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130 – FTWD (S3E5 – 8)

This half of Fear the walking dead picks up and we are both excited about the outcome. Season 3 has been by far, the most interesting part of this show and we're looking forward to seeing what the next half of the season brings. Madison takes over the new camp and reveals a side of her that might cause a rift between her and her children. We review the following episodes: Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame Red Dirt The Unveiling Children of Wrath

Duration: 01:00:20

129 – FTWD (S3E1 – 4)

In this podcast episode we review and discuss the first four episodes of season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead: Eye of the Beholder The New Frontier TEOTWAWKI 100

Duration: 01:10:39

128 – The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (S7E16 – 716)

The Season 7 finale episode is upon us and we recap this episode and talk about what we liked and what we didn't like. Although some of us were hoping for a final battle. Instead we got the start of all out war that we are looking forward to watching in Season 8. Listen to our latest podcast episode now!

Duration: 02:00:11

127 – Something They Need (S7E15 – 715)

One more episode before the season finale, brings us one step closer to a fight between Rick and Negan. However, does Negan have a trick up his sleeve? Listen to our latest podcast episode as we break down the action.

Duration: 01:03:00

126 – The Other Side (S7E14 – 714)

Rosita and Sasha have their own plans on how to deal with Negan. Does it play out as planned? Listen to the latest episode of The Walking Dead Girl podcast as we dig into all the gory details.

Duration: 01:05:35

125 – Bury Me Here (S7E13 – 713)

Morgan, Carol and even Ezekiel, change direction in this episode and we dive into the symbolism and hidden meanings of this episode of The Walking Dead. If you like what you hear, share this podcast with your friends.

Duration: 01:08:22

124 – Say Yes (S7E12 – 712)

Rick and Michonne go on an apocalyptic trip to the carnival in this latest episode of The Walking Dead. A couple of loose ends get tied up as we continue to hear the drum beat of the war against Negan.

Duration: 01:02:35

123 – Hostiles and Calamities (S7E11 – 711)

In this episode of The Walking Dead Girl Podcast, we dive into the forgetful mind of Dwight and the adaptive character of Eugene. Listen now!

Duration: 01:12:58

122 – New Best Friends (S7E10 – 710)

Rick and his group get mysteriously transported to a garbage planet and have to convince the inhabitants to join the federation against the Saviors. Or something like that... Enjoy this podcast episode and please tell your friends, if you like what you hear. Also please subscribe on iTunes.

Duration: 01:19:53

121 – Rock in the Road (S7E9 – 709)

It's time to fight back, but is anyone going to join Rick and the gang to organize an attack on the Saviors? Finding the numbers Rick needs for the fight seems difficult. However things look up in the end. Listen to the latest episode of our podcast and find out what we think about this new direction our group is heading towards.

Duration: 01:21:50

120 – Hearts Still Beating (S7E8 – 708)

Mid-Season finale brings us a Rick Grimes that faces the reality of Negan's world order, which is not predictable and can change in an instant. Our main group closes out the season with hope for the future.

Duration: 02:15:12

119 – Sing Me a Song (S7E7 – 707)

Multiple plot lines were developed in this episode with some left hanging and others left open. How will all of these stories come together in the mid-season finale? Listen to our latest podcast episode to find out what we think about this show and the relationship growing between Negan and Carl.

Duration: 01:21:43

118 – Swear (S7E6 – 706)

The episode wasn't so Tara-ble. It was a little Tara-fying at times but by the end of it we were all on board the Tara train. It was Tara-fic!

Duration: 01:59:07

117 – Go Getters (S7E5 – 705)

We find out that Maggie is ok and the baby is ok! However, instead of going back to Alexandria, she and Sasha stay at the hilltop community. Will Maggie become the new leader displacing Gregory? Listen in to our podcast to find out. We'd also like to wish our US listeners a Happy Thanksgiving and we are grateful for all the support.

Duration: 01:58:38

114 – The Well (S7E2 – 702)

We meet the residents of the Kingdom with their King Ezekiel and his tiger Shiva. What are we to make of these new characters. Listen in to our podcast to find out. We also play some feedback from a listener who's disappointed with the season premier.

Duration: 00:56:38

113 – The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be (S7E1 – 701)

Brutal start to this new season and a reset for the entire show. How will the group change moving forward in the aftermath of this bloodbath. Was it too much to stomach; or just the usual fare? Listen in to find out what we thought in the premiere podcast episode of The Walking Dead's 7th season.

Duration: 02:06:31

112 – FTWD “Wrath” & “North” (S2E14/15-214/215)

AMC releases the last two episodes of season 2 back to back and we bring you our fun recap. Did the show win us over in the end or is it dying a slow death? Listen to the season 2 finale recap of Fear the Walking Dead.

Duration: 01:06:19

111 – Date of Death (S2E13-213)

We now know why Chris hasn't returned to the hotel. He ran off with his new friends, leaving Travis ridden with guilt. However, since we see those same friends walk up to the hotel without Chris. Does that mean Chris left them, or maybe worse?

Duration: 00:58:03

110 – Pillar of Salt (S2E12-212)

The Colonia that Nick calls home is falling apart and Madison sees some hope that Nick is still alive and reverts back to her protective behavior. Travis is wandering by himself and we wonder what happened to Nick. Listen to this episode of The Walking Dead girl podcast as we figure all this out and wonder if the walkers matter anymore.

Duration: 00:57:11

109 – FTWD Pablo & Jessica (S2E11-211)

We had a fun time tearing into this episode. We both felt it was a filler episode and revisited a lot of stale themes. Listen to the podcast episode to laugh with us as we liven up an otherwise dull Fear the Walking Dead episode.

Duration: 00:50:05

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