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Simon and Dan go on a random wikipedia article and chat about it - it's the Wikicast!

Simon and Dan go on a random wikipedia article and chat about it - it's the Wikicast!
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Simon and Dan go on a random wikipedia article and chat about it - it's the Wikicast!




Wikicast 028 - Mehmed the Conqueror

This week we actually talk about the wiki article for a while, and (statistically) incredibly it’s an article one of us had actually been on before! Also this week you hear how terrible Simon is at accents, a meta discussion of online `fame’, a whole bunch of correspondence, and a new fan fiction! What a banger of an episode. ——– THE WIKICAST PATREON: Dan’s forehead Twitch: Vlad the Impaler:...


Wikicast 027 - Beth Nielsen Chapman

Dan is made of mice. That is all. Join us for the first annual wikicast academy awards, discussion of academic burnout, and nuclear nightmares! ——– THE WIKICAST PATREON: The Milk Carton Kids: Wikicast Wiki: Dan’s forehead Twitch: Game Grumps: Mary Poppins trailer:...


Wikicast 026 - 2001: A Space Travesty

We got an article that one of us has actually heard of before!! Dan and Simon sink their teeth into one of the worst films ever, discuss Dan’s new job, introduce a new section to the podcast, and share more wisdom. Also, help us rank UK supermarkets! Thrilling stuff… ——– THE WIKICAST PATREON: Dan’s forehead Twitch: The War Game: Simon’s video on the freak weather:...


Wikicast 025 SPECIAL - Cicada 3301 (with Taha Khan)

Dan and Simon are joined by Taha Khan aka KhanStopMe to discuss a rather shady organisation… for a bit. Immediately followed by discussion of approaches for making YouTube videos, an in-depth review of BLACK PANTHER, a crisis corner all about closure, and a few reader emails. Also baguettes. Taha is a top lad, you should definitely check him out! Taha on Twitter: Taha on YouTube: ——– THE WIKICAST PATREON:...


Wikicast 024 - Billy Austin

Goodness what an episode! After a shaky start (blame Clarktholicism) we talk about Vidcon, film directors, the Apple Homepod, tackle a chronic illness in crisis corner, answer your questions in correspondence corner, and see the triumphant return of The Time Traveller with the Extremely Large Forehead. We had a lot of fun recording this, and hope you enjoy listening! Also next week we have a guest with us (ooooOOOOOOooo) so do get your correspondence in nice and early this week so we have...


Wikicast 023 - Recession of 1949

One of the dullest articles we’ve ever got! We talk about the churches of Mawmonism and Clarktholicism, interview Mr Maw of the Gilbert & Sullivan society, tackle serious issues in crisis corner, and respond to some delightful correspondence! ——– THE WIKICAST PATREON: Dark Horse: Difference between a recession and a depression:...


Wikicast 022 - Cork encoding

Oscar nominations! Dan forgets to turn on his microphone! Serious discussion in agony corner! Also why is it called a white smiling face?? Apologies to everyone who didn’t get their email read out - we are simply too swamped to get them all in the podcast, but please do know that we read each and every single one. So please keep them coming, and also send in your agony corner problems, which we will anonymise in the podcast. ——– THE WIKICAST PATREON:...


Wikicast 021 - Tunnels of Gibraltar

An episode bursting with new corners! We talk about our favourite music at the moment, films, books, and some rather interesting tunnels… ——– THE WIKICAST PATREON: IKON (Simon’s current earworm): Tabletop weekly: ——– Email us at: Follow us on Twitter: @DanielJMaw @simonoxfphys and use #Wikicast This week’s...


Wikicast 020 - Tecmo Super Bowl II: Special Edition

If you’ve ever wondered which one of us has the bigger penis, the answer is confirmed in this podcast. Also featuring: sports, retro games, merch discussion, and a mystery unboxing. ALSO WE LAUNCHED A PATREON LOL. For just $1 a month (the price of a can of coke or something) you can help the show massively by 1) helping us pay for hosting, 2) keep Wikipedia afloat, 3) help us make more content for you, and 4) pledge your allegience to #TeamCat or #TeamDog. We’re not asking for much, but...


