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Episode 61 - The Rs-Files

This week we see both Deagin and Dilz complete some of the Wilderness Rejuvenation content. Some rev cave talk, as well as our thoughts on the Mage Arena 2. Jagex gets ready for the week before the DMM tournament. Some Dragon slayer 2 cape designs, as well as a contest to win a new gaming laptop. This episode is a filled with controversy, so get your tin foil hat out and be prepared for alot of alleged JMod corruption and Clan Ddos/Doxin'. Deagin goes detective this episode as well and...

Duration: 02:34:29

Episode 60 - Revenge of the Rushers

Sorry for the bad audio quality! With the disclaim out of the way, Deagin tells us about his amazing Rev pking. Dilz touches on his amazing Rev Pvming. And with no surprise we talk about the Rev cave and Mage Arena 2 update, and all the controversy that follows it. We here briefly about the DMM beta test, aswell as a premier subscription discount, which isnt really news.. Some community activity, B0aty has a KOTS challenge, woox beats said challenge, and we prep the water for...

Duration: 01:27:41

Episode 59 - Bought them bots

This week, yet another week with some pvp content discuss, it just won't end will it? Jagex offers us some competition to do their dirty work for them. We also get some Qol, and item tweaks. And we hear about some ways they will combat the botting problem osrs faces, and preventing RWT/scams in the duel arena. This week we discuss Bandos in our lore section Let us know if you want to join our Discord server. Tweet, email or message us on facebook to have your messages read in future...

Duration: 02:10:39

Episode 58 - Wilderness Redesperation

This week we start off with some ramblings of what we've been up to in the Scape lands. Deagin visits the casino. Dilz gets his hands on Cerberus, which brings the discussion of the awkwardness of certain bosses when it comes to OSRS's tick system. Jumping into the news, we talk some more Deadman mode as the tournament approaches. We talk some more PVP devblogs as the Jmods desperately try to get things to pass the polls. Dilz decides to propose some of his own ideas for PVP gear. A little...

Duration: 03:04:43

Episode 57 - King of the Player-Kill

Another week of updates, and this week we briefly go over the Wilderness rejuvenation again, with some changes being added to the previous devblog. We also talk more about King of the skill, and some of the rewards the winners can be expecting to receive. Fossil Island gets some more love to make it more relevant in the game, with buffs to Exp, aswell as some tweaks to make things less...annoying. A player in the community receives the Inferno cape on a low level pure.A meme on the...

Duration: 02:56:18

Episode 56 - Hi Risk, Hello Reward.

You're in for the long haul this week. We talk about the PVP devblog in length,lots to go over and opinions to be discussed. Be prepared for some rants. We also see the long awaited Gargoyle boss. Jagex decides to surprise us with a completely new event for the month of November, I'm starting to notice a trend here.. We hear from Jagex's MTX department about the outrage from last week. Deagin gets a little surprise about his favourite minigame, from the most recent Q/A stream. This...

Duration: 03:25:56

Episode 55 - Buggin' for MTX on Halloween

Big week for the Old School Runescape world! Deagin and Dilz doing the same old, nothing new there. But we see some huge changes coming to this seasons Deadman Mode tournament, will this be the one we've all been waiting for, free of exploits? Mod Ash goes hard, and delivers a very beautifully done Make-All interface, which in turn brings a nice little skilling trick to the surface. The Halloween event arrives as well with some nice rewards. And we get the surprise of a fun little...

Duration: 02:22:10

Episode 54 - Ditch the Ditch

And yet again, another week of OldSchool RuneScape talk. Deagin graces Gielinor after discovering his schooling being put on hold, and catching the aids. Lots of talk about the raids as he tackles the Chamber of Xeric. Dilz still on the slayer marathon, but finally pulled the trigger and switchin' up his combat styles. A small amount of devbloggin' to cover. Teasers for the new gargoyle boss(es), Dragon Slayer 2 requirments, and little QoL tweaks. Some popular streamers kick the bucket...

Duration: 01:22:00

Episode 53 - Wooden Shields and Co.

Another week of slayer for Dilz. But besides that, we get some tweakin to the HP bars to make them more accurate, aswell as some small additions such as new barbarian fishing spots, and sound fixes. We also get a poll, to buff Ahrims' staff, Bandos godsword and Serpentine helmet. Congratz to everyone whose been stocking up on those. Some new ranging shields may be coming, alongside some quests for Zeah. And lastly we get the conclusion of our DMM controversial trilogy Let us know if you...

Duration: 01:27:35

Episode 52 - Life Without Interfaces

This week, Dilz makes some nice gains in the Scape world, and ventures to some new bosses, and monsters. Deagin gets caught up in non-Scape school.. Not a whole lot of news to go over, some tweaks, a tease at the new Make-All interface, and we get a slight response about the Dead Man Mode drama. We wrap up the bond give away this episode, so congratulations to everyone who won, and thank you for writing in aswell! Much love! Let us know if you want to join our Discord server. Tweet,...

