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Community podcast were everyone is welcomed and every subject is on the table. If we do are job correctly you will be offended with the truth. ENJOY!!!!!!!

Community podcast were everyone is welcomed and every subject is on the table. If we do are job correctly you will be offended with the truth. ENJOY!!!!!!!
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Community podcast were everyone is welcomed and every subject is on the table. If we do are job correctly you will be offended with the truth. ENJOY!!!!!!!




Episode 34 "A mad mans mind"

We're baaaaaaaack!!!!!! The dynamic duo is finally back and they are talking mad shit!!!! In this week's episode we speak about fake rap beef, politics, religion (Vince's) favorite and Kujo's dream job. Thanks again for supporting us. Remember tell all your friends about us. ENJOY!!!!

Duration: 01:45:50

Episode 33 "The Boys are Back in Town"

After a long unanticipated break, the dynamic duo are back in action. In this week's episode we tackle the alleged Las Vegas shooting conspiracy, Hollywood stars molestations and play a lil game of "is it gay if...?" Don't forget to subscribe, leave a review and a comment. ENJOY!!!!!

Duration: 01:01:58

Episode 32 "Creative Minds Collabortaion"

Episode 32 is finally here!!!! Kujo and Vince have a great conversation with the creative minds music group crew. We had the CEO (boss) Phil and artist/podcast host Soupkoola and we dove into several topics such as the national anthem protest, hip hop inspirations and of course the new "Not Your Average Podcast"." We appreciate all your support. ENJOY!!!!

Duration: 00:56:02

Episode 31 "Random thoughts"

The boys are back in town!!! Back after a very brief hiatus Kujo and Vince are back again to offend everyone. In this week's episode we speak about the Canelo vs GGG debacle, Trump throwing down vs Kim Jung, the end of the world according to certain Christians and several other issues. Thanks again for all the support!!! ENJOY!!!!

Duration: 00:48:09

Episode 30 "La Reina de El Paso"

As we proceed, to give you what you need!!!! We are back again as your two loveable beaners interview a fantastic representation of El Paso who goes by the name of Reina. Reina opens up about all her different business and life adventures and give us a little insight to what makes her tick. ENJOY!!!

Duration: 00:50:00

Episode 29 "F-you Hurricane Harvey"

The dynamic duo are back at it again. This week they talk about the devastating Hurricane Harvey, their perspective of the mega fight and another Hollywood star that was taken from us by Scientology. Don't forget to leave us your review. ENJOY!!!!

Duration: 00:42:45

Episode 28 "What a crazy world"

Back and fatter than ever, your boys Kujo and Vince are here to share their points of view on several topics. This week we tackle the incident in Charlottesville Virginia, Colin Kapernick not having a job and pose the question would you choose your spouse or family. Don't forget to subscribe on ITunes, Google Play, Stitcher and all podcast apps. Rate and leave us a review.

Duration: 00:47:46

Episode 27 "Is Kujo an asshole?"

On this week's episode the dynamic duo talk about Usher and R Kelly pissing flames and Vince's massage stories. Also Kujo discusses an incident that raises the age old question, "am I an asshole?" ENJOY!!!!

Duration: 01:09:07

Episode 26 "A Strippers Diary" part 2

Now the continuation of our interview with the SEXY Kimmie_jade. Don't forget to show support to all strippers. ENJOY!!!!

Duration: 01:07:47

Episode 26 "A Strippers Diary" pt 1

In this week's episode we welcome the lovely Kimmie_jade to the stage as she helps us try to understand the life of a stripper. Due to the length of our conversation we will be breaking this up into 2 parts. ENJOY!!!!

Duration: 01:06:26

Episode 25 "Vince's Adventures"

The dynamic duo is back at it again. In this week's episode Vince talks about his adventures on his recent road trip. We hit on subjects that range from theme park rides, to trying to smash thanks to POF. ENJOY!!!!!

Duration: 01:21:49

Episode 24 "Money the Root of all Evil?"

On this week's episode Vince and Kujo try to answer what the meaning of life is, money being the root of all evil and which drugs we think should be legalized. ENJOY!!!!

Duration: 01:20:44

Episode 23 "Introducing El Gallo Negro"

Happy Birthday America, you sexy motherfucker!!!! We decided what better way to celebrate America's birthday than by talking to our Mexican friend EL GALLO NEGRO. Here his take about life in Mexico with his brown privilege, what it's like to live in the country's capital and overall his life as a brown man. ENJOY!!!! Don't forget to leave a review, comment and complaint.

Duration: 01:32:39

Episode 22 "Rift Raft Chitter Chatter"

On this week's episode we get tired of serious talk and basically shoot the shit with our thoughts on the NBA, Wonder woman and all super heroes. Thanks for the support and don't forget to leave us a review and drop us an email or DM us with any comments good or bad. ENJOY!!!!!

Duration: 01:07:36

Episode 21 "Crypt Tales of Child Support"

In this week's episode Jules stops by and we trade war stories over our child support experiences. Vince is terrified of the truth behind child support in our cases. Don't forget to subscribe and review. ENJOY!!!!

Duration: 01:33:57

Episode 20 "Our Naked Truth"

In our new episode your favorite trio start to peel back their rough, rugged exteriors to give you a peep inside a mans raw emotions. We speak about burying a child, admitting it is ok for a man to cry and letting everyone know that if you have a problem it is ok to ask for help. ENJOY

Duration: 01:34:26

Bonus Episode "Tipsy Tales"

In this bonus episode Vince and Raul go on a drinking binge and decide to record all of their thoughts on life, relationships and friendships. Don't forget to subscribe and feel free to contact us on instagram and facebook ENJOY!!!!!

Duration: 01:28:06

Episode 18 "Mango Tango"

Back at it again, the bumbling trio are here to offend everything and everyone. In this week's episode Kujo speaks about his trip to Cali, Raul reveals that he is old as F@$# and Vince has a panic attack. Thanks for your support and keep trucking. ENJOY!!!!

Duration: 01:09:11

Episode 17 "Raul's hairless endeevors"

On this episode the trio discuss several topics ranging from The ALL BLACK graduation commencement ceremony at Harvard to Raul getting his body electrocuted in the name of going hairless. Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast and most importantly ENJOY!!!!!

Duration: 00:51:52

Episode 16 "Save A$AP Rocky"

Another episode of the Words on Fire Podcast, this week the new trio "Kujo, Vince and Raul" talk about everything from the disappointing Canelo Alvarez fight, to ALL the men that have been through and ruined by the Kardashians and Jenners and wrapping it up with a new challenge. Thanks for listening and supporting. ENJOY!!!!!

Duration: 01:19:38

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