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Each episode, we talk about topics that are on our minds and share them with you, the viewers. created/founded by: Kurosh, Daniel, & Daniel

Each episode, we talk about topics that are on our minds and share them with you, the viewers. created/founded by: Kurosh, Daniel, & Daniel
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Each episode, we talk about topics that are on our minds and share them with you, the viewers. created/founded by: Kurosh, Daniel, & Daniel






Ep 41 - Streaming, Nerd Destinations, & Developer Transparency

Welcome back to another episode of The Weekly DLC!!! This week we discuss what entices you to watch a streamer? (00:02:00). With recent events of Visceral getting shutdown by EA, how much transparency should we see with game development? (00:28:00). We share some of our highly desired nerdy destinations (00:46:23)

Duration: 00:56:37

Ep 40 - Black Friday, Character Creation, & Thanksgiving

Welcome back to another episode of The Weekly DLC!!! This week we discuss what Black Friday means for each of us (00:37:02). The thought that goes into a character creation in games (00:58:43). We end the episode with a thoughtful chat about what we're each most thankful for (01:21:15)

Duration: 01:24:27

Ep 39 - Quidditch, Phones, & Grand Finales

This wonderful week of DLC we have some riveting chats about how we go about buying new phones (00:32:09, talking about some of our favorite fictional sports! (01:07:00), and end things with a discussion about our thoughts on endings. Favorite and least favorite, what makes a good ending, and what are current trends of how books, shows, movies, and games end (01:26:44).

Duration: 01:37:28

Ep 38 - All Hallows Eve & Do Androids Dream of Electric Podcasts

It's the day before Halloween so how could we resist talking about Halloween some more?!?! This week we chat about our thoughts of cybernetics and androids and where the line is drawn for humanity both as a definition and as we continue to make technological advancements. (00:16:55)What would our dream costumes (no budget or obstacle in our ways)? (00:51:13) and finally, what are some of things that you most associate with the Halloween season/spirit? (01:00:18) As always we'll DLC you later!

Duration: 01:16:13

Ep 37 - Loot Boxes, Books, Trophies

This wonderful week of DLC we have some riveting chats about some lessons we've learned from reading fiction (00:29:23), we boast about our greatest triumphs in gaming trophies and achievements (00:50:05), and lastly we delve into our thoughts on loot boxes & microtransactions in the gaming design and development (01:26:43).

Duration: 01:32:42

Ep 36 - Historical Beatdowns, Walkthroughs, & Movie Compatability

Welcome back to a another week of the weekliest podcast out there! This week: We chat about which historical figures we'd rumble in the bronx with. Forgive us, some of the match-ups get ugly. (00:39:43) We talk about growing up with or without strategy guides and what we think about them now for gaming. (00:46:39) What movies would you ask someone if they liked to gauge if you two had similar tastes in movies? (01:06:00)

Duration: 01:18:50

Ep 35 - Halloween Movies, Scary Games, & Game Developers Community Struggles

It's OCTOBER and we kick the month off with some discussions for the ghoulish podcast. (00:15:15) We share a sampling of some of our favorite movies and shows to watch to get in the Halloween spirit. (00:44:19) Share our experiences about some of the scarier games we've attempted to play over the years. (01:07:41) Finish things off with a conversation about the challenges Game Developers face when trying to keep their communities positive through all the toxicity they may face.

Duration: 01:10:39

Ep 34 - Toys R Us, Controllers, & Atari

Jang takes a moment to reflect on fond memories at Toys R Us (00:20:37) Atari has announced a new console but it’s not taking off like Nintendo’s classic devices. Vargas is curious why. (00:30:50) So many different types of video game controllers for so many different types of games, consoles, styles of play. What are your favorites and least favorites? (00:47:23)

Duration: 00:56:37

Ep 33 - VR Games, Half Life 3, & Online Gaming

With Zone of the Enders announced for VR remaster, what games would you like to see get the VR treatment? (00:25:00) We love games so much we wanna see more them. What games do you wish/dream to have a sequel? (00:42:59) What have your online gaming experiences been like? What advice would you give to others to have a good time and avoid a bad time? (01:07:20)

Duration: 01:14:01

Ep 32 - Nintendo, PewDeePie, School is in Session

Another wonderful week of the Weekly DLC is upon us, my friends! We chat about the September 2017 Nintendo Direct announcements. (00:26:49) There's some conversation to be had about the latest controversy regarding PewDeePie's actions and their ramifications. (01:02:30) End things with a fun little discussion about what our ultimate faculty list would look like for our dream school! (01:24:43)

