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Tax Bill Would Cost Charities Billions

Jamie Tucker of Independent Sector, which represents charities from The Red Cross to the Salvation Army, says the GOP tax bill could reduce charitable giving by as much as $20 billion and force charities to lay off hundreds of thousands of employees.

Duration: 00:15:16

The Consequences of Dismantling America's Diplomatic Corps

CQ foreign policy reporter Rachel Oswald and defense editor Patrick B. Pexton discuss the turmoil at the State Department and what Congress can do about it.

Duration: 00:16:31

Tax Bills Stir Anxiety in Largest Generation - Millennials

Millennials are the largest living generation and are just starting their careers, so the GOP's tax plan would affect them all of their working lives. They're concerned about the proposed changes to the tax treatment of housing, education, healthcare and income, says CQ reporter Laura Weiss.

Duration: 00:13:03

Trip Wires Await the GOP Tax Proposals

Roll Call reporters Lindsey McPherson and Niels Lesniewski, who cover the House and Senate, walk us through the hurdles that Republicans have to overcome to pass the legislation.

Duration: 00:17:21

What Businesses Have to Gain From the Tax Overhaul

Rachelle Bernstein of the National Retail Federation and a long time voice on tax policy around Capitol Hill explains what businesses, large and small, are looking for in the tax overhaul and the lessons learned from the Bush-era tax cuts.

Duration: 00:16:41

The GOP Tax Plan Unpacked

In a special episode of The Week Ahead and Budget Tracker Extra podcasts, CQ journalists Shawn Zeller, David Lerman and Peter Cohn take a deep dive into the new tax bill and explain what it would mean for corporations, small businesses and individuals.

Duration: 00:18:02

Congress Aims to Rein In Government Snoops

A bipartisan cast of lawmakers, including Sen. Ron Wyden, plan to curtail the government's surveillance powers that must be renewed by the end of the year, says CQ intelligence reporter Gopal Ratnam.

Duration: 00:15:07

America's Iran Quandary and Why Money Can't Prevent Military Mishaps

CQ foreign policy reporter Rachel Oswald and Kelsey Davenport of the Arms Control Association explain why Congress is in no rush to change the Iran nuclear deal. And CQ defense reporter John M. Donnelly argues the Pentagon does not necessarily need more money to prevent deadly accidents.

Duration: 00:20:30

Trump Upends Obamacare

Foiled in Congress, President Donald Trump made far-reaching changes to the 2010 health care law that could make insurance more affordable for some, while dramatically raising costs for others, says CQ Health Editor Rebecca Adams. She explains how Trump's moves could affect the insurance marketplace.

Duration: 00:15:28

The Trump Doctrine on Foreign Policy

Donald Trump, the candidate, pledged to withdraw from foreign conflicts. As president, he has done the opposite, taking on North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Afghanistan. CQ Defense Editor Patrick Pexton and Reporter Patrick Kelley unpack what's at stake at a time when Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's future is also uncertain.

Duration: 00:18:05

High Court to Weigh In on Gay Rights, Redistricting and Immigration

CQ legal affairs writer Todd Ruger drills down on the cases before the Supreme Court this new term and the justices who may tip the scales.

Duration: 00:16:23

Latest Obamacare Repeal Bill Unravels

Sen. John McCain's opposition to the latest Republican bill to repeal Obamacare may well kill it, says Roll Call Senate reporter Niels Lesniewski. CQ health reporter Mary Ellen McIntire explains what's in the bill.

Duration: 00:16:56

Trump's Immigration Reversal Risks GOP Revolt

CQ immigration editor Catalina Camia explains why President Trump and Democrats are working on a deal to help 800,000 young, undocumented immigrants stay in the country, and why that angers many of Trump's biggest Republican supporters.

Duration: 00:17:17

New Capitol Hill Trifecta

CQ's budget editor David Lerman and Senate leadership reporter Niels Lesniewski explain the policy and political impact of the deal struck between President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders to resolve several thorny government spending issues simultaneously.

Duration: 00:18:35

Trump Agenda Rests on Tax Overhaul

President Donald Trump will meet with top House and Senate leaders after Labor Day in an effort to reach consensus on tax legislation. After a bruising defeat on health care, he’s counting on a tax bill to revive his presidency.

Duration: 00:15:07

Podcast: Trump Upends Congress’ Fall Agenda

President Trump’s speech in Phoenix on August 22, in which he threatened a government shutdown and criticized Republican lawmakers, isn’t going to help Congress, which has struggled to pass legislation, get back on track in September. Lindsey McPherson, who covers the House for Roll Call, explains how Trump complicated matters.

Duration: 00:13:01

U.S, Mexico and Canada Start Work on the Trade Deal That Trump Put at Center of His Campaign

The U.S., Mexico and Canada started renegotiating the trade deal that candidate Donald Trump said had to be torn up or renegotiated. Lawmakers want him to first do no harm.

Duration: 00:15:46

Why You Shouldn’t Be Alarmed Over North Korea...Yet

Trump’s fiery rhetoric over North Korea’s nuclear program should not be taken seriously just yet, says CQ Roll Call’s foreign policy reporter Rachel Oswald, adding that Congress may take further action when it returns in September.

Duration: 00:11:54

Inside the Senate’s Struggle With Civility

Senators are heading home for summer break, after a health care implosion highlighted the partisan ill will that’s festered all year. Ed Pesce, who edits CQ’s Senate coverage, explains how hardline GOP procedural tactics have taken the chamber to a new low, and what could get civil deliberations back on track.

Duration: 00:14:54

Trump and GOP Lawmakers at Odds

The demise of the Republican health care bill has added to a growing list of disagreements between President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress, from the future of Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Russia sanctions to transgender people serving in the military. Is the relationship breaking down? CQ Roll Call White House reporter John T. Bennett and Defense reporter John M. Donnelly explain.

Duration: 00:21:52

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