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Developing Entrepreneurs

We are glad to welcome Chris Bergen, the CEO of Forward Impact, on our show. Through various organizations, Chris has been helping developing entrepreneurs to create their businesses. He encourages folks to develop their talent and share their visions and is a definite believer in the art of the possible. I have also known Bergen to be a great speaker and am looking forward to our conversation.


Jazz Legends and Wilmington History Discussed

Larry Reni Thomas, a longtime friend and true advocate for jazz music, will be joining us on our podcast. Thomas who has had his journalistic work appear in Downbeat and The New York Times, is known for his research on The Wilmington Ten and for his book about The Lady Who Killed Lester Young, a true Jazz Icon. He is also working on a book about one of Wilmington's premiere hangouts back in the Day and Larry can be heard on several area radio stations himself.


Sports and World and National News Dicussed

Host Marc Lee and the Sixth Man Dean Geronimo discuss the Super Bowl win of the Philadelphia Eagles as well as some of the entertainment and commercials affiliated with the Big Game. Also discussed is the US Economic Situation, the War on Poverty campaign launched by Rev. Barber and others, Robots delivering your packages, Economic decisions and Love, Gender Equality and Human Trafficking just to name a few topics.... Originslly scheduled was entrepreneurre Glad Chris Gergen on our show...


Strong Man Competitor and Sumo Wrestler to Speak.

Back in High School, James Perry and I were on the Track team together...I was not that great a competitor, and James was a strong Shot Putter and also involved with our Football Team.. He went on to Play College Ball, and even made a name for himself as a successful Sumo Wrestler and World's Strongest Man Competitor....We look forward to hearing from this talented invidividual and hearing what he is involved in these days and what he thinks of modern day sports....


Durham Mayor To Join Us On The Show

Steve Schewel has had a rich history that has included being the founding publisher of one of this area's top independent newspapers, as well as serving on the City Council, and being a true activist and supporter of the Durham Community. He has already said that he would like to see Durham be even more inclusive, and to have affordable housing even in the downtown area. He is not afraid to tackle difficult issues, and we look forward to talking him about his early days as the head of a...


Discussion about Photographing National Parks and Other Interesting Topics

We will have Derek Rowe on the show who has travelled the world taking pictures of the National Parks, and he will talk about these exciting travels of his...Rowe will also be talking about his work as a film editor and even his work in the field of Virtual Reality...He is always looking to inspire the world.... Derek was also involved with me in the Occupy Movement and is always willing to discuss Social Justice and Politics.... He moved to Durham from Florida....


Activist John Rooks To Speak On Our Show

John Rooks, who was a player for NCCU during his College years, has always felt that a lot of folks are not having a Voice in what is happening in Durham, NC... He is a proponent of Affordable Housing, and Economic Development that helps many parts of our great city... He has been a true advocate for the youth here and has served on boards that have addressed this part of our community...A definite family man, Rooks won the Grit Award in 2016 for his work at bridging the gap between local...


Mitchell Levy Joins Us On Our Show

We were glad to have as our guest Mitchell Levy, The AHA Guy who talked about The New Social Age we are in, and about Ted Talks and being a successful Entrepreneur. He feels that we are definitely moving in a new direction and Society and folks need to be prepared for it....We were also glad to get his feelings about the person that is supposedly running the country. Definitely a fun and interesting conversation that we feel many will enjoy..... Also we were hoping to have Angela Ray, a...


Activist and Powerful Singer

Durham's Own Laila Nur is a powerful singer much in the tradition of activist singers like RIchie Haven, GIl Scott Heron, and the Last Poets and much more... She is not afraid to be a activist fighting for the rights of those in the Lesbian community, as well as those in the Black Lives Matter Movement. She has definitely been involved in some powerful movements here in the area and is even recognized as a national speaker...We are looking forward to talking to this activist. This...


Dr. Bey To Speak on Our Show

Dr. Bey and His Queen will be joining us on this particular edition of the Voice of the People to discuss some of the myths that exist in the United States, and he will also be giving a long history of the unknown part of our history. They will discuss healthy living, as well as a lot of the myths that exist in the U.S. and the world...We will also talk about some of the current things that are happening in the world, and will tackle difficult issues like the School to Prison Pipeline,...


