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The Wizard's Nightshirt is a weekly podcast that reviews episodes of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" and "She-Ra: Princess of Power." On our show, we talk story, Eternia/Etheria fashions and workout regimens of our MOTU heroes. Visit us at

The Wizard's Nightshirt is a weekly podcast that reviews episodes of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" and "She-Ra: Princess of Power." On our show, we talk story, Eternia/Etheria fashions and workout regimens of our MOTU heroes. Visit us at
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The Wizard's Nightshirt is a weekly podcast that reviews episodes of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" and "She-Ra: Princess of Power." On our show, we talk story, Eternia/Etheria fashions and workout regimens of our MOTU heroes. Visit us at




Episode 54: Into the Abyss

Even He-Man gets tired sometimes. After bragging to the Sorceress about whooping Beast Man, He-Man must resume his myriad responsibilities as Prince Adam. Basically, he just has to show up for gym class with Teela, but he’s so worn out that he skips his appointment (once again) – and he’s RUDE about it! Teela is... Read More


Episode 53: Out of the Cocoon

This week, we welcome our first A-list princess from the deep pantheon of She-Ra princesses (Frosta almost qualifies, but seems uncommitted to the cause). We’re talking about Flutterina, a butterfly-themed brawling beauty who appeared briefly during the Christmas special. Flutterina’s metamorphosis has not yet begun when our episode begins. We must first hear about the... Read More


Episode 52: The Arena

The concept for this episode – Skeletor and He-Man fight in an epic duel – sounds pretty straightforward. From the title and summary alone, we might expect about 20 minutes of punching, poorly aimed lasers and corny one-liners from He-Man. But what we got instead was the orchestration of a realistic siege on the Royal... Read More


Episode 51: One to Count On

In this week’s episode, our friend Bow asks a fair question: “Why should we worry when the strongest woman in the universe is on our side?” This is an issue that we’ve wrestled with from time to time in both He-Man and She-Ra, and we’ve watched the writers invent several creative scenarios to challenge our... Read More


Bonus: The Punch-Kick-Laser Song

As heard during the highly dramatic moments of our audio adventure, “The Thinking Cap of Smartness,” please enjoy this copy of The Punch-Kick-Laser song. We hope it gets you hyped for the important (and not-important) moments in your life.


Episode 50: Disappearing Dragons

In our special 50th episode, we’re visiting one of the show’s favorite characters: Granamyr, the wisest and coolest of all the dragons in Eternia, who really needs to meet more humans. For example, Granamyr believes He-Man is the wisest of all his people. Due to some Orko hijinks (it was an accident!), He-Man ends up... Read More


Episode 49: Anchors Aloft

Admiral Scurvy here, with his excellent companion, Squall, was the highlight of this week’s episode of She-Ra: Anchors Aloft, which was a two-parter! Oooh. It was filled with high stakes on the high seas, hijinks from hi-ding mice, and mi-hi-ghty questionable ethics from our favorite sea scalawag, the Sea Hawk. Basically, Adora gets captured at... Read More


Episode 48: To Save Skeletor

The drama begins when a Shakespearean dinosaur wrestler named Whiplash stumbles into the palace with news that he and the other evil warriors done a bad thing up at Snake Mountain. We learn that Skeletor and Evil-Lyn drew some up-to-no-good markings on the ground and summoned Sh’Gora, a slavering, one-eyed, be-tentacled space monster with a... Read More


Episode 47: Magicats

Rrrrow! You aren’t allergic to pet dander are you? Well, that’s tough – because you shouldn’t have fallen through a rift in the ground and landed in the secret city of cats! Such is She-Ra’s predicament when the episode begins. After working her way through an underground labyrinth, our hero discovers that Catra has already... Read More


Episode 46: Fisto’s Forest (Lightning Round #6)

Only “a few years ago,” a man named Fisto was “downright evil.” With his mighty iron hand, he felled trees to block the rivers and captured any who defied him with the help of a scrying glass and an enchanted spider. Villagers recoiled as his gravely voice, mad and dripping with reverb, echoed through the... Read More


Episode 45: Of Shadows and Skulls

The only person happier to see Skeletor in this She-Ra episode is old bonehead himself. Much like one of Thin Lizzy’s boys who are back in town, our favorite villain is reveling in his glorious return. And we have Shadow Weaver to thank for his appearance. Still stinging from a harsh rebuke after a failed... Read More


Episode 44: Origin of the Sorceress

In our first episode from Season 2 of “He-Man,” the Sorceress takes He-Man and his new robotic horse on a road trip to Dark Mountain, where they plan to square off against an inter-dimensional sorcerer who looks exactly like Alan Moore. While they wait for Morgoth the Sorcerer to appear, Sorceress regales He-Man with a... Read More


Episode 43: Loo-Kee Lends a Hand

A long time ago, Dennis the Menace invaded The Donna Reed Show. Then Batman joined forces with the Green Hornet. And now … in the great tradition of ill-advised crossovers, Loo-Kee will meet the Masters of the Universe. When Hordak freezes time in the Whispering Woods, Light Hope wastes no time spilling the beans to... Read More


Episode 42: The Witch and the Warrior

The curse of the assigned lab partners strikes again! In this Dini-penned episode, He-Man and Pals arrive to help Malek – Teela’s formerly obsessive suitor – in his effort to defend the Fountain of Life from Kothos, an evil wizard in the desert city of Aridan. But, during a scuffle, Teela and Evil-Lyn are transported... Read More


Episode 41: He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special

Your Christmas list appeared to us in a vision, and after a farcical quest to locate your most coveted gift, we found something just as good. That’s right: This week, we’re reviewing He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special, also known as the animated 1985 Sears catalogue. Broadcast only once (on Christmas of that year), this... Read More


Episode 40: Welcome Back, Kowl

If you’re an Etherian prosecutor, you’re going to want the twiggets on your jury. They’ve never met a friend they won’t accuse or a piece of evidence that disproves their suspicions. Their true nature is on full display when the devilish Imp frames Kowl as a traitor. Immediately, several rebels accuse our billowy-eared friend of... Read More


Episode 39: Trouble in Arcadia

Halt! Who goes there? You’ve just discovered the secret city of Arcadia, where women rule and men must toil away in the underground mines. Also, no one in this city knows how to use their inside voice. Prince Adam and Teela run into the Arcadians on a visit to the lowland villages and become trapped... Read More


Episode 38: Into the Dark Dimension (Lightning Round #4)

Is there a scarier phrase in the English language than “group project?” She-Ra’s patience is tested this week when she teams up with Hordak, the cybernetic tyrant of Etheria, to escape an inter-dimensional world or risk enslavement in this strange place by someone called the Dark One, who looks suspiciously like someone else we met... Read More


Episode 37: The Search

In one of the most important episodes of the series, He-Man and Skeletor race to find the Starseed, a chunk of cosmic matter that created the universe. And, wouldn’t you know it: the Starseed is located in the core of Eternia, which itself is located in the center of the universe. We’re learning this history... Read More


Episode 36: The Unicorn King

Oh, to glide beneath the rainbows, to prance among the clouds, to whinny at the heavens. It’s great to be a unicorn and make your home among friends on Unicorn Island – as long as a cybernetic strongman doesn’t invent the planet’s first submarine and discover where you live. When danger comes calling, the Unicorn... Read More


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