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A weekly breakdown of all things PREACHER with your hosts Steve and Dan.

A weekly breakdown of all things PREACHER with your hosts Steve and Dan.
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A weekly breakdown of all things PREACHER with your hosts Steve and Dan.




Heroes of Noise Episode 1

WHAT?!...This isn't The Word? WTF? right? Sorry for the fake out but we wanted to make sure you caught the first Episode of our new podcast "Heroes of Noise". We invite you to come along for the ride as we figure this whole "new show" business out and find our footing. This will be a weekly show. If you've been with us since Episode 1 of The Word, you now we only plan to improve on what we have. Let's see where this goes. We'd love some feedback from our loyal listeners. What did you...


S2E13 "End of the Road"

Come on...You heard the intro to the podcast coming from a mile away, right? Welp...That's a wrap for season 2. The PREACHER crew gave us a solid season closer and let some of you with a WTF??!! reaction for sure. Where does the show go from here, right? AND....Will there even BE a season 3? We're pretty confident that that's not going to be a problem. Thanks to everyone that interacted with us this season, from a new audio setup to celebrity interviews, it was a great season for us, to...


S2E12 "On Your Knees"

It's the pentultimate episode. We're almost done with the season, folks. Damn we talked a lot on this one. Mostly about absolutely nothing related to the show. We actually had to cut it down due to excess stupidity during the breakdown. All in fun though. Also, we're dead serious about our "Shake and Bake" request. Help us out, will you? Don't forget about the PREACHER Poster giveaway we're doing. We'll be announcing the winner on the season finale. Trust us. You want these. OH! and we...


S2E11 "Backdoors"

We're ashamed to say that we laughed entirely too hard about the title of this episode after watching it. We're down to 2 more episodes. What's going to happen? Oh! and we've now met Grandma. Thoughts?.. Don't forget about the PREACHER Poster giveaway we're doing. We'll be announcing the winner on the season finale. Trust us. You want these. Plus...we're adding another. You better get listening to see what's up with that.. Timeline: 00:00 Intro / Minutia 13:14 Breakdown 01:50:24...


S2E10 "Dirty little Secret"

Wow.. They went there. Episode 10 gave us a Herr Starr/ Jesse road trip, pathetic vampire behavior, broken tiles, and of course, Humperdoo. But what did WE think?...You may be surprised. Don't forget about the PREACHER Poster giveaway we're doing. We'll be announcing the winner on the season finale. Trust us. You want these. Timeline: 00:00 Intro / Minutia 13:14 Breakdown 01:50:24 Listener Mail There's a bunch of ways to gt a hold of us, folks. Let's mingle. Leave us a 5 star review...


S2E09 " Puzzle Piece"

Episode 9 ALREADY? Crazy how fast this season is flying by. This episode has the Grail, a dancing Vampire, a fat guy in a mask and his underwear, and a scene right out of Call of Duty, and of course, "The Professionals". Listen in as we breakdown the episode entitled "Puzzle Piece". GIVEAWAY!!!! We’re giving away 2 posters from Season 1, Ep 1 approx $100 value Giveaway Rules: Gotta listen to find out how.. Sure it takes effort, but these posters are the real deal, rare,...


S2E08 - "Holes"

We're back with another Episode of The Word. This time we have somewhat different opinions of the overall show. As usual, lots to say. We have an upcoming giveaway that we'll be announcing very soon so keep listening. S2E08 "Holes" had us in Hell, Circuit Works, and at Denis' bedside. It's apparent Cassidy is going through some shit. The show had a musical moment....That's all we'll say here. As mentioned on the show, if you'd like to know more about the Caveman from Hell, please go to...


S2E07 "Pig"

This was a great episode and we had a lot to say about it. Herr Starr is finally on PREACHER. No more teasing We got our first voicemail (sorta?) That's right. You can now leave the show a voicemail. Please do because we want to play them on the show. Drop your comments, theories, and questions audio style. You've heard us. Now let's hear you. (Number below) Julie Ann Emery ( @JulieAnnEmery ) drops a bumper as well. Let's see what else?...Aw,'l find out. Sorry the show came...


S206 - "Sokosha"

This episode of PREACHER was one of the best of the season. "Sokosha" gave everybody what they've been wanting: a full Saint of Killers backstory, Voodoo, Soul extraction, Dennis' true identity, and how to unsuccessfully blow up an armored car. The season just keeps getting better and better. Word Podcast Contact Info: email: Twitter: @Word_Podcast @DanQPublic @S.E._Hudsonmusic


The Word - The Unofficial PREACHER Podcast: S2E05 "Dallas"

There was all kind of real going on in this episode. Listen to two grown men break down a disfunctional love story. Another great episode out of the AMC camp and we're here to break that shit down for you. Congratulations to the winner of the PREACHER pins. Who was it? You gotta listen to find out... Word Podcast Contact Info: email: Twitter: @Word_Podcast @DanQPublic @S.E._Hudsonmusic


The Word: The Unofficial PREACHER Podcast Presents The Dave Blass Interview

Question: Who's got the Congregation's back? Answer: We do, of course! Please enjoy this bonus episode of The Word Podcast. In this episode, Dan sits down with Dave Blass, Production designer for AMC's PREACHER, 3 time Emmy nominee for his work in Justified and Constantine, and hero of Twitter and that's just scratching the surface. Dave is a great story teller and you can learn a lot about him in this episode. Dave is awesome at interacting with hi s followers on Twitter. Follow him....


