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If you want to have fun, listen to good music, and learn something, this is the place! Join Teddy D as he interviews musicians, actors, podcasters, and people from all walks of life!

If you want to have fun, listen to good music, and learn something, this is the place! Join Teddy D as he interviews musicians, actors, podcasters, and people from all walks of life!
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Louisville, KY


If you want to have fun, listen to good music, and learn something, this is the place! Join Teddy D as he interviews musicians, actors, podcasters, and people from all walks of life!




2017-11-05 16-40-07 computer record

What does a white southern democrat look like? Is Matt Jones the prototype? Matt Jones Podcast Is there a presidential candidate who can unite the democratic party? Robert Mueller makes his first arrests in the Russian election probe. Why the 2016 election will affect future elections for a long time. Who will ultimately take the fall?

Duration: 00:31:53

3/5 of a Podcast (Vol 1)

Welcome to our new politics show! I'm proud to team up with Jonathan Lehman of the Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour. In 20 mins, we cover 2 political topics. Today's Topics: Electoral College/Why Black Women Pick The Best Politicians

Duration: 00:23:08


Meet 4 of the phenomenal women that I have the pleasure of knowing. Jasmine, Alicia, Renique, & Jessica speak candidly about Self-confidence, their unique sisterhood, AND they answer a round of "1 Has To Go" questions.

Duration: 00:44:24

We Go To Summer Camp

As older people, we can be extremely hard on our youth. For some reason, it's always been like that. Sometimes, it's hard for us to sit back and just listen to what they have to say. This summer STW Center for Excellence held an incredible youth camp for 2 weeks that was free. Everyday guest speakers came in to encourage and teach the kids about their careers and passions. I was lucky enough to be a speaker on the last day of camp. I spoke to them about podcasting, self confidence, and...

Duration: 00:39:18


BTG FOR PRESIDENT!!! The homie Baylor The Great Stops by The Why Not Pod to discuss his new podcast "BTG For President" This is his podcast origin story, so we take some time to explain how he arrived at this moment. We also mention a lot of our podcast family, so please take note and subscribe to all of them as well! #WNP #LouPod #SYO Teddy D

Duration: 00:58:08

Vintage Show...Because Why Not

Please enjoy this rebroadcast of a fan favorite episode! Net, Crit, & Jac join me to discuss being black in an office environment. Teddy D

Duration: 01:00:21


Today's show we welcome 2 member from the r&b group I was a part of back in the day. Ben and Tytus help me remember some funny times, talk about the other 2 members who stood us up, and just have a great time. #WNP #SYO #Focus #PodsInColor #BlackPodcasts

Duration: 01:15:43

Doctors Love Trap Music Too!

We're honored to profile a wonderful organization called "Brothers To Doctors" They focus on helping minority and non traditional students start and complete college. Jeremy Campbell, Pharm.D Corey Guyton, Ph.D. Steven Kniffley, Psy.D. Keyon Thompson, DPT Baron Darden (Future EdD) Please support this incredible organization. They are available to speak to small or large groups. For more information visit We discussed their education backstory, Dr. Umar...

Duration: 00:56:53

Ty, Tony, & Britton Bring Laughs & Intelligence to the Show

Ty , Tony, & Britton stop by & bless the mics. This is an All-star panel, and they made this a really great show. Thanks to these brothers for helping out. Our discussion includes... -How and why to support black businesses -NBA free agency -Why it's OK to be the quiet guy Congrats go to Tony, his wife, and oldest son for the birth of a healthy & beautiful baby girl! Please support Britton's new show "The Ball And Beatz Podcast" #WNP #SYO LouPod #PodsInColor Teddy D

Duration: 01:14:41

OAF & Wrap Up Pod Stop By

Brent from OAF Discussions and Pack from The Wrap Up Podcast stop by. We discuss Podcasting, learning from our past mistakes, what we would tell our younger selves about dating, and more Music- Bruno Mars, Anthony David, Kendrick Lamar & Rihanna, Imagine Dragons *Also, please support , they profile great podcasts of color! Shout out to Berry! ✊🏾 Teddy D #WNP #SYO #LouPod #Podin #PodsInColor

Duration: 01:21:36

Meeting of The Minds

Charles, Tony, Joe, Keyon, Brent, John, Baron, join me to record a "Meeting of The Minds" episode. We bring this group together every couple of months to catch up, vent, challenge each other, and talk about solutions to issues that effect our community The Eagle was kind enough to let us record there after we ate dinner. Thank you, and please support them if you're in the Louisville area. We discuss our love for black women, the recent violence in Louisville, answer 2 anonymous...

