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TWL 805: "Bleedthrough," by Scarlett R. Algee

Today we present a very dark tale by Scarlett R. Algee. In "Bleedthrough," we meet Shelly, a woman frustrated at work, and in need of a little cathartic release for her darker emotions. When she decides to let go and walk with the darkness within, it might just lead to a little more bleedthrough than she was expecting. Credits: Author: Scarlett R. Algee | Storytellers: Daniel Foytik and Cynthia Lowman | Custom Score: Nico Vettese | Voice of the Librarian: Nelson W. Pyles | Host / Producer /...


TWL 804: Two Wicked Tales, by Aaron Vlek

Today we present a two tales of terror and transformation written by returning author Aaron Vlek! "The Case of the Black Lodge" told by David Ault and Erika Sanderson. A group of seven gentlemen gather regularly to hear the exploits of their good friend, renowned traveler, scholar, and detective of all things arcane and terrifying to the faint of heart, Geoffrey Sykes Vermillion. On one particular blustery October evening they are joined by another who happens to be the subject of this...


TWL 803: Extra Wicked Winter Anthology 2018

Today, along with the other Wicked tales, we present the premier episode of our new Patreon Exclusive Show, The Private Collector, included here, for free, in its entirety. Future episodes of The Private Collector can be heard by those supporting the show on Patreon at the $10 a month level. The stories shared today are heard first by our Patreon supporters, but, since the goal of The Wicked Library is always the promotion of our writers, we share these bonus tales with our entire...


TWL 802: Willoughby

Today we present a tale written by Meg Hafdahl, in her first full-length episode! This story appears in her collection, Twisted Reveries. Small towns are safe, and quiet and perhaps even idyllic... Or, do they sometimes have shared, dark secrets that run just below the surface? Find out the truth when we take a walk through Willoughby with young Amanda. Credits Author: Meg Hafdahl | Storyteller: Jessica McEvoy | Voice of Riley Fisher: Daniel Foytik | Custom Score: Nico Vettese | Voice of...


TWL 801: The Rags on His Back

The Wicked Library returns for it's first regular episode of Season 8! For The Wicked Library's launch we're celebrating with something special, an audio play. Today we present a tale written and adapted by Christopher Long, based on his short story of the same name. In this tale, a homeless man relates his tale of the time he found kindness from a family of strangers, kindness that terrified him. Want to get great wine delivered right to your door and help out the show at the same time?...


TWL 800: Christmassacre 2017

The Librarian wakes from his post-Halloween slumber long enough to bring you Christmassacre 2017! Back in the hosting chair for this special episode is original Host and Creator of The Wicked Library, Nelson W. Pyles. Deck the Halls - Daniel FoytikI want to Eat Your Eyes - Jesse J. SaxonOh Christmas Tree - Pippa BaileyThe Jólakötturinn - Kelli PerkinsThe Year Christmas Came to Madison Bear - Aaron Vlek Credits Authors: Daniel Foytik, Jesse J. Saxon, Pippa Bailey, Kelli Perkins, Aaron Vlek...


TWL 732: Extra Wicked Halloween 2017

This week, thanks to our Patreon supporters we've pulled the desiccated corpses of three lost tales from the ether of Season One, and completely resurrected them, with new voices, new music and propped them up for you to enjoy. As an added bit of fun, Nelson W. Pyles, the creator and and original host / storyteller of the show, is in the studio to help introduce the stories. This episode really is made possible thanks to our Patreon supporters, as the custom scores and voice actors do not...


TWL 730: Highway 16

When a young woman stops to help an old man on an empty highway, not all is as it seems. The man is looking for more than assistance and what he needs is more than she's willing to give. The story is based upon the Highway of Tears, a Canadian highway from British Columbia to Alberta. The bodies of 19 First Nation's women have been discovered along the stretch of road, but more than 40 women are said to have been taken from Highway 16 over the years. Show Notes:...


