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Episode 75 - The Gwen Stefani Tier

Quite the week this one was. First we start with Dilz and his Master clue grind, which leads to some rambling about Wintertodt. But into the big stuff, we see the first poll for the items for the Theatre of Blood, our 2nd raid! We also see some of the final QoL from February pop in, aswell as the DMM tournament approaching us. We talk about some of the stuff the community has been discussing for the new raid polls, as well as touch on the drama from a high profile youtuber. We bring to...


Episode 74 - The QoL Grand Finale

This episode, we begin with some good old fashion rambles about Zeah, giving the run down of its release, what is available, and what is still yet to come. We see the last of the QoL polls come into the game. Jagex also gives us the ability to rate our experience on OSRS for each session. DMM tournament beta pops up and, thank the gods /s, we see a buff come to raids. We also hear about some security issues on some websites and clients, so we touch on some ways to keep your account...


Episode 73 - Happy Runeversary!

Happy Birthday OSRS! You're now 5 years old! This week we see the finale of QoL month, we talk about the previous weeks QoL content that passed the polls, and as usual we talk about the Rev Caves. Not only that but, it being OSRS' birthday, we talk about what Jagex has to show off for their B-day. We also quickly go over the Mage Arena 2 boss redesign and talk about their new mechanics that came with the models. This week for lore we talk about the race, Fairies. Our Discord is open for...


Episode 72 - Dammit Granite

This week Deagin surprises us with his RNG luck coming from raids, that was expected though wasn't it? Dilz tackles some god wars bosses, wilderness bosses, and discovers a little cash mind sitting on Rs3. Jagex brings to us an update to the oh so needed farming timers, and the skilling QoL polls with it. Right behind that, we get the PVP QoL polls, with some controversies paired to it. We do something new(ha!) and talk about some of the issues with Rev caves, and the backlash from the...


Episode 71 - Wilderness Regurgitation

into the 2nd week of QOL month. We see the ideas for Skilling QoL polled, as well as the PvM QoL come into the game! We see a update to the Mage Arena 2 boss models, as well as some "tweaks" to the Rev caves. Lynx Titan hits another 200mil milestone and we discuss the idea of a new ring slot, and more! This week for lore we talk about the Gnome race. Stay tuned for this Saturday, February 17th for Bhooley's real life Dragon Dagger give away! Our Discord is open for all to join. Server...


Episode 70 - The Mobile Beta Lottery

Ramblin' on! This week Dilz turn to be blessed by the RNG gods, Deagin makes an appearance on OSRS to visit the GE. Some random rambles in between.. But it is finally here, we get the first wave of Mobile client beta's released! Tournament worlds are back for some nice PVP fun. Accompanied by the new Leather shields. We get the first of 4 QoL polls for the month also. Lore this week, we tackle the Dwarven race. and ,saving the best for last, we talk about an awesome give away being...


Episode 69 - Reworkin' Overtime

This week nothing too exciting happens for the Dilz&Deagin osrs gains. Jagex gives a bunch of minor reworks, aswell as a correction to last weeks Mobile OSRS details. We discuss nerfs and buffs, and the way Jagex deals them out in OSRS, compared to other games. While we take a trip down memory lane to darker times of Oldschool. We get a question about different races in Runescape, which brings up the discussion of Oldschool Runescape, and how the game is unique/different than some of...


Episode 68 - Data Plan Upgrades INC

Fairly slow week, but osrs always gives us stuff to talk about! Dilz rippin' some diaries, Deagin rippin' some pure stuff. Jagex does some tweaks to the fossil island to bring some life to it. We also hear about the stats for Mobile OSRS! Runescape music about to drop on spotify and vinyl. Mod West proposes some interesting Arceuus spell book changes. And finally we answer a question from a listener about bossing and what stats are good to start tackling some of them! ....No lore...


Episode 67 - Rise of the Zulkath

This week we see the rise of a new profit snek. Some tweaks surrounding the new profit snek. Polls for rewards from profit snek. and more! We also compare the gp/hr from both Zulrah and Vorkath. We talk about the issue when trying to give good rewards from bosses and the difficulties certain items put on tuning a boss. Mod West gives a teaser for the new Arcuees spell book. This week for lore we talk about the rise and fall of the god Zaros. And lastly we talk about the 2017 awards that...


Episode 66 - Year of the Dragon

And here we are, with the first episode of 2018! Deagin brags about his connection with RNGesus as he takes on the Abyssal Sire. Also with some action on the pures. Dilz tackles the new content of the week, and catches up on some diaries. But now for the juicy stuff. Starting the year off with a biggun'. We get the much anticipated Dragon Slayer 2. We talk about all the new items that it brings, as well as the new quest and boss itself! We also see some slight controversy, do I even need...