Duration: 01:15:27

Episode 51 - Festival of Rune

This week is the biggun'. Alot to go over with RuneFest 2017 showing up. We go over the Golden Gnome Award winners. Lots of PvE/PvM/PvP announcements, setting the stage for OSRS this year. And yet another DMM tournament, and it wont be DMM without some controversy to follow along with it. This is our last week for our give away, so don't miss out! Survey : Let us know if you want to join our Discord server. Tweet, email or message us on facebook to have your...

Duration: 02:46:10

Episode 50 - Studying Volcanology

Another week, another update. Lots to look forward too, but as for the real goings on in OSRS, just some tweaks to Fossil Island. We take a look at what Volcanic Mines are, and roughly what to expect your first time in. Some more mobile news, and with RuneFest rearin' around the corner, we talk about some of nominees this year for various catagories. As always, DMM coming along with it, with more changes for the new season. Some drama goes down at Jagex HQ aswell. We are also currently...

Duration: 01:43:46

Episode 49 - Dead Island

This week we dive right into the updates, as we see another highly anticipated update, Fossil Island. Some love it, some hate it, some might not even know it exists, but here it is! We go into what we know so far about each section of the island, as well as speculating on other parts of it. We also talk about the mobile client, and how non-scapers thoughts about it, and things we could do to help fresh scapers who may be coming into the world. We are also currently doing 2 different give...

Duration: 01:52:48

Episode 48 - RuneScape.TV

This week we celebrate our 1 year anniversary! What a long strange journey it's been, and can't wait to see what year 2 holds for us! We have improved so much since the beginning, but we have only just begun. Anyways, this week alot goes on with the both of us as we slug away in the lands of RuneScape. Dilz goes on a rollercoaster of emotions. Deagin tackles some end game content, with added frustrations. We talk about the past event, Wilderness Wars, as well as a very interesting, and...

Duration: 01:33:32

Episode 47 - Psulliuscyben Mushrooms

This week slows down as we prep for the upcoming events Wilderness Wars. We discuss some of the new ideas coming to Fossil Island, aswell as go over the Wildy Wars coming on August 26th, and the Gold Gnome Awards. We pretend to talk about the boxing fight abit aswell. Deagin drops some interesting Thieving tips, aswell as a surprise test! Let us know if you want to join our Discord server. Tweet, email or message us on facebook to have your messages read in future episodes! Clan Chat :...

Duration: 01:14:22

Episode 46 - Wildy War To End All Wars

This week we discuss the aftermath of the PVP championships. Jagex drops some news of a new event coming soon, like real soon, and we are digging this trend of events! We go over some of the updates aswell. Deagin whines about RNGesus blessing him, and Dilz goes kamikaze in the wilderness. Let us know if you want to join our Discord server. Tweet, email or message us on facebook to have your messages read in future episodes! Clan Chat : Wild cc Twitter : @TheWildernessRS Facebook :...

Duration: 01:33:30

Episode 45 - Jagex's Next Top Model

Welp, a week behind, but here we are! This week we cover some of the updates we fell behind on. Some fireworks for you levelers, some new island thing called fossil island, some gathering of pvpers to win some money, something like 10,000$ or 10bil gp, aswell as your usual tweaks to the game! We also try out our own Audio only 1v1 battle. Not sure if we like it enough to do again, but let us know! Okay, I'm ramblin' to compensate for our missed week..Enjoy! Let us know if you want to join...

Duration: 01:30:43

Episode 44 - Where's the chemistry?

Short one this week, But we talk over some of the minor changes we see this week. Some new over lays to things, tweaks to other things, things being added in and what not. Oh and last chance to sign up for Mobile beta, but that's kinda pointless to put here. Enjoy! Let us know if you want to join our Discord server. Tweet, email or message us on facebook to have your messages read in future episodes! Clan Chat : Wild cc Twitter : @TheWildernessRS Facebook :...

Duration: 00:49:08

Episode 43 - Coming Soon..RuneScape VR

The mobile take over is here. Runescape drops the nuke, and we hear about Runescape coming to mobile phones! Followed by a some f2p castle wars, new Gargoyle (demi boss?), and some new gear. Probably shouldnt have opened with the nuke in hind sight. Let us know if you want to join our Discord server. Tweet, email or message us on facebook to have your messages read in future episodes! Clan Chat : Wild cc Twitter : @TheWildernessRS Facebook : Email...

Duration: 00:57:12

Episode 42 - OSRS-UFC

It's Time! Jagex reveals they have a mole listening in on us, and drops information on a new PVP tournament! With the good, comes the bad (not really), and we see some nerfs this week as the thursday update comes around. Oh and Dilz some how manages to play Last man standing, while Deagin begins the grind towards his master clue... AND MORE! Let us know if you want to join our Discord server. Tweet, email or message us on facebook to have your messages read in future episodes! Clan Chat...

Duration: 01:18:54

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