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WHH66 - The Perfect Money Model for Business Coaches - Create a Cult Like Community, where clients don’t leave.

Hi Winners, This interview is fun and special for me. I get the profound honor of interviewing a friend I have known over 14 years. He has been in the speaking and coaching business for 30 years. We discuss how he has created a unique community, where his clients don’t want leave. A Perfect Business Model for a Coach who does not like continuing to sell. Listen to this entire interview and give me some LOVE comments! Heather Havenwood


WHH65: How to Sell in a Regulated Business with Technology with Phil Gerbyshak

Hi Winners! Are you a financial advisor, lawyer, or stock broker? And you are tied by compliance? How do they expect you to sell in such a digital world? How can you leverage video and other tools without pissing off the compliance department? Phil Gerbyshak, is your guy. He specializes in helping sales professionals, especially in high compliance industries maneuver their way with through using technology to generate sales. This interview for me was perfect timing, I have had a...


WHH64: Meet “Marketing Jedi” Martinez Founder

Hey Winners, Sometimes in my entrepreneurial life, I come across some crazy peeps! Bert is one of those! Fun, Wild, Crazy and Wicket Smart. Our interview got whacky, but as the founder of - I can promise you this interview is full of nuggets and strategies that you can execute. Enjoy! Be You! Be Real! Be The Boss of Your Life! Heather Havenwood


WHH63: The TRUTH: the Highs and Lows of Entrepreneurship with James Miller | Lifeology

Hi Winners, Entrepreneurship is not for the lazy or the weak. It is ever changing and moving and challenging. In this very fun and unique interview, I interview a dear friend and business associate James Miller | Lifeology. He is a HUGE success story and we talk canid about entrepreneurship and stepping out on your own. How to know when it is time to make the jump and no longer live a mediocrity life. James woke up one day and realized that he was not really living the life he...


WHH62-LADIES: STOP APOLOGIZING! Be an Unapologetic Powerhouse Woman! with Janet Zaretsky

Hi Winners! Here is the thing, we as women, apologize for the smallest littlest thing. I heard a woman apologize for passing me in the bread isle. I saw a mom once, with a dog and two little toddlers, with her hands full for just being in the park. I asked her, ‘what are you apologizing for?’. She couldn’t answer me. We are trained to apologize, we are trained to say we are sorry as women when we have not even done anything. Why do we do that? Janet Zaretsky, is truly one of the...


WHH61-How to be an Online Magazine Contributor with Leonard Kim

Hey Winners! I am a contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine, how did I get in? I interviewed Leonard Kim and learned how! LOL! Leonard is recognized as a top marketing influencer by Forbes, a top personal branding expert by Entrepreneur. He has figured out Be You! Be Real! Be the BOSS! Heather Havenwood Haven Media Network


WHH60: Stacking the Deck In On Your Digital Presence! SEO for 2018, It is still ALIVE with Phil Singleton

Hi Winners! Look, SEO has not gone away. It is still here! If you are a online business, you must listen to this one. Lawyer? Chiropractor? Dentist? Realator? Coach? SEO is STILL a big deal! Phil Singleton is truly an expert at local SEO. Be You! Be REAL! Be a BOSS of your BUSINESS! Heather Havenwood The Win Haven Media Founder


WHH59: Leads, Leads, HOTT Sales Leads with Linkedin Marketing with Jimena Cortes

Hi Winners! Any service based business needs leads to grow, expand and profit. In today's world, the number one way to find and connect to high qualified leads is Linkedin. In this interview, I interview Jimena Cortes, who has built a service business for business owners, where she sets up their profiles and gathers leads for them. If you are a service based business or a solo entrepreneur this interview is a GIFT! Enjoy! Be You! Be Real! Be the Boss of Your Business! Heather...



In this once in a lifetime interview, Heather Havenwood - does something she has never done before, she is interviewing her own personal coach! YEP! She shares what her own personal coach is asking her to do to help her complete 2017 so she can create and start 2018 with massive momentum! Join Kym Dolcimascolo and Heather Havenwood in ending 2017 and creating 2018! Be You! Be REAL! Be the BOSS of YOUR...


