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The Who Cares News 10-20-17 Ep. 1215

Ep. 1215 How ‘Bout Them Dodgers! It’s Fast Friday: Me-Maw for tea? Don’t mind if we do. Lindsay Lohan is back on our radar, and we don’t care. And while no one knows more about blowing rehab than Linds, she may have some competition in that arena. And Happy Birthday Snoop Dogg! Apparently more than just roses are coming up for Snoop!

Duration: 00:08:16

The Who Cares News 10-19-17 Ep. 1214

Ep. 1214 Bay Area Fog and pretending to be Kardashian! Billy Joel should really figure some things out. Demi Lovato is coming clean about coming clean, and Blac Chyna has lawyered up.

Duration: 00:08:36

The Who Cares News 10-17-17 Ep. 1213

Ep. 1213 Need a Naked Taco! The Duchess of Cambridge is still puking, but feeling much better thank you. Chip and Joanna go on the Today show…again. And Drew Scott is losing on DWTS, but not to the competition.

Duration: 00:09:22

The Who Cares News 10-16-17 Ep. 1212

Ep. 1212 It’s National Boss’s Day. Why is it that Hollywood keeps its mouth shut until everyone comes out of the woodwork? Katy Perry talks about being single, no one told us. And road trip with the Kardashians.

Duration: 00:08:08

The Who Cares News 10-12-17 Ep. 1211

Ep. 1211 It’s National Gumbo Day and we’re back after some time off! Liam and Miley really are together, really. Plus, guess who was Taking Home a Nude. And Khloe and Kourtney have a solution for Kim’s woes.

Duration: 00:08:25

The Who Cares News 10-6-17 Ep. 1210

Ep. 1210 Donut holes anyone? ABC may have goofed with the American Idol talent fees. Plus a final snub at the Playboy Mansion. The Juice is Loose and is he staging run ins with the Paparazzo? And Kourtney laments on this week’s KUWTK. Programming Note: Next show on 10-12-17

Duration: 00:09:11

The Who Cares News 10-5-17 Ep. 1209

Ep. 1209 National Get Funky Day! Who is behind the Ryan Seacrest GMA snub? Who do you think? Also, Lionel Richie gets candid about daughter Sofia dating Scott Dissick. And is there trouble on DWTS?

Duration: 00:07:58

The Who Cares News 10-4-17 Ep. 1208

Ep. 1208 You Had Me At Taco! Kim demonstrates what she’d do “For That D!” Plus, Ryan Seacrest posts the first selfies from American Idol auditions last night, and if you put it on the internet, be prepared for it to come back and bite ya!

Duration: 00:08:11

The Who Cares News 10-3-17 Ep. 1207

Ep. 1207 It’s National Caramel Custard Day! Justin Beiber is holed up in a Beverly Hills Hotel, oh my! Plus crystals, and lots of ‘em for Heidi Montag’s birth. And winter is coming to your smartphone.

Duration: 00:09:22

The Who Cares News 9-29-17 Ep. 1206

Ep. 1206 Java java java java java! National Coffee Day. Savannah Guthrie is sticking up for Megyn Kelly, yeah, right. The halftime headliner has been announced and Janet Jackson isn’t it. Kaley Cuoco not only plays a drunk on TV, but allegedly is one IRL. And if you’re waiting for Sex In The City 3…yeah.

Duration: 00:08:16

The Who Cares News 9-28-17 Ep. 1205

Ep. 1205 Will and Grace are back and probably over acting. Trouble comes in 3’s this time in Calabasas. Holy Shiplap Batman! Fixer Upper is going away, and proof that Angelina Jolie is just like us!

Duration: 00:08:35

The Who Cares News 9-26-17 Ep. 1204

Ep. 1204 Life on The M-bus and suffering from PTBS. Madonna was on the Tonight Show getting lippy with Jimmy. The writers of “Kevin Can Wait” coulda done a better job. And Kylie’s preggers, seriously????

Duration: 00:09:42

The Who Cares News 9-22-17 Ep. 1203

Ep. 1203 Erin Foster is excited about her new stepmom…not. A popular reality show is getting a make-over…12 years after it ended. We told you so, Ben was with Jenn this week, and the K’s are getting sued, for a LOT!

Duration: 00:08:19

The Who Cares News 9-21-17 Ep. 1202

Ep. 1202 Is it a cookie or is it a praline? We know what you are doing this weekend…and it involves “Netflix and Chill” with a certain 30 year old family sitcom reboot. Speaking of TV, GOOP says she’s working on a show, and if you want to “F**K” with her you better bring your “A” game. And with all this TV talk, what’s Seinfeld saying about rebooting the show?

Duration: 00:07:54

The Who Cares News 9-20-17 Ep. 1201

Ep. 1201 Lord Scott Disick never ceases to disappoint in the “creep” department. Colorado Springs Police are hoping to find a serial…pooper. And Demi Lovato tells Jimmy Fallon about her latest house party.

Duration: 00:07:43

The Who Cares News 9-19-17 Ep. 1200

Ep. 1200 Let’s all talk like a pirate! Or at least like Randolph Mantooth. Madonna’s panty stealing ex-pal begs the judge. Nothing to report on Shookus and Affleck, and what happens in Vegas ends up on YouTube, Kevin Hart.

Duration: 00:08:18

The Who Cares News 9-18-17 Ep. 1199

Ep. 1199. Tomorrow is “Talk Like A Pirate Day” and we promise not to. Kylie Jenner has a revelation about her 10 year association with KUWTK. Last night was the 69th Streaming Emmy awards…No typical network shows won (except one) and you’ll never guess who they got to play Sean Spicer. Plus Ben Affleck was an appatent seat filler.

Duration: 00:07:57

The Who Cares News 9-15-17 Ep. 1198

Ep. 1198 It’s Not News E! News!!! God Bless Bette Midler, a National treasure, especially if she plays “Winifred” (yes please!). Was it history last night when two sitting competing network talk show hosts were on the same show? Who was the winner? And J-Law has news of “earthen” proportions.

Duration: 00:08:22

The Who Cares News 9-14-17 Ep. 1197

Ep. 1197 Hey, It costs a lot to have a body like this, and we’re not talking cosmetic. We dish on all things J-Law today. Plus our favorite “non-couple” end up in the same town at the same time, a lot. And Steven Tyler appears to be living out “Dude is a Lady.”

Duration: 00:08:22

The Who Cares News 9-13-17 Ep. 1196

Ep. 1196 Happy National Chocolate Day! God Bless Milton Hershey! Britney Spears spends money like it’s water, and she’s still got more to spend! The Prime Time Emmy’s are this Sunday and Stephen Colbert is the host with the most. And Chip and Joanna are coming to a Target near you…it was only a matter of time.

Duration: 00:08:29

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