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Episode 4 - AI in the Recruitment Process

Recruitment, especially recruitment on scale can be a major bottleneck for the growth of an organisation. Inundated with CVs, recruiters can make mistakes, applications can fall through the cracks and the perfect candidate may be glossed over simply because of insufficient time. In this podcast, we take a look at how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help recruiters handle these problems and applicants get a fair evaluation - even on a deadline. Starring Siddharth...


Episode 3 - Computing in the Cloud

In this episode, we discuss how the Cloud is changing the way businesses operate by being not just extended hard drives and databases that store data, but as full fledged programming environments with their own platforms, languages and architecture. We cover both the benifits as well as the pitfalls of moving to the cloud, and try to gaze into the crystal ball and see what cloud computing means for businesses in the long run. Starring Siddtharth Jhunjhunwala (CEO, Web Spiders) and Narinder...


Episode 2 - Event Apps that Elevate the Event Experience

Almost every event now has an associated app, but how many of them truly elevate the experience for attendees? And how many of them help organisers improve their event with hard data? In this episode, we discuss event apps - specifically, what makes an event app stand out. We talk about event engagement, post-event engagement, event app success metric, and how an organisation can choose an event app. Starring Narinder Brahach (Business Development Manager, Web Spiders)chats with Varun...


Episode 1 - AI Buzzwords

Welcome to the first episode of the WS podcast. In this episode, we try to demystify some of the most common buzzwords in AI and bots. We talk about how machines learn, what NLP means, how an organisation can select a deep learning framework, a look at some of the most talked-about frameworks, and how an organisation can deploy a full-fledged chatbot. Starring Siddtharth Jhunjhunwala (CEO, Web Spiders) and Narinder Brahach (Business Development Manager, Web Spiders)


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