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Rod Begbie | The pull towards community

The Czech Theologian Tomas Halik says that the division in our culture is not between religion and atheism but between passion and apathy; not between sets of propositions but between forms of engagement with the Other. Rod grew up in a Christian community where the Other was primarily seen as an enemy, or something to be colonised - something to turn into the same. This is his story of his journey away from this to a vision of community built on both a shared sense of lack and a shared...

Duration: 00:15:58

Angela Jia Zheng | A personal journey on two wheels

One year ago Angela Jia Zheng went on a two-wheeled journey around the big island of Hawai’i. As she made her way across volcanoes she also traversed inner landscapes, met her vulnerabilities and discovered a hidden resilience. This is her personal story of searching, finding and learning how to ride this experience we call ‘life’.

Duration: 00:19:01

Adam Ben Hickman on Building A Thriving Future – a natural builder's story

Adam Ben Hickman shares his raw delight for natural building. We cover straw, timber, permaculture, and his connection to the land. His enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring. His story prompted a discussion of how we live out our values in our homes and how we might move towards being more sustainable within them.

Duration: 00:25:10

Peter Gleeson I A journey beyond language

Peter Gleeson, the Dumbledore of ConFest, takes us to a joyful world full of whistling, harmonic singing, spontaneous choir and love processions. "Performance has the capacity to transform people [...] but you have to allow the change to happen and see that you can become a more complete person by integrating into your life the ingredients that have always been there in your ancestors' lives. We come from a culture where everyone sang, everyone danced, that was what made them the community...

Duration: 00:49:17

Cameron Elliott on Hope in Spite of Everything

Cameron Elliott on Hope in Spite of Everything by The Weekly Service

Duration: 00:48:12

Trevor Paton on The Mystery Of Self

Trevor Paton is both a Christian brother and a science teacher. He is the director of the Glenburn Centre for Spirituality and Ecology, a retreat and learning space for people to explore the spiritual and ecological dimensions of their lives and ''reflect on what it means to be human in an evolving universe'' (http://www.edmundrice.org/glenburn.html ). Trevor reflects on the mystery that is the self in a fast changing world. He speaks from an open heart and shares with us pearls of wisdom,...

Duration: 00:36:39

The Healing Power of Connection

Few people pull themselves back from the destruction wreaked by drug addiction. Fewer still have the strength and courage to openly share the guilt, shame and sadness they experienced in such a public forum. But this is exactly how Jimmy rescued himself - by sharing his whole self - the radiant beauty and dark ugliness - with others and forging connections that were stronger than his addiction. His lesson is relevant for all of us for we all feel the ache of disconnection, we just numb it...

Duration: 00:19:37

Adam Murray on Crisis and Transition

"I am here to explore the mystery and wonder of existence through love. Love of myself through consciousness and wellbeing. Love of others through connection, conversation and compassion. Love of my planet and universe and all the beings and objects they contain through understanding my context, through creation, contribution and compassion." Adam Murray's daily mantra. Adam tells three beautiful, heart-wrenching and deeply personal stories of life situations that left him feeling pain,...

Duration: 00:21:29

Caroline Buisson on resilience

This week Caroline Buisson shares meaningful moments that led her to explore resilience. Her story demonstrates her deep belief that resilience is all about relationships. Listen to her incredibly honest and raw account of her early life as a young girl, the severe car accident she had at 32 and her slow but fruitful recovery. Caroline is a cherished member of The Weekly Service leadership team – we feel so blessed to have such a courageous and wise woman as part of our core.

Duration: 00:21:07

On Self: 'Dear Self' by Luke Hockley

Luke, a wonderful human being who helps people and organisations tell their story, talks to The Weekly Service about his 'Dear Self' project. Refusing to define himself through negative words labelled on him from an early age, Luke has been on a long journey to create a narrative of 'yes, I can do that'. His 'Dear Self' project daily exposes Luke's vulnerabilities and real self, which both acts as personal development and therapy for Luke, and inspires others to reveal their authentic...

Duration: 00:25:23

Michelle Dabrowski on Poetic Alchemy for Self-Actualisation

Our storyteller this week is Michelle Dabrowski, a true renaissance woman. Michelle is an Entrepreneurial Artist-Activist, Writer, Speaker, Arts Educator, Producer, Vocalist and founder of Montreal Throw Poetry Collective, Slamalamadingdong, and Crescent: A Course for Creative Visionaries. Michelle’s mission is to resource people with the tools they need to become their best selves and serve the world. We were lucky enough to have Michelle share a few of these tools as well as an original...

Helene Pouwels on the reunion of sex and love

Helene bravely tells her personal journey of pornography to self-compassion, making us ask important questions on how we relate to sexuality - and our image and suppression of it - in the 21st Century. Thought provoking and inspiring, and articulated with Helene's beautiful, energetic character. See more of Helene at www.helenepouwels.com

Duration: 00:25:11

Floating in a sea of parents

Lina tells her story of rejecting parenthood for practical and ethical reasons. A personal, passionate and articulate take to help us ponder on parenting, and ultimately how we're living our lives.

Duration: 00:28:04