TWL 729: Extra Wicked Fall

This week, thanks to our Patreon supporters and some very Wicked Authors, we have been able to produce two Extra Wicked tales for you all as well as three delightfully twisted tunes by Pandemonium's Calliopi, courtesy of Zach Hill. "What's in The Box", A Song by Pandemonium's Calliopi"Devil's Hour" by Julia Benally, told by Nichole Goodnight and Daniel Foytik"The Proposal", A Song by Pandemonium's Calliopi"The Case of the Black Lodge" by Aaron Vlek, told by David Ault and Erika...


TWL 728: Louise, Your Shed's on Fire

Matthew Weber makes his Wicked Library debut with this darkly comic homage to alien invasion stories, Meg Thatcher witnesses a mysterious object fall from the sky and crash into her neighbor’s shed. Then things get weird. Author: Matthew Weber | Storyteller: Cynthia Lowman | Art / Interview: Jeanette Andromeda | Voice of the Librarian: Nelson W. Pyles Credits and Show Notes


TWL 727: Rare Air

Mark Slade makes his Wicked Library debut with this tale told by John Grilz with Nicole Goodnight as Meg. Rude and crude Howard King is everything most women do not want, so why is rich and glamorous Meg so attracted to him? Check out the new podcast collective The Wicked Library has joined, Dark Myths.


TWL 725: A Priest in Love

Stephanie Ogrodnik makes her Wicked Library debut with this dark and atmospheric tale. Father William Blackwell has fallen in love. Aside from the obvious problems with this obsession, is that the girl he loves is dead. In a tale that proves love can make us do things we'd never expect and cross forbidden boundaries, a priest with a keen sense of smell lusts for a malicious dead girl, who carries the scent of ash. Special Link to Gwendolyn Kiste's Halloween Blog (mentioned in intro):...


TWL 722: Ten Little Indians

Patrick Moody makes his Wicked Library debut with this story told by Addison Peacock. In this dark tale, Celia’s family moves to the country after buying an old plantation to fix up and flip. She doesn't really like the old house, but everything changes when she meets a group of other children who want to sing and play with her.


TWL 717: Two Tales of Terror

Your Librarian brings you two tales of death, devouring, and reanimation. "And Drown Melancholy" puts you in the mind of an unfortunate young woman suffering from a splitting headache who mixes alcohol and drugs to stop the pain, but you're not alone in there. "The Tomb Wife" explores the unique the classic story of boy meets ghoul and the deep, devouring desires they have for each other. Narrated by Eden Royce


TWL 716: Quem Infra Nos

Selected from the upcoming audio book edition of the Shadows at the Door Anthology, we bring you a haunting tale set in Durham, England. An author on route to a speaking event finally finds the time to visit the historic city of Durham, once on the cobbled streets he is drawn to the Cathedral. Deep in the tombs, something lies in wait. 'Forget not, who is below us'.


TWL 715: The Journey

Sim has struggled all his life to fit in -- a struggle to find peace and feel normal. When he finds himself on an unplanned, surreal journey he may finally find what he's been seeking.


Best S3: Always Something There to Remind Me

When Cindy and her husband Randy start watching old home movies from his childhood, Randy begins to notice subtle differences between his memory and reality -- changes that become more apparent as they watch. Cindy tries to reassure Randy, but it soon becomes evident that reality and memory are not what they seem. Enjoy this creepy and twisted tale from Season Three as read by Nelson W. Pyles.


TWL 714: There Will Be Refreshments

This dark, twisted, and entertaining tale is a wild ride into darkness. When Mark suffers a car accident, he is propelled into Hell and embarks on a journey that challenges and punishes him in ways he could never have expected. When offered a way out, he is determined to pursue it - even if it takes an eternity.


TWL 713: The Tyranny of Heaven

In this dark tale, a resident of Hell relates the true story of Eden, The Fall, Satan, Lucifer, and God - and how Hell was once a paradise. A surprisingly Wicked tale for many reasons, this story is sure to give you a new perspective on the place Heaven has named Hell.


TWL 712: Your Lease has Expired

When the vampire Jefferson Webster is asked by his former lover, Katherine, to provide a dead body for an important ritual, he decides to help - if for no other reason than to see her again. Much time has passed though, and things between the two are cold, and may not go as well as Jefferson hopes.


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