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The Veteran Gamers Episode 414 - The Day My Aunty Farted!

Welcome to show 414 This week Stu continued his quest to find good VR games and even visited Dukes house, Chinny finished COD WWII but did he like it? And Duke Tried to finish with Fallout 4 Far Harbour. We as always brought you all the latest news from the gaming world and rounded out the show with emails and speakpipes. Enjoy Send Speakpipes to Follow us on twitter

Duration: 02:13:14

The Veteran Gamers Episode 413 - You’ve Only Gone And Done It!

Welcome to show 413. This week we checked out Lego City Undercover, QuiVR, SuperHot VR, Google Earth VR, Skeal, Fallout 4 - Far Harbour, Rocket League and Firewatch. Chinny is back with this week’s news and he’s not for sharing! We ended the show with emails, Speakpipes and the usual social media stuff. Enjoy. Send Speakpipes to

Duration: 02:20:23

The Veteran Gamers Episode 412 - A Serious Case Of Munchausen’s Syndrome!

Welcome to show 412. This week Chinny was MIA, sick or something, good job Antonio was available to fill his shoes, not only that but he had played a lot of games, Duke and I not so much, but we had played some stuff. We did the usual news and social media stuff and as regular as a good poo, Derek sent us his usual correspondence. Enjoy. Send Speakpipes to Follow us on twitter

Duration: 01:59:29

The Veteran Gamers Episode 411 - Chinny Comes Out On Top!

Welcome to show 411 It’s all the usual game chat, news and this week listener topics. Enjoy Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 02:22:00

The Veteran Gamers Episode 410 - Chomp Chomp Tasty Thumbwich!

Welcome to show 410, we are also now on TuneIn radio for Echo and Google Home users. This week Chinny took on his Extra Life challenge and raised a massive $2185 and the VG Hub team as a whole raised $8563 which is an amazing amount, well done everybody who took part. As for the show, we pulled in support from Atonio from the EntertaiNerds and Gary from The Gamesman and what a grand job they did, Duke was also here and boy did he have a story this week. Enjoy Send Speakpipes to...

Duration: 02:25:34

The Veteran Gamers Episode 409 - Press X To Grab Dick

Welcome to show 409. This week we yet again played some new games, including COD WWII, Codename Cure, Destiny 2, 13 Days Of Life, Golf Story and South Park The Fractured But Whole. As always we had all the latest news from the world of video games, actually it was mainly stuff from the Paris Games Show. We finished off with emails and stuff! Enjoy Send Speakpipes to

Duration: 02:17:09

VGHUB Extra Life Special

Chinny joins all the people that are doing extra life this year. Listen while he tracks the progress of the team and slowly hears them slip into early morning madness Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 02:40:38

The Veteran Gamers Episode 408 - Featuring A Shouty American!

Welcome to show 408. This week we played some stuff, including South Park, Life Is Strange, Destiny 2, Just Dance 2016, Rocket League and Metonymy. As always we had all of this weeks big gaming news brought to you by everyone and we rounded out the show with emails and all the other usual stuff. Enjoy. Send Speakpipes to Follow us on twitter @veterangamersu [...]

Duration: 01:58:31

The Veteran Gamers Episode 407 - It’s All A Big Mix Up!

Welcome to show 407. This week, we played new games again, Chinny played South Park TFBW and finished Owl Boy, Stu also played South Park and episode 2 of Life Is Strange Before The Storm and Duke actually did play somthing other than Rocket League which was a demo for a game called Inzipid, which he actually quite liked. For this weeks news we went nuts and all chipped in and finally we rounded out the show with emails and speakpipes. Enjoy. Send Speakpipes to...

Duration: 02:12:55

The Veteran Gamers Episode 406 - Duke Needs Help With His Addiction!

Welcome to show 406 This week we actually played some different games, Stu started Thimbleweed Park, Chinny is continuing with his dirty thrity and started Owlboy and Duke started playing…who are we kidding he just played some more Rocket League! Chinny as always brought us this week’s news and we rounded out the show with Speakpipes and emails and a big thanks to everyone who takes the time to contribute to the show. Enjoy Send Speakpipes to

Duration: 02:07:07

The Veteran Gamers Episode 405 - A Toilet And A Coat Hanger!