Wikicast 019 - Cook & Becker

Never again. Fan fiction is never going to be the same again. We’re back in the new year, featuring a fat Simon, an art dealer, a nasal feudal system, and a royal cover-up… It was extremely windy in the UK when we filmed this, sorry if some wind noise creeps in every now and again! (if you want to avoid our spoilerific discussion of The Last Jedi, skip from to 0:44:27 to 1:01:38) ——– Red Letter Media’s Star Wars review: Fascinating video...


Wikicast 018 - Girl on Approval

High octane printer commentary. Welsh Gimli. Simon handed in his thesis. What an episode! ——– Simon’s Star Wars video (please share!): Listen to our Christmas service! (and comment saying you came from here): The Yogscast Jingle Jam: Gloria from Mass in Bb, JS Bach:...


Wikicast 017 - I’ll Be the Tornado

We’re not racist. Really. This week we talk about our emo phases, Justice League, and a controversial correspondance corner. Thanks to Tapio for the jingles - email in with your thoughts! The offending album: Sad Hoshi: David Bull, Japanese woodblock printmaker: Listen to our Evensong! (and comment saying you came from here):...


Wikicast 016 - History of rail transport in Mozambique

Our history with trains; reviews of Thor: Ragnarok, Stranger Things 2, and Murder on the Orient Express; excellent reader correspondence, and the name of Dan’s sex tape! History of rail transport: Bridgnorth furnicular railway: The Yogscast YouTube channel: Kermode and Mayo code of conduct:...


Wikicast 015 - Eudoxus (Martian crater)

The geology of Mars, oral traditions, reviewing Blade Runner: 2049, and guest-starring a particularly cash-strapped housemate…. it’s the Wikicast! Now in record-breaking length! Also featuring the finale of the Case of the Deleted Pixels! Martian Geology: Oldest books: Email us at: Follow us on Twitter: @DanielJMaw...


Wikicast 014 - Hymn Sing

Yes, we couldn’t quite believe that we got this article either. But don’t fear - we don’t actually talk about music that much! In this episode Simon has a complete breakdown, we talk about films, scaring kids, and a rather saucy fan fiction has Dan serving Simon coq au vin… minus the vin. Trinity Te Deum: Nightmare Before Christmas: James and the Giant Peach trailer:...


Wikicast 013 - Segway Inc.

We talk about pooping! You hear our music! We get really deep and talk about death! Tell a friend about the Wikicast! You end up either with a friend to talk about the podcast with, or you lose a friend that had terrible taste! Email us at: (SEND US YOUR BLADE RUNNER 2049 REVIEWS) Follow us on Twitter: @DanielJMaw @simonoxfphys Links! This week’s article: Fan facebook group:...


Wikicast 012 - Datatec

Simultaneously a long episode and an incomplete one! Blame Dan and his jenk microphone set up. This week we talk about the world’s dullest company, Simon suggests a new game, we talk about Patreon, and get into a deep discussion about the sociology and evolution of YouTube. Email us at: Follow us on Twitter: @DanielJMaw @simonoxfphys Links! This week’s article: Facebook fan group:...


Wikicast 010 - Laevisuchus

A bumper episode! Featuring outstanding fan-fiction, terrible French, our favourite YouTubers, and a therapod dinosaur that we know very little about! Email us at: Follow us on Twitter: @DanielJMaw @simonoxfphys Links! This week’s article: Dan’s walking with Dinosaurs clip: Vidcon vlog: Simon’s current Patreon (NOT for the Wikicast -...


Wikicast 009 - Kalla Pasha

Films, tours to Malta, outstanding reader correspondence, and the usual razor-sharp wit from Simon and Dan - it’s the Wikicast! This week we’re talking about - Kalla Pasha, an American professional wrestler, vaudeville comedian, and film actor - profesionally active during 1913-1931. Email us at: Follow us on Twitter: @DanielJMaw @simonoxfphys Links! - Devil Went Down To Georgia (washing machine...


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