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A weekly roundup of the weird, strange, odd, wonderful, unusual stories I find, loosely organized. A lighthearted yet honest & hopeful look at the world of UFOs, bigfoot, ghosts, magic, frontier/fringe science & the strange beings that we are.




TWS385: Until the Time of End

On the show this week: Big Picture Items * Spooky Science * Culture Clash * CQ: Can we have another Roswell-like event, or have we either a) made the aliens cautious about coming near the planet or b) become too cynical or observant to fall for such a confusion or hoax again? Full list of 14 articles after the jump!

Duration: 01:03:43

TWS384: Unidentified Trying Object

On the show this week: History Repeats (Until It Doesn't); Electric Slides; Body Tweaking; CQ: It was once believed that you needed a university degree to get a really good job, but with artificial intelligence eventually replacing menial jobs *and* being a better data-shuffler than people, will it be the 'creative economy' where the future jobs are? And if so, will we be recommending improv classes rather than university degrees?

Duration: 01:01:39

TWS383: Know Where To Turn To Nowhere

On the show this week: Follow the Signs; Gross Generalizations; Extras; CQ: We have rules and conventions for society at large -- but have we missed the rewards part of gamification, and focused only on the punishments and duties?

Duration: 01:02:02

TWS382: Growth of an Artificial Future

On the show this week: Growth Industries; Literal Truth; Spinventions; CQ: What creation from a old horror film are we going to recreate for modern -- ostensibly positive -- use?

Duration: 01:00:24

TWS381: Intersection of Mind and Matter

On the show this week: What Were They Thinking; Thought For Food; Things Go Wrong; CQ: What would you suggest someone start doing to reduce tech waste and tech abandonment for the future?

Duration: 00:58:56

TWS380: Words of Worlds of Words

On the show this week: F In Language Arts Scenes Seen Botomatic Organic Spare Time CQ: Should creativity be considered on par with the 'Three Rs' for grade school education? Full list of 14 articles after the jump!

Duration: 01:01:20

TWS379: Human.last().next()

On the show this week: Homo Sapiens Patronus * Legitamizing Bigfoot * The Future Is Too Bright * CQ: Is fashion meaningless, or vitally important?

Duration: 01:01:35