Welcome to show 405 This week Chinny had a problem with a number 2 on game night, but he handled it and did play Cuphead which we thought was a bit pants at EGX but how does Chinny feel about it now, as for Duke he is still addicted to Rocket League and keys and goal celebrations and Stu finally finished Yakuza Kiwami. Chinny as always filled us in on what’s going on in the world of gaming and we finished out the show with emails and speakpipes. Enjoy Send Speakpipes to...

Duration: 01:52:22

The Veteran Gamers Episode 404 - Error This Page Seems To Be Missing

Welcome to show 404. This week we get back to normal after the craziness that was EGX 2017 and yes we were wrong again, as Cuphead is doing alright. As for what we played this week well there was more Yakuza, more Rocket League and Chinny was playing unboxing new stuff for some reason. As always we covered this weeks gaming news, which made Chinny very excited as there is a new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 and we rounded out the show with emails and Speakpipes. Enjoy. Send...

Duration: 02:17:10

The Veteran Gamers Episode 403 PART 3 - EGX 2017 Sunday

The last day of EGX so tune in to see if the guys last the whole day and what games they play. In this episode, Stu decides to take over the mic and take the podcast into his own hands! Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 00:33:47

The Veteran Gamers Episode 403 PART 2 - EGX 2017 Saturday

It’s Saturday at EGX 2017 and you can join the gang again for more EGX madness Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 00:47:52

The Veteran Gamers Episode 403 - EGX 2017 Friday

EGX is here and we take the podcast on the road. Listen in to hear what we got up to on the Friday of EGX 2017 Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 00:46:11

The Veteran Gamers Episode 402 - Let’s Have A Yap!

Welcome to show 402 This week Chinny had better things to do, so we were joined by Antonio from the Yap podacst and its lucky that we were as Duke was have a whole lot of issues with his Mac. As for games, we checked out Yakuza Kiwami, Persona 5, Rocket League, Pixel Junk Eden, Tormentum, Stein’s Gate, Klocki and Dragon Quest Heroes 2. Stu did the news this week and as always we rounded out the show with emails and speakpipes. Enjoy. Send Speakpipes to

Duration: 02:03:52

The Veteran Gamers Episode 401 - Fireworks up your butt!

Welcome to show 401 Thia week Chinny has been trying to finish some games on his Dirty 30. Banjo Kazooie has been giving him a lot of pain but he did manage to finish Bioshock. Plus there was some Switch love from Chinny and he managed to play Snipperclips which was the whole reason he wanted a switch but is it enough to make him wanna buy One, Stu finished Uncharted Lost Legacy and started Yakuza Kiwami and Duke, well he played, you guessed it Rocket League! Chinny game us this week’s...

Duration: 02:11:08

The Veteran Gamers Episode 400 - 900 Hours!

Welcome to episode 400 To celebrate show 400 we were joined by lots of cool guests, read lots of cool emails and recieved lots of cool speakpipes! Enjoy Send Speakpipes to Follow us on twitter @veterangamersuk and if you have any opinions or questions, send emails to: Gamerta [...]

Duration: 02:36:29

The Veteran Gamers Episode 399 - WERERRR WEEE WUUURR

Welcome to show 399 The boys talk about where Stu has been, well Stu talks about where his been the others listen. Then Stu tries some stand-up comedy. Duke play the crew, Chinny plays PUBG (PUBG 4 LYFE). Despite Stu being away he has still played more games than anyone. He’s been playing HellBlade, Uncharted - The Lost Legacy and Steins;Gate. We round out the show with emails, speakpipes and all the usual social stuff. Enjoy Send Speakpipes to

Duration: 01:58:59

The Veteran Gamers Episode 398 - Pilchards & Crap

Welcome to show 398. This week Stu has better things to do, so we’re joined by online gaming luminary Pilch Reed. We discuss Hatoful Boyfriend, Bayonetta, PUBG, GR Wildlands, and Banished. We fumble through some boring news, and we finish off as always with Speakpipes + Emails. Enjoy! Send Speakpipes to Follow us on twitter @veterangamersuk and if [...]

Duration: 02:16:57

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