Duration: 01:16:35

Ep 31 - East meets West, RPG Classes, Destiny 2 Impressions

Destiny 2 just came out and there's a lot we wanna talk about! We dive into our initial impressions with the game and enjoy some more fun topics. Hope you enjoy! 1) Destiny 2 First Impressions (00:14:05) 2) Take an Eastern IP and cross it over with a Western IP (01:01:17) 3) Which Class/Role do you tend towards the most when playing RPG style games and why? (01:13:15)

Duration: 01:15:53

Ep 30 - We all float down here in Westeros

Big Episode 30!!! This week we enjoyed a nice labor day weekend and got to enjoy some fun discussions about: If you had to pick one thing to embody fear for you, what would it be? (00:22:00) Game of Thrones has completed another season and we wanna chat about all things related! (00:34::10) What are your opinions about smack talk and etiquette with taunting in games? (01:20:06)

Duration: 01:20:05

Ep 29 - Let's make an eSport, World Nintendo Championships, & We're in charge of DC Movies now

What a week we have in store for you! This week we chat about: (00:34:45) With the Nintendo World Championships coming around the corner, what sort of gaming competition would you concoct with up to 3 different games? (00:45:25) Looking forward, the next generations of gaming hardware will likely blow our minds. What kinds of software and hardware features would you want to be incorporated? (01:12:55) Let's purge ourselves of the current slate of DC Comics movies. You're in charge of...

Duration: 01:13:19

Ep 28 - Bond, Frustrating Sidekicks, & Fictional Leaders

What's up everybody! Another week of The Weekly DLC means another week of quality time with Jang, Vargas, & Kurosh! This week we chat about: (00:23:44)If you could pick a few fictional leaders to lead us, who would you pick? (00:47:37)Which sidekicks or game characters annoy the crap outta you? (00:54:42)Let's do some Bond Casting!

Duration: 01:05:09

Ep 27 - Video Game Fashion Statements, TV vs Movies, Art and their Artists

The 3 amigos are back with another installment of The Weekly DLC! - Fashion Show! We pick some of our favorite armors and outfits in video games and compete for the best look! 00:21:30 - Do you prefer TV Shows more or Movies? 00:52:29 - How do you go about looking at art and it's relationship to artists? 01:07:05

Duration: 01:07:12

Ep 26 - Nintendo 64 Classic and what games, New Arms characters, and the best Mechs

Welcome back to another week of The Weekly DLC!!! We had some technical difficulties this episode so we went back to our old recording methods just for this Episode. Kurosh wants to stop playing games?! With Super Nintendo Classic coming out, Kurosh wants to know what games we want on a Ninster 64 Classic (21:37) Vargas wants to know what character we would make for the video games Arms on Nintendo Switch(40:40) Jang like Ready Play One and wants us to choose our faviorite mechs then our...

Duration: 01:09:22

Ep 25 - Comic Con, Nintendo frustrations, Game NPCs, & the future of Media

Welcome back to another week of The Weekly DLC!!! We're all back from Comic Con, it's been 2 weeks since we last recorded, AND we have a wonderful guest joining us! Our friend, Roberto!!! This week we have some fun discussions about: - Comic Con and Con Going trends, thoughts, galore (00:29:03) - Why does Nintendo get away with messing up basic things and not judged on the same expectations as Xbox & Playstation? (01:03:52) - Let's play a game! Describe a scene in a video game from the...

Duration: 02:07:43

Ep. 24 - Forgive us for we have sinned

Welcome back to another week of The Weekly DLC!!! While we survived Comic Con we made time to record an episode beforehand for the fans! This week we talked about: - Nerd Confessional: Pick a few things that you wanna confess as your nerd "sins" (I've never played X, I've never liked Y, I haven't seen any of Z) (00:15:37) - Pick 3 arcade cabinets you'd want in your home. (00:56:42) - Top 3 video game levels/stages (01:09:20)

Duration: 01:27:56

Ep. 23 - Our Spidey Senses are Tingling [SPOILERCAST]

This week on The Weekly DLC! We crack open a couple of cold ones open with the boyz as we all get giddy about having just seen Spider-Man: Homecoming! Prepare for some spoilers in this one!

Duration: 00:48:21

Ep. 22 - Vehicular Mayhem, Mastery, & Unified Standards

On this week's episode of the Weekly DLC the boyz have a few chats. We catch up about 4th of July festivities, talk a bit about Kurosh's traumatic Nier Automata experiences and then we got into the topics: 1) Pick 3 fictional vehicles/modes of transportation you'd want to have in reality. (00:11:37 ) 2) If you could master a skill or craft what would it be? (00:30:00) 3) What universally accepted standards do we hold film and games to, and should those standards overlap if we want to see...

Duration: 00:46:58

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