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Popping culture with a rubber chicken since 1802, the WTPC gets freaky with the geeky so you don't have to.

Popping culture with a rubber chicken since 1802, the WTPC gets freaky with the geeky so you don't have to.
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New York City, NY


Popping culture with a rubber chicken since 1802, the WTPC gets freaky with the geeky so you don't have to.




WT 140 - Movies Turning 30 ...Just Like Ed!

This week it seems like it’s just Bill, Bob & Ed - until somebody walks in unexpectedly! In the news; DC’s Hitman may be coming to TV, a John Wick-ish TV show is in the works, Tarantino’s new movie NOW with more DiCaprio, release dates changed for Deadpool, The New Mutants and Gambit. Are we still talking about Gambit? Good, ‘cuz Bill created a list of the “Top 10 Better Ideas Than A Gambit Movie!” CHATGAME for the week: #EdAMovie In the “Meanwhile” section: Ed gets a surprise present...

Duration: 01:32:10

WTP139 - 2018 MOVIES ...and other stuff!

NOTE: We fix the low volume issue about 10 minutes in… You have been made aware! This week the introductions are big confusing change-up, but after some maths, we get all of the official business out of the way and we’re off! Starting with Dom’s decision on the Pitch vs. Pitch from last week, but you’ll have to listen to find out who wins. This week in the news, Bale wants to join “Star Wars,” Blomkamp is moving on from Alien 5, Ridley Scott moving forward on 3rd Prometheus, with more...

Duration: 01:57:50

WTP138 - Supersized For Your Enjoyment

This week is Uncle Jay’s self-proclaimed “triumphant return” to the show and he’s come with a pipe and year-end lists! Bill is still waking up but powers through the opening and Official Business, bringing us to Ed and Uncle Jay running down their TOP 10 FILMS OF 2017! And Then The News Section Arrives: More Stephen King, “Krypton” sets date, Original Michael returns for new “Halloween,” and John Williams to compose major theme to “Solo.” Up next, was the long awaited Pitch vs. Pitch,...

Duration: 02:32:13

WTP137 - With Great Profanity Comes Great Quotability

This week we recorded on Christmas Eve-Eve so Ed brought some of mom’s cookies, Dom shows up a few minutes late, but just in time to hear us do a little self-promotion related to the DC TV Report podcast and our Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Heated Debate spoiler special. News was a bit light this week!: Bumblebee is a VW Beetle again, and a Venom movie is coming soon. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz In the Meanwhile section, we talk about : Andromeda, Dom’s sober psychedelic experience with The Land...

Duration: 01:36:39

Our Overrated Holiday Hoedown 2017

Our Overrated Holiday Hoedown is 30% Merry-Merry 70% Bah Humbuggery! It starts with some christmas cookies to get the blood sugar up as we use some listicles to guide us along, starting with “Christmas Things That Just Went Too Far” Then we tear apart another list of the “25 Greatest Things About...

Duration: 01:21:55

The Last Jedi: Heated Debate (spoilers)

WHEW! Things get HEATED during our Star Wars: The Last Jedi review! The passions runs high as Jay and Ed share some very different opinions and Bill and Bob end up trying to keep things cool - but that doesn't really work! Look, if you thought "Man Of Steel" was an issue around here, just wait until you hear this! Keep your finger on the volume control! ABSOLUTELY NSFW! Find and subscribe to The Wicked Theory Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and many other pod services - just...

Duration: 01:55:39

WTP136 - Let's Get Brave

After acknowledging the absence that is making Ed nervous we get into the NEWS: Deadpool’s future, “Kill or Be Killed” getting adapted, No More Logan, Woody Harrelson potentially in Venom and Max Landis hints of his changes to his remake of American Werewolf in London. MEANWHILE, Bill talks about the podcast “Homecoming,” Ed’s watching “The Deuce,” “Darkest Hour,” and...“The Joy of Painting”? Which is a happy accident, isn’t it? This weeks CHATGAME: Disney + Fox = ? Then on to emails!...

Duration: 01:38:16

WTP135 - Beam Me Up, Honey Bunny!

We boldly go wherever Quentin Tarantino and Star Trek go, so we’re excited by buzz that they are working on a thing! Disney and Fox are “just talking!” but that doesn’t stop us from speculation and theories. ALSO: we consider Jon Hamm as Batman, reveal that Black Mirror is coming back soon!, then Star Wars talk with Uncle Jay! Meanwhile… Bill’s watching The Tick on Amazon Prime (which Ed also recommends), Bob’s watching Future Man, Ed saw The Disaster Artist, and Uncle Jay digs into his...

Duration: 01:29:30

WTP134 - Tangentially Speaking

This week, we discuss all of our guest spots on recent podcasts, and then get right into the NEWS: Lots of Avengers talk, and a couple tangents… Our thoughts on the new Dick Grayson, American Gods is now in need of a showrunner, Masters of Universe script discussion and other He-Man discussions, and Cleopatra Jones might be getting a reboot. Meanwhile; Future Man on Hulu, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Halt and Catch Fire, and Crisis on Earth X. Chatgame and then LIGHTNING ROUND and an email! We...