The Word: The Unofficial PREACHER Podcast S02E04 "Viktor"

Episode 4 "Viktor" has come and gone. How are you liking the season so far? We're digging the hell out of it and as usual we have a lot to say. What's going down in the NOLA? Lot's of secrets being kept here and that's not good. Find out what we think about that drama. Don't forget the giveaway goes until 7/17 at 9PM PST. Contact: Twitter: @word_podcast @DanQPublic @S.E._Hudsonmusic


The Word: The Unofficial PREACHER Podcast-The Julie Ann Emery Interview

How about a bonus episode? Well then , you got it,and what an episode it is! This week Dan got to chat with the lovely and talented Julie Ann Emery, aka Featherstone in AMC's PREACHER ( I KNOW!!!! RIGHT?!!)


Season 2 Premiere " On the Road and "Mumbai Sky Tower"

Preacher is finally back! This week we give you a double shot. AMC released a 2 part season premiere and we're all over it. Listen in as we break down both episodes while we also compare it directly to the comic. You know...THAT old chestnut. We're doing a giveaway! Listen to see how you can win this awesome set of PREACHER pins from Blackened Design. They are available for purchase there, but you can win a free set from us. Details on how to win given in the show. If you like what we...


The Word - Preseason Special

Welcome back! Oh, how we missed the Congregation. Listen in as Steve and Dan catch up as well as make their predictions and wishes of what's to come for Preacher Season 2, Starting June 25 on AMC. We've been gone too damn long. Now get to it already. Contact info: email: Twitter: @word_podcast, @SE_HudsonMusic , @DanQPublic Instagram: Instagram Please leave us a review on iTunes. We want to hear from you.


The Word - Episode 10 "Call and Response"

The finale for PREACHER Season 1 has come and gone. Of course we have a lot to say about it. When do we not? In this Episode, Steve and Dan discuss their plans for the show in Preacher's off season, Debate over Bohemian Rhapsody (sort've) and of course, give their thoughts on How Episode 10, "Call and Response" panned out, as well as their overall rating of Season 1. GIVEAWAY: Want to win this awesome Print by artist Dan Mumford? You may recall the work he did on the AMC PREACHER Episode...


Episode 9 - Finish the Song

Sometimes you battle technology. Dear Listeners, please pardon the 1st few minutes that have some popping audio. 00:00:00 - Intro 00:1:28 - The past week 00:03:45 - SDCC 00:17:55 - Steve's sure in a good mood...Hmm...? 00:24:05 Breakdown of "Finish the Song" CONTACT US: email: Podcast Twitter: @Word_Podcast Steve Hudson's Twitter: @SE_HudsonMusic Dan Ramirez' Twitter: @ThisDanRamirez Instagram: @Word_Podcast Follow us on Facebook


Episode 8 - El Valero

We're back with another episode of The Word - the Unofficial PREACHER Podcast In this episode, we talk about the past week, PREACHER at SDCC, Absolute PREACHER arrives, New listeners from across the pond, Listener Mail, and Twitter Topps card givedway winners are announced. Plus we recap AMC's PREACHER Episode 8 - El Valero CONTACT US: email: Podcast Twitter: @Word_Podcast Steve Hudson's Twitter: @SE_HudsonMusic Dan Ramirez' Twitter:...


Episode 6 - Sundowner

Happy Independence Day! Well..truth be told, festivities kept us from getting this one out until the 5th, but nevertheless, here it is: Our Breakdown of PREACHER - Episode 6, entitled "Sundowner'. We both thought this was a great episode and as the season finale approaches, there is so much to be discussed. Put those headphones on and lets talk some PREACHER! Be sure to listen to find out how to win a set of Episode 6 specific PREACHER trading cards from Topps. VERY limited supply so you...


Episode 5 - South Will Rise Again

Mid-Season already? On this episode, Steve and Dan recap Episode 5 of AMC's PREACHER entitled "South Will Rise Again". Strong feelings about this one. There's more free stuff to give away too , but there's a catch... You should probably start listening now.. If you like our show, please leave us a comment and 5 star review in iTunes. As always, thank you for listening to The Word! CONTACT US: email: Twitter: @Word_Podcast Instagram:...


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