Innclusive and Start Up Businesses Discussed

Rohan Gilkes is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder/CEO of Innclusive, a platform that allows you to rent unique, local accomodations on any budget, anywhere in the world. Rohan also serves as a thought leader in customer acquisition and local intermediation, bringing seekers and providers of local services together using technology.. He serves on the advisory board of a number of startups, and has even done business case studies for Catholic University MBA Program and Northwestern. He...


Animal Rights Discussed Here Today

We will be talking with Amanda Arrington about her work with the Humane Society and as a Pet Advocate. There is no doubt that often times Animals are not treated fairly by those who are supposed to be their caretakers, but there is also some apparent racism that exists in the Animal Rights World and there is a definite push to be more inclusive being spearheaded by some. We will be talking about this important issue with this true advocate for Pets on this episode of our sho w as we talk...


Shattering Myths And Discussing The World

Dean Gerinomo and Marc Lee discuss the Constitution, Various Things happening in the world, Sports, and More...And in the Second Hour, they are joined by NC State Senator Floyd McKissick who discusses the importance of Voting, even in the smaller elections and shares some stories from his formative years in politics... Orginally scheduled was Dr. Alim l-Bey and His Queen who have devoted their lives to making people more aware of their ancestral connection and also destroying some of the...


Healthy Living and Self Worth

Yah-I is a Vegan Entrepreneur, Restaurant Owner and Author of Your Self Worth, Is It Pseudo or Sincere. In the book, he looks at Issues Like Road Rage, Social Media, and How Food impacts our Self Worth.....His Wife has already written a book about how Food impacts the Womb when one is pregnant...We look forward to this great discussion on Monday evening....So many people are trying to live healthier lives in these hard times.....And we look forward to our discussion on this show about this...


Urban League and National Politics

Just a little bit less than 40 years ago, I had the pleasure of rooming with Rueben Anthony at Marquette University. He is now the head of the Urban League in Madison, Wisconsin and has an illustrious career in politics and entrepreneurship. I look forward to talking with this great individual about what he is doing now and also some of his views on current national politics and social justice issues. Should be a great conversation between two old friends catching up after a long absence...


Determined to Make A Difference

Laniesha Merritt was born in 1982 which was the same year her father went to prison...He wasn't released until she was 15 and she grew up around violence and drugs in one Of Raleigh's Public Housing sections.... Despite her upbringings, Merritt has worked in both the music and Correctional fields and in 2012 she started Own Your Dream, a non-profit that gives a platform for low income children to discover and nurture their talents...Some of these kids are developing artistic talents, while...


Bluegrass and Video Games Discussed

Glad to have Bluegrass legend Joe Newberry on her show this evening...he will be talking about the history of Bluegrass, his own role in this music form, as well as other the role of the African Instrument the Banjo in this art form...Also glad to have Val Smith on this show who is a star in the field and also hoping to have former Chocolate Drop member Justin Robinson on this show as well....Join our discussion.. We will also be talking to Jatovi McDuffie about his recent Video Game event...


General Discussion Of the World

.On this episode of the Voice of the People, Myself and the Sixth Man Dean Geronimo talk about things happening in the world...Part of the conversation revolves around Trump and the U.N., Changing Work Force, Protests Against the NFL, and various other World and Society Issues....We love it when our listeners join in the conversation.......and area always excited to hear from others and their viewpoints...We even talked about some of the latest developments in the world of Rap and what's...


Music and Health Discussed On Show

William D. Burton has had a history that includes playing in San Francisco and the Raleigh Durham area, and his music earned him attention from the likes of people like Cat Stevens and Axl Rose.....He is definitely a great fixture here in the area, but he is also a proponent of Healthy Living and he is working with several organizatons that are helping folks lead a better and more productive life well into their Senior Years. He is also very devoted to his belief systems as well and he...


Minorites In Tech, Leadership Traits, and Discussion About Music

In this program, we looked at qualities of a good leader, and ways minorities are breaking into the tech field. Also discussed tragedy in Charlottesville.,.


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