Duration: 01:27:08

WTP ep. 133 - Aboy Damn Time

This week Ed’s out but Bill, Bob, Dom and Uncle Jay are here! NEWS! Blomkamp’s “Flight of the Navigator” remake, Lizzy Caplan joins Gambit, Jake Gyllenhaal wants “The Batman,” Ben Mendelsohn wants Doctor Doom Jude Law will play Mar-vel and MORE! Then Uncle Jay’s Star Wars Report: Star Wars Unleashed! Hamill’s big tease, Rey’s possible origin, no Lando and Chewie smacks a Porg. What does it all mean? We discuss. Meanwhile! The Punisher, a discussion with small spoilers, but nothing plot...

Duration: 01:43:04

WTP ep. 132 - League Of Just Us

This week we give a spoiler-free review of Justice League touch base with the Punisher and give a status report on Star Trek! Plus Quentin's working on a 70's era, Manson murder related movie, we discuss! Somebody it trying to reboot STRIPES! Franco joins the X-Men! Also we discuss 1922, The Punisher and the potential of cereal!

Duration: 01:51:05

WTP ep. 131 - Everone Loves Edamame

It’s a full house with Bill, Bob, Dom, Ed and Uncle Jay! The Nerd News this week includes: a “new trilogy” for Star Wars, Disney is booting up a streaming service, Universal puts it’s Dark Universe in the basement, Metal Gear Solid gets a movie, more Kick-Ass soon, Jessica Chastain wants in on IT and finally more Shazam movie news to make Ed excited. Over in the Meanwhile section (reviews & recommendations); Netflix’s Wheelman, What We Do in the Shadows, Ex Machina, Icarus, Geostorm, we...

Duration: 01:38:00

WTP ep. 130 - People Want Bombadil

This week Ed and Uncle Jay make their triumphant return so we start off with where they were! Ed reacts to last week’s Shazam news and new news with Black Adam. PLUS: Morgan Creek looks to return, 35 years of Rambo, Lord of the Rings end up on TV , and Disney is raising the stakes to put Star Wars: The Last Jedi in theaters, which prompts Ed to give us a thankfully short history lesson. Then on to this week’s hashtag chatgame #BrokenTVShows before we get into the Meanwhile. A short...

Duration: 01:22:54

Review: Thor Ragnarok (with & without spoilers)

Our review of Thor Ragnarok is here! With and without spoilers! We cover the great moments, the Kirby influence, the Goldblum effect, the Easter eggs, the cameos AND MORE! PLUS: we hear from Mark Ruffalo HIMSELF about THE REAL PLAN about Hulk standalone movies! And we track down the current whereabouts of ALL the Infinity Stones!

Duration: 01:19:34

WTP ep. 129 - Just The O.G.s

This week, no Ed, no Uncle Jay just the OG crew; Bill, Bob and Dom. We discuss Channel Zero, Deathstroke movie, Kingpin's Return to Daredevil, Shazam (without Ed, GASP), and another Tron on the horizon. We review Mindhunter and we briefly talk about Stranger Things (no spoilers) and then we hit emails and then a LIVE call with Uncle Jay from Chiller Con 2017! And we also attempt to play “Let’s Make A Movie!”

Duration: 01:34:30

Walking Dead S8 Premiere Recap

Hey zombie-lovers! Here we are breaking down the season 8 opener for The Walking Dead! Rick, Curl and all the gang are all back and they're knocking on Negan's door! We also look to the future of the season - what's up with Old Man Rick? What's up with these flash forwards? We discuss and explain!

Duration: 00:54:47

Ep. 128 - 900mph Or Nothing

Here's a fun one kids! This week everyone's favorite game that's hard to lose is back - LIGHTNING ROUND! Before that we have reviews for Brawl in Cell Block 99, Channel Zero: No-End House and more! We cover nerd news about the Han Solo movie, Freddy Kruger, Magnum PI and MORE! Plus we answer e-mails that ask the tough questions like: what comics are you guys reading these days?

Duration: 01:57:09

A "Dramatic Reading" of The Raven

"An Instant American Classic" is what some have said about our Dramatic Reading of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. We're not sure who "they" are really but we'll quoth them anyway as we dig this out of the archive. Enjoy this brief yet very special production as read by Bill Sweeney, with musical accompaniment by Robert Sweeney and featuring Edward O'hare as The Raven.

Duration: 00:10:05


Hello kiddies! Celebrating all things evil from Stephen King sewers to Sam Rami's cabin, Team WT brings you Horror-Ween 2017! We regale all the best horror in TV and Film! Our favorites, some lesser known gems and even a few dark classics of yesteryear! So turn off the lights, find a sharp knife and turn the volume up!

Duration: 02:14:25

Ep. 127 - Corey's Big Pitch

This week Team WT brings back Trailer Trash! Star Wars: The Last Jedi, The New Mutants, Replicas, and Professor Marston and the Wonder Women! They report some nerd news about Bill & Ted 3, Alien: Awakening, More Amazing Stories and Corey's Friday The 13th pitch! And reviews for Blade Runner 2049, The Foreigner, Sweedish Dicks and MORE!

Duration: 01:30:54

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