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The Waiver Wire Ep. 59: Pre-season 2018 – Centres

The Waiver Wire is back for the 2017-18 season! In the first episode of pre-season Tim and James break down a little bit of drafting strategy and then dissect their player rankings. This week’s rankings are for the centre position, listen to the boys as they talk you through their reasoning of picking each player ranked from 36 to 1. ...

Duration: 00:46:14

The Waiver Wire Ep. 58: Free agency and trade impact

The Waiver Wire Ep. 58: Free agency and trade impact The Waiver WireThe Waiver Wire Ep. 58: Free agency and trade impactThe Waiver WireThe boys return from the off-season to discuss how trades and free agency have impacted the fantasy value of your favourite players. follow us on twitter @thewaiverwire1

Duration: 00:30:19

The Waiver Wire Ep. 57: Lebron is the GOAT and Cavs in 7

Tim and James are back for their final podcast of the 2016-17 season, thanks for tuning in this season and gear up for a new fantasy season in a couple of months time. For now, listen to them debate why Lebron is the GOAT and...

Duration: 00:21:53

The Waiver Wire Ep. 56: Playoff finals preview

Its almost up to the finals for each conference, we know golden state and the san antonio spurs is going to be a good series. However the boys still dont know who is playing the cavs as they preview all series and disucss the rockets...

Duration: 00:41:07

The Waiver Wire Episode 55: That’s So Kawhi

James and Tim discuss the conference semi finals and all the matchups that you can exploit for their dfs lineups. Cavs v Raptors 3;00 Boston v Washington 17;00 Golden State v Utah 34:30 San Antonio v Houston 45:00

Duration: 00:39:37

The Waiver Wire Ep 54: Jingle ’em Joe!

James and Tim dissect what has been an entertaining first round of the playoffs so far. They delve into each series yet again to see whats changed and predict where they will go from here, and what players are trending up and trending down.

Duration: 00:40:32

Taj Gibson with the Post Moves

The playoffs are in full force and for all of your dfs plays for every day make sure you tune in to the Waiver Wire. Tim and James recap the first 2 and 3 games of each series and talk in depth about who you...

Duration: 00:41:01

The Waiver Wire Ep 52: DFS in the Playoffs Part 2

James and Tim are back to update the predictions from last weeks show and discuss how thing have changed after the first round of games.

Duration: 00:03:31

The Waiver Wire Ep. 51: DFS keys to the playoffs

The playoffs are just around the corner! Tim and James preview every playoff series and discuss what makes them tick. They discuss all the big player matchups in Paul George V Lebron James and of course Harden V Westbrook. They discuss the teams in order...

Duration: 00:40:26

The Waiver Wire Ep. 50: Bobby Brown Balls Out

James and Tim are back with a huge 50th episode special. James and Tim have gone in depth to break down every single game of the wednesday slate – the last day of the year. James and Tim have gone through the minefield to determine...

Duration: 00:53:31

The Waiver Wire Ep. 49: The quintuple single

There’s only 4 days remaining of the regular season. Make sure if you want to win some more cash before the season ends you tune in to the podcast and listen to all the tips Tim and James have to offer.!

Duration: 00:47:02

The Waiver Wire Ep. 48: DFS, on a Tuesday?

Yes that’s right it’s a tuesday and its time for a dfs breakdown. Tim and James cover 3 days of NBA action in a shorter but more in depth podcast. Make sure your tuning in if you want all the hottest tips to make sure...

Duration: 00:29:49

The Waiver Wire Ep 47: Moose on the loose

Its time for your favourite fantasy podcast to talk about daily fantasy. Tim and James go through their unique pick of the upcoming week for a player of difference. They have their usual notes and special waiver wire gossip from their sources. Then they move...

Duration: 00:59:20

The Waiver Wire Ep. 46: Finals Fever

It’s show time. It’s finally here, the playoff finals. James and Tim are back for the final classic fantasy episode of the season and have scoured the Waiver Wire for more bargain deals. The Waiver Wire’s final list of adds, drops and fliers is a...

Duration: 00:25:53

The Waiver Wire Ep. 45: DFS Home Run

James and Tim are at it again, cramming in another whole weeks worth of DFS knowledge into a crazy one hour show. James and Tim delve into each slate giving you their thoughts on every single game with the numbers to back up every play,...

Duration: 00:47:50

The Waiver Wire Ep. 44: Why is Joe Ingles only in 11% of Teams?

James and Tim are back to get you ready for your semi final playoffs and have a whole list of adds and drops that have been dissected. They also add a couple of fliers into the mix that you should definitely be looking at streaming,....

Duration: 00:25:56

The Waiver Wire Ep.43: DFS Big Stack

Tim and James have improved the DFS rundown to give you a glorious hour of nba podcasting packed full of essential DFS tips, tricks and advice. Tim and James analyse every game and tell you who to be looking at and who to steer well...

Duration: 00:46:27

The Waiver Wire Ep. 42: The Waiver Wire Playoff Push!

Tim and James discuss adds and drops for your first important week of playoffs! They answer listener questions as well as discussing everything important around the NBA such as Lamarcus Aldridge’s arrhythmia. Listen on itunes!

Duration: 00:31:47

The Waiver Wire Ep. 41: DeCousins Marcus and The Foundations of a DFS Empire

James and Tim give you 43 minutes of absolute DFS gold in this action packed episode. With the new format the guys have gone in depth to analyse every slate and give you all the knowledge you need to be pumping out successful daily fantasy...

Duration: 00:43:54

The Waiver Wire Ep. 40: Stretch Run Essentials

James and Tim have scoured the waiver wire and have gathered all the information you need for your playoff stretch run. They discuss who you should be adding, dropping and some intriguing strategies as the playoffs draw closer and as always answer listener questions. James...

Duration: 00:28:34

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