topics out of the way some MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS were made on the show listen now if you want to find out how you can win up to $500.00 cash. Unless you dont need money otherwise just click the link and be entertained.


Sly Guy Returns ft Dr Demetrius Richmond

Rejoice! "The Verdict" and IAMWESTAYLOR is back in the building to get all the flack for his "sly guy" remarks, also we are joined by facilitator, mentor, & sophistirachet Dr Demetrius Richmond. "Dee Rich" as he likes to be called is embarking on a new journey to enlighten young minds and train new professionals, but before that he was able to scratch appearing on a podcast off his bucket list. Check out this episode and be amazed at the things revealed. No is safe in the latest episode of...


Solidified ft Sydney Celeste Rose

IAMWESTAYLOR still missing in action. This week Royce makes it back on the show to fill in and we chop it up with singer, song writer, model, actress & dancer Sydney Celeste Rose. Sydney is an award winning creative about to drop her new single "Solidified" on October 30th. Get familiar with her in this episode of "The Verdict" press play & be entertained!


Real Life Savages ft Savvy Hines & Better Understand Dis

still no iamwes as he finishes up doing whatever he doing across the pond, but I'm joined this week by long time friend of the show Better Understand Dis & Savvy Hines. Two real life savages. Both come from a family of musicians with varying taste. BUD just released his new single and coloring book that he would like to discuss & Savvy just stepped back on the scene with a brand new mixtape. Both have a lot to share and we trade gems in this cant miss episode. Press play and be...


The Interview Pt 1 ft Royce (not Da 59)

So a brave soul has jumped at the chance to join "The Verdict" what do you think of his appearance sound off in the comments and let us know if he has what it takes to join the elite. Also we speak on the hip hop awards cypher aka Eminem's Freestyle and I finally get to talk anime while Royce talks about milking cows and shucking corn. oh well click the link and be entertained!!!


Trumpman! ft Dr Alex

I guarantee you can't listen to this episode all the way through without exploding into laughter at least 50 million times! Friend of the show Dr Alex pays a visit to explain her vegan lifestyle, her thoughts on Cam Newton's blunder, and bonds with Wes over what is easily the MOST OVERRATED homecoming spectacle in the south east. Plenty to get into in our latest episode press play & enjoy!


Don't Look Down ft GoMillz

Fresh from the stage performing at the second annual Beats N Bars festival in Durham, NC. Emerging talent by the name of GoMillz stops by to shoot the breeze. He's a sports guy so I saved the sports talk for the end of the show lol you're welcome! Press play to hear where his name came from, his bnb experience, his own podcast resume, and much more!


No Call No Show

This week we fully intended to try out a new voice on the show. She had other plans instead, but Wes & myself handled the last minute change like some pros. In this episode we discuss the girl in Chicago, best no call no show excuses and Wes continues to break hearts. Press play and enjoy our improved sound quality!


Sophistiratchets ft OD

This week the doors are open and we get a visit from friend to the show "OD" who is part of The Urban Breakdown podcast crew. The latest iphone belly flops down our timeline, we review IT even tho we havent seen it, Insecure season finale is hella lack luster, and should white people be allowed to say nigga? Press play and enjoy its an episode that is full of great moments.


Hurricane Verdict

You probably plan to lock yourself inside and wait out one of several hurricanes anyway so why not enjoy some premium podcasting while you wait. Press play and prepare yourself for cuffing season with our detailed guide. Also, Wes has a new song (its flames). And we also talk hurricanes.


"I Was Reading A Script"

Whats in Jorgie's inbox? The answer may shock you. Whats this about a new single? What kind of person is Jorgie Mason really?!?!? Press play and find out the answer to all these questions and more.



Can black people be racist? I guess we didnt get enough of the politics last episode so ask a very important question. We need "The Jury" (that's you!) to weigh in on this one!


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