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Buffy gets classically Hard Core

This week the squad talks the craziness in Hollywood, the Middle Brother Ball saga, and of course the battle of the week, the legit check and of course our NFL Picks.

Duration: 01:54:35

Battle of the Sexes Part Deux

This week the squad welcomes sister Giovanni Besos to the show in a Battle of the Sexes...then we jump right in to the regular program...The Release, The battle of the week (QP/QP VS NWX), The Legit Check (Prodigy's HNIC) and all other types of ill ish...tell a friend to tell a friedn and hit that share button

Duration: 02:16:36

A Lancaster Always Pays His Debts

This week Comedian Larry Lancaster takes over...uhhhh sits, in with the squad and wilds out...we discuss what we did for Halloween, who should get a Netflix Special (Shoot the Five), and of course The Release, Legit Check and our battle of the week (Hitman Holla VS K-Shine)

Duration: 02:20:30

Envy and D Wade are the Butt of Some Jokes and We're Here to Fix it

Episode 114: This week the squad is joined by Ms. Quiana LaRae (@quianalarae) from the Feminine, Focused & Free podcast to talk about here show, some RIPs, 80s Black Cinema, all this butt talk in the news and of course our Battle of the week (Chilla Jones VS Charlie Clips), The Release, and The Legit Check (Scarface's "The Fix") #CombatCancer #RaiseTheBar

Duration: 01:34:54

Yo It's Random Trains of Thought Roc/Hollow and the NBA is here

Episode 113: This week the squad was down one but filled in with a returning Kqwess from Yo, It's Random Thoughts, to go over the new NBA season, some NFL and of course The Release, The Legit Check (Reflection Eternal's Train of Thought)The Shooting the Five (Top 5 NBA Jerseys), and our Battle of the week (Tay Roc VS Hollow the Don)...enjoy

Duration: 02:00:36

Eminem, a line coach, Jerry Jones & Jemele Hillall all got bars

This wee the squad weigs in on the wild week that included The BET Hip Hop Awards, Jemele Hill's suspension Jerry Jones puts his foot down and of course the Legit Check (Big Pun's Capital Punishment), The Battle of the week( Clips VS Thesaurus) and The Release.

Duration: 01:25:43

Milds, Yac', the Slut Walk,a Celebrity President and Prayers for Puerto Rico and Vegas

This week the squad discusses the tragedies in Puerto Rico and Las Vegas, Shannon Sharpe being the realest nigga alive, and of course, The Release, The Legit Check (OC-Jewelz), The Battle of the Week (Born VS B-Magic), The Shoot the Five (Top 5 Celebrity Presidential Candidates) and our usual NBA and NFL talk.

Duration: 01:05:09

Knees Down, An OpperCOONist, NBA Moves and Neffy's Wave

This week the fellas are joined by Neffy the Femcee to discuss the wild week in the NFL, the big moves in the NBA, illfam set trippin', of course or Battle of the week (Chilla Jones VS illmaculate), the release and Matth's Legit Check: The Roots' Illadelph Halflife

Duration: 01:58:19

Kevin Hartless, April Love, a robbery at a fight and Uptwon Saturday Night

This week the Squad was Matthless but had special guest April Love to hold it down, we talk the Kevin Hart situation, the Hip Hop Honors, recap week 2 and the Canelo/GGG fight, picks for week and of course the battle of the week: Daylyt VS Mickey Factz and the Legit Check: Uptown Saturday Night - Camp Lo

Duration: 02:07:42

Episode 108

Episode 108: This week the fellas discuss the new iPhones about to release, Kanye and Jay's possible reconciliation, the upcoming GGG Canelo Alverez fight, the Lakers retiring both of Kobe's numbers, and of course the NFL, the 2nd edition of the Legit Check segment: Kanye West's Graduation, and of coursethe battle of The Week: Jimz VS DNA

Duration: 01:40:51

Zeke's Big win, a two on two, Doggystyle and the 2017 NFL Jumpoff

Episode 107: This week the fellas discuss the details of the NFL VS Zeke Elliott, preview the 2017 NFL season, surprise albums, and of course our battle of the week: Math and Cortez VS Ill Will and Rum Nitty

Duration: 01:26:18

No Room at the Lakewood Inn, Prayers for Houston and No Surprises in Vegas

This week we discuss the tragedy in Houston, the resulting issues, the big fight last week, the VMAs, some Game of Thrones talk and of course our battle of the week.

Duration: 02:07:10

Legends dying, a Mystical eclipse, boycotting and the biggest exhibition fight of all time...

This week the fellas, along with cousin Mike, talk Power, the deaths of Dick Gregory and Jerry Lewis, the eclipse, Mayweather McGregor, protests and boycotts in the NFL and of course our battle of the week.

Duration: 01:31:42

A Vegan, Some Tiki Torches and a Wild Week in Sports

Episode 104: This week the fellas are joined by Veggie Miller of the Fly Vegan podcast to discuss the events of the last week, including Charlottesville, Marshawn Lynch, more Zeke talk, race in sports and of course our battle of the week Bigg K VS Pat Stay.

Duration: 01:11:06

Would you rather catch what Zeke giving out or Usher?

Episode 103: This week the fells welcome back JS-1 from VVC Radio, to discuss his station, shows and views on general stuff...we also discuss Zeke Elliott's suspension, the Usher BBW situation, Our Battle of the week and our top Strokey Doke Slow a matter of face check out our JS-1's "Wet Panties" playlist here:

Duration: 02:04:19

The Power of Kaepernick & Joe Budden + a bonus game.

Episode 102: This week the fellas discuss a new battle rap movie, Joe Budden holding up a new Slaughterhouse album, Kaepernick VS the World, of course the release, the battle of the week and our ST5 (top lyricists) but this wee we're introduced to a new game and some music from brother Matth...shout out to comedian Larry Starks for the shout out check out his YouTube channel.

Duration: 01:28:54

Lebron, Kyrie , Broner and Jon Jones dont want to get Lucky.

Episode 101: This week the fellas start their third year podcasting by talking about Lucky Whitehead VS illfam's Cowboys, Dizz's Ravens possibly signing Kaepernick with Flacco's injury, Jon Jones and Adrian Broner's upcoming fights this weekend, Kyrie's trade request and of course our Shoot the Five,battle of the week, The Release and Power recap.

Duration: 01:07:12

Episode 100

This week the fellas are joined by Brother Greenspan and Brother Feevaleo to celebrate 100 episodes...we actually still were able to cover topics as well...OJ, R. Kelly, Usher, and of course our Battle of the Week...thanks for rocking with the Built for Comfort Boys for 100 episodes...

Duration: 01:28:01

Episode 99

This week we're talking the best joints from 1999...we recap the 1st 2 weeks of Power...we revisit 4:44 after having a full week to digest the content...and of course our battle of the week Shotgun Suge/Arsenal VS Goodz/Charlie Clips

Duration: 00:51:39

Episode 98

This week the fellas break down the New JAY-Z album, the BET awards, a bit of NBA talk and of course the battle of the week...Aye Verb & Hitman Holla VS Brizz Rawsteen & T-Top

Duration: 01:06:05

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