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When you think about football humor and vomit, you should think Visitors Section. If you don't, well then there is just something wrong with you, not the rest of us.




The Visitors Section: The NFL Called And It Wants Its' 2013 Back

Tonight on the Visitors Section the guys compare and contrast the 2013 and 2015 NFL football seasons. The present of futures past.

Duration: 00:47:40

Visitors Section: The Josh Hastings Post Birthday Extravaganza

Tonight on the Visitors Section Josh celebrates a birthday by reliving his birthday past and talking about football. That's what we do. For his birthday. We rap. Yo MTV Raps.

Duration: 00:45:12

The Visitors Section: NFL Interviews Week 1

Join hosts Jon Kruger and Nickel Merrwin. NFL week 1 interviews ! Click to listen! The week on a very special on the Visitors Section the guys talk NFL football and share all of our proceeds with you the listener! Topics! We got Topics! *If you would like to be a live studio audience member Show simply submit a recent headshot and submit a well-reasoned argument about why Mike is the same person as Kanye West. *All audience members must be at least 18 years old. Everyone in your party must...

Duration: 00:57:27

The Visitors Section: BattleBots

Mike and Josh get their giant nut on as they check out the latest and greatest of reboots, Battle Bots. Thirteen years ago we were all introduced to nerd rage and our lives were never the same. Also someone let the Rock on TV again. Somewhere there is a guy in a raven mask that needs to cancel that show.

Duration: 00:46:32

The Visitors Section: Live from New Detroit

Hosts or Josh and Mike, Mike and Josh take you on a journey that will absolutely make no sense. They are technically a Football podcast but every now and then they drive the show off a bridge into an incoming train that looks like a car from Mad Max but it is not from Mad Max. It's from Union Pacific. There isn't much news and there isn't to talk about, so why not forget reality. Lebron Jamieson is gonna stop by to tell the tale of his finals appearance of The World Pog Championships.

Duration: 00:57:00

Jurassic World and Beyond: Tonight on the Visitors Section

This week on the Visitors Section hosts Josh and Mike review their overall dinosuar experience after visiting Jurassic World. Christo Pratt does not stop by to talk about the film in which he rides a motorcycle with raptors. The shoes worn by Dez Bryant announce their intent to retire for two games if they doesn't recieve millions upon millions of pennies. And then of course there is all that Game of Thrones news! Join us now so we can be friends forever.

Duration: 00:48:03

Live From the Visitors Section: The Jurassic Lebron Jon Snow Show

Join Josh and Mike or "Hosts" as they would liked to be called from here on out as they go through a jurassformation of worlds. They are at E3 Press Conference with Dinosexuals. Christo Pratt stops bye to talk about his new film in which he rides a motorcycle next to woman in hover-arounds. They have the shoe worn by Dez Bryant as he made his announcement to retire for only two games if he isn't paid millions dollars in pennies within 30 days.I think Josh has his intouch moment with the...

Duration: 00:54:08

The Visitors Section: FIFA Women's World Cup

Today on the Visitors Section the guys talk all about FIFA Women's World Cup. Then Josh tells Mike about the time he climbed a mountain and Mike tells Josh that he's in love with mobile gaming. And how Ex Machina is not a happy movie. The end.

Duration: 00:46:34

Women's World Cup Soccer - Brought To You By The Visitors Section

This week the guys get you quickly onboard with talk of the Women's World Cup and give all the reasons in the world to care. Listen live or share with a friend, it doesn't matter. Just do it!

Duration: 00:12:11

The Visitors Section: Hideous Examples of Poor Sportsmanship

Tonight on the Visitors Section the guys come to terms with what are called the lean times. What does a football fan do when there is no football? Listen to the Visitors Section of course!

Duration: 00:46:38

The Josh and Mike Mike and Josh Show - F the Weather

Tonight on a special flood episode of the the show within the show the guys are live from flood to bring you all the latest and greatest weather related news.Somewhere its raining and you need to know where that where is.

Duration: 00:46:31

Draft Day Smaft Day: The Bo Callahan Story

It finally happened. The gods looked fondly upon our hosts and Mike got caught up on all the magic that is Draft Day the movie. Josh strongly disagrees with Mike's assertion that this might be the greatest movie ever made about sports in the modern era of film. Settle into another exciting epsiode of the Visitors Section now!

Duration: 00:46:39

Tom Brady Loves Mike Erwin and Cheating

Dogs can only see a couple a colors. Tom Brady can't help but cheat. It's in his molecular makeup. And for some completely unknown reason every single New England Patriots fans seems to think we owe them an apology after the NFL's ruling. The guys at the Visitors Section are here to weigh in on that opinion.

Duration: 00:46:38

NFL Draft And The Lies We Tell Ourselves

The NFL Draft is only days a way and guys just flew in. Listen live as we get you ready for the biggest day of football in all of April!

Duration: 00:48:01

I'm Tim Tebow and I Love You - The Visitors Section

It's is happening... The NFL's prodigal son has returned. Tonight on a special epsiode of the Visitors Section we celebrate the return of Tim Tebow. I love you.

Duration: 00:47:32

Hodor, Taxes, NFL Draft And The Lives We Lead (Street Version)

This week on the Visitors Section the guys are asked to pay the troll toll as they look forward to the NFL's equivalent of tax day, the NFL Draft.

Duration: 00:30:40

Hodor, Taxes, NFL Draft And The Lives We Lead

This week on the Visitors Section the guys are asked to pay the troll toll as they look forward to the NFL's equivalent of tax day, the NFL Draft.

Duration: 00:47:17

Game of Thrones is on NEXT week - The Visitors Section

This week on a special all new episode of the Visitors Section the guys first deal with the fact that Game of Thrones wasn't on and then work to come to terms with the fact they are no longer considered draftable.

Duration: 00:47:12

The Visitors Section: Sam Bradford

This week on the Visitors Section we're live answering the questions you're too scared to ask. Listen as the guys get you caught up on all the week's NFL Football and Zombie Football madness.

Duration: 00:46:37

NFL Veterans Combine: The Visitors Section

This week on the Visitors Section the guys find out that there is such a thing as an NFL Veterans Combine where dreams apparently go to die. Sure some people think it’s sad but there are bright spots. Take Darren and Rick are going to jail for example. And then of course there's Chris Borland... Can't forget Chris Borland…

Duration: 01:02:14

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