Episode 65 - Runescape Rewind 2017

Another year passes in Gielinor, adding another chapter to our OSRS adventure. This week, besides the usual rambles, we take a look back at 2017 and what it entailed for oldschool runescape. We also go over our resolutions from last year, and see how well we did. No news as Jagex goes on holidays, but we get a data stream. We see a lot of changes, and interesting numbers with certain parts of the game. We also hold a "Best of's" for OSRS this year, with a handful of categories with some...


Episode 64 - Wilderness Revisitmas

Our podcast Christmas episode(barely, but whatever)! Deagin rippin' some Demonic Gorillas after realizing his dun goofin'. Tackling some Cerberus which brings up some discussion about his crystal shard drops. Dilz struggles with the move, still.. but hops on to do some farming fun. For updates and devblogs, we hear about DMM winners, a Dragon Slayer 2 competition, aswell as Jagex having some update remorse with the Wilderness expansion/update. We see the concept art for the new BiS max...


Episode 63 - We pay, we sleigh!

Pretty slow week from Jagex HQ. Deagin steps back into the wildy for another run, but from a different perspective. Dilz still battling with the PoH. We see a preview of the boss, aswell as some other tinkerings in game. Some Kots drama, aswell as some pets buggin' out. And the beloved Christmas event is here! We also talk about some fun things going on within our little community! Lore should be returning in the next couple weeks. Our Discord is open for all to join. Server links are...


Episode 62 - DeadMan vs Machine

This week, we record a few days later than usual, but talk about the little bit of scaping that was had. Dilz tackles the thermonuclear smoke devil boss, Deagin gets stuck in the wilderness. We have a small discussion about Rev caves, and whether what Jagex intended them to do will actually happen in the future. OSRS gets some more content added into the wilderness, aswell as a brand new area for F2p with added monsters, aswell as the usual tweaks to the game. The grand Dead Man Mode...


Episode 61 - The Rs-Files

This week we see both Deagin and Dilz complete some of the Wilderness Rejuvenation content. Some rev cave talk, as well as our thoughts on the Mage Arena 2. Jagex gets ready for the week before the DMM tournament. Some Dragon slayer 2 cape designs, as well as a contest to win a new gaming laptop. This episode is a filled with controversy, so get your tin foil hat out and be prepared for alot of alleged JMod corruption and Clan Ddos/Doxin'. Deagin goes detective this episode as well and...


Episode 60 - Revenge of the Rushers

Sorry for the bad audio quality! With the disclaim out of the way, Deagin tells us about his amazing Rev pking. Dilz touches on his amazing Rev Pvming. And with no surprise we talk about the Rev cave and Mage Arena 2 update, and all the controversy that follows it. We here briefly about the DMM beta test, aswell as a premier subscription discount, which isnt really news.. Some community activity, B0aty has a KOTS challenge, woox beats said challenge, and we prep the water for...


Episode 59 - Bought them bots

This week, yet another week with some pvp content discuss, it just won't end will it? Jagex offers us some competition to do their dirty work for them. We also get some Qol, and item tweaks. And we hear about some ways they will combat the botting problem osrs faces, and preventing RWT/scams in the duel arena. This week we discuss Bandos in our lore section Let us know if you want to join our Discord server. Tweet, email or message us on facebook to have your messages read in future...


Episode 58 - Wilderness Redesperation

This week we start off with some ramblings of what we've been up to in the Scape lands. Deagin visits the casino. Dilz gets his hands on Cerberus, which brings the discussion of the awkwardness of certain bosses when it comes to OSRS's tick system. Jumping into the news, we talk some more Deadman mode as the tournament approaches. We talk some more PVP devblogs as the Jmods desperately try to get things to pass the polls. Dilz decides to propose some of his own ideas for PVP gear. A little...


Episode 57 - King of the Player-Kill

Another week of updates, and this week we briefly go over the Wilderness rejuvenation again, with some changes being added to the previous devblog. We also talk more about King of the skill, and some of the rewards the winners can be expecting to receive. Fossil Island gets some more love to make it more relevant in the game, with buffs to Exp, aswell as some tweaks to make things less...annoying. A player in the community receives the Inferno cape on a low level pure.A meme on the...


Episode 56 - Hi Risk, Hello Reward.

You're in for the long haul this week. We talk about the PVP devblog in length,lots to go over and opinions to be discussed. Be prepared for some rants. We also see the long awaited Gargoyle boss. Jagex decides to surprise us with a completely new event for the month of November, I'm starting to notice a trend here.. We hear from Jagex's MTX department about the outrage from last week. Deagin gets a little surprise about his favourite minigame, from the most recent Q/A stream. This...


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