WHH58: Text me that! The Death of Email with Jim Koch

Hi Winners, Look, the days of go to WWW.blahblah dot COM.... are OVER! The days of TEXT 'Heather' to 72000 to get your FREE Gift are HERE! We are a texting society. 3 year olds text. 80 year olds text. WE TEXT! So why are you forcing your clients and buyers and subscribers to email you? I interviewed Jim Koch, VP of Marketing of Listen in to the fun! Heather Havenwood


WHH57: How to Work and Keep Millennials in the Workplace with Pamella Horton

Hi! Do you have a team of Millennials, and they do not make sense to you? How do you train them and KEEP them from leaving? Pamella talks about how they are not looking for 'careers' they are seeking 'EXPERIENCES.' Pamella and her team at Enjoy this rich interview! Heather


WHH56: It's Time For Chat Bots Baby! with Peter Lisoskie

It Is Time For Chat Bots, Baby! - Peter Lisoskie Hi Winners! Oh YEAH! You heard me! Chat Bots are HERE ... and I have my own! YEP! This interview with Chat Bot Nation STUD, Peter Lisoskie, is out of your head mind-blowing. We no longer need true relationships, we have relationships with BOTS!!! Peter and I have a mind blowing chat about Chat Bots ... and others things, as well. So listen in - because the new marketing is HERE! For more information on Peter or how to get 'chat bots'...


WHH55: How To Be A Well-Paid Copywriter In 2017 with Doberman Dan

How To Be A Well-Paid Coywriter In 2017 - Doberman Dan Hey Winners, I get the honor to interview Doberman Dan, a well-paid copywriter, and online supplement business builder. I first learned of Dan back in 2013 when I was in his Mastermind in Orlando, FL. Since then, he has built two more online body building supplement businesses and sold them. Today, he is an on-call expert for a BILLION DOLLAR Online Publishing Company! You can find Dan at Be You! Be...


WHH54: How To Buy Business and Real Estate In a QRP with Damion Lupo

How to Buy Business and Real Estate in a QRP - Damion Lupo Hi Winners! Damion and I share our stories of going through the crash in 2008-2009. He discusses the lessons learned and how he reinvented his life after the crash and how he helps entrepreneurs now financially. He got off The Stock Market Rollercoaster and moved into financial mastery. He now helps entrepreneurs to get out of Wall Street and shift into personal responsibility with a QRP (Qualified Retirement Plan). How...


WHH53: How to Sell with a Story? with Paul Smith

How to Sell with a Story? - Paul Smith Hi Winners, I LOVE this interview! I hope you do. This is a CRITICAL strategy and skill to have if you want to be a leader in business and in life. What makes an effective story? What makes stories such a great way to learn, to lead, and to sell. How do you SHARE with a story? Is there a structure? Paul has interviewed over 2000 leaders on how they share their story. People remember people’s stories they share, not always the points. Paul...



RAWHH26: SPECIAL EDITION - MY YEARLY BIRTHDAY EPISODE Hi Winners, It is my birthday and I get a rare opportunity to be with a dear friend of 20+ years in Vail, CO. My friend, Jeff Reed, recorded an acoustic song exclusively for the Birthday Show. Jeff shares a little secret of my college years which, if you knew me as I grew up in Southern Baptist Houston, is a SHOCKER! My Birthday is June 27th and I believe that we all should take time out of our own lives to celebrate ourselves...


WHH52: Sexy Boss Body over 45! with Linda M. Stephens

WHH52: Sexy Boss Body over 45! with Linda M. Stephens Hi Winners, In this fun and unique episode, I introduce you to my personal friend, and personal nutritionist/trainer, IFBB PRO Linda M. Stephens. I met Linda at The Arnold Classic back in February and started training with her for my own Figure Show in May 2017. I am down 12 pounds as of this recording and continuing on her nutrition plan and fitness routine. What I LOVE about Linda, and this interview, is that she is a woman over...


RAWHH25: My Biggest Mistake Ever with Heather Havenwood

MY BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER Hi Winners, I am personally going through many business and life challenges at the moment and, in this unique and very intimate episode, I share what I think is my BIGGEST mistake ever and how I am re-framing it and moving forward. Enjoy! Heather Havenwood The Win For the first time in two years, I am taking on new clients! Let me help you DOUBLE your income and TRIPLE your time off! Go to If you are interested in interviewing...


WHH51: A 15-Year-Old Boy Went From Selling VHS Tapes to Selling $30K Digital Platforms with Joe Kashurba

WHH51: A 15-Year-Old Boy Went From Selling VHS Tapes to Selling $30K Digital Platforms with Joe Kashurba Hey Winners, I LOVE this interview… talk about the new world of entrepreneurship at a young age, Joe is the perfect ‘tech geek’ who started selling VHS tapes of his high school friends' rock band, to moving back in with his parents after college, to BUILDING a HUGE web development business. He is a TRUE entrepreneurial winner ... AND he is a millennial! Entrepreneurship is born, not...


RAWHH24: Overlooked and Misunderstood with Heather Havenwood

RAWHH24: Overlooked and Misunderstood In this raw episode today, I am sharing a bit more about my personal challenges that I am moving through in my personal life and in my business life. I am usually a very private person - however, I stepped into unfamiliar territory and allowed myself to share my heartbroken heart. Be you! Heather Havenwood For the first time in two years, I am taking on new clients! Let me help you DOUBLE your income and TRIPLE your time off! Go to...


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