Duration: 01:07:27

Sean Smith Tyler Sea

Sean Smith, (Bout Time Podcast), & Tyler Sea, (The Community Experiment), come through to chop it up! We discuss being black in Idaho, other podcasts we're fans of, growth, and plenty of memories of growing up in Louisville. #WNP #SYO #LouPod Teddy D

Duration: 01:09:08

The Michelle & Barack of The Black Is Network Stop By

Get to know 2 pioneers in the black podcasting community. There are hands down one of my favorite networks to listen to, and you'll understand why after hearing from them. We discuss their start, how the network evoked over the years, the shows that helped them along the way, and OF COURSE we discuss politics. Please visit them at Subscribe to their network by searching "The Black Is Network" Music: Andy Mineo, Little Beaver, Ginuwine #WNP #SYO #LouPod Teddy D

Duration: 01:10:16

2.5 Cool Kids From BAP

**Please excuse the sound issue in the first 90 seconds of the show. It doesn't last long, I promise** My podcast sisters Raven & CJ from the Black Astronauts Podcast stop by and help me slander the people we love! We discuss behind the scene dynamics of our show, their start in podcasting, past members of the BAP family we still love, and of plenty of politics! Music: Mali Music, Sunshine Anderson, Cee-Lo Contact us at the "Black Astronauts Podcast Network" group on Facebook #WNP...

Duration: 01:05:36

James Horton, Lawrence Watkins on 2017-05-24 at 17.47

Lawerence Watkins and Jamie Horton join the pod and raise our IQ 60 points! We discuss the neighborhood we come from, being a token in white spaces, how to operate as an entrepreneur, making mistakes and growing from them, retirement and savings tips, and more! Alpha Phi Alpha must be proud of these 2 gentleman. Shoutout to all of our ice cold brothas! lol Contact Info Lawerence Watkins: James Horton: Music: Smoove Lyrik, Derek...

Duration: 01:06:11

How To Help Lames

Brittagious of The Potluck Podcast and Red of the Banshee's Block and 3,2,1 came through in a big way. We discussed a lot! Some highlights include their start in podcasting, the importance of the "For Color Nerds" podcast (Brittney Luse and Eric Redding), Black Derby history lesson and a recap of this year's events, and we try help all the gentlemen shadowing their approach to women. We even include an example of a successful attempt! To quote the great Andre 3000, "When 16 ain't...

Duration: 01:29:17

Should We Be Democrats?

WE'RE BACK!!!! Welcome to a new Season of The Why Not Podcast Family! John & Michelle are our 1st co hosts of the season, and they did GREAT! Listen in as we have discussions about relationships/marriage, Ky politics, who Trump voters really are, Should we leave the democratic party behind, & how public vulnerability relates to maturity. Please visit Michelle's blog @ Music from DMX, B.O.B, Lecree #WNP #SYO #LouPod Teddy D

Duration: 01:22:20

Ms. Mary S

While I'm working on the new season of shows, I want to give as much content as I can. Thank you for your patience, I really think you'll enjoy the new direction of the shows. This is a new show called "Everybody's Got A Story" It's a space where little to no editing is done while someone tells a story, shares a thought, or just opens their heart up to us. More to come, I hope you enjoy. Teddy D #WNP #SYO #LouPod

Duration: 00:13:05

Tony & Ty Finish 2016

This episode Ty and I welcome Tony to The Why Not Family! This is his first of hopefully many appearances on the show. We end 2016 by talking about violence in the city of Louisville, our growth as men/husbands, sports, and listing our favorite podcasts. Thank you as always for listening! Teddy D #SYO

Duration: 01:18:09

Ceewhy From BAP Stops By

With a new album on the way, it was the perfect time to have my podcast brother Ceewhy to visit the show. Things We Discussed: -Plenty of Fiq Slander -His journey through college -Becoming a musician -Activism -His thoughts on podcasting Check out Ceewhy's music by clicking the link below Teddy #SYO

Duration: 00:50:01

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