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EP 19: Thoughts Become Things

This episode brings up those negative thoughts and words you use against yourself and Jen highlights the many ways you are holding yourself back using them. Are you still playing life as your own worst enemy? Are you sabotaging your own goals? If you’re thinking negatively towards yourself or others, it’s probably a huge yes. Jen gives you a handy little tool to start becoming more aware of your self-talk and by noticing it throughout your day, you have the opportunity to change it. Jen...


EP 18: Is will power your frenemy?

It’s easy to see will power as our enemy or this evasive, fleeting ideal that we never have enough of. In this episode, Jen shares with you the research around self-regulation: aka self control or will power. Jen explains what will power is, what depeletes it and what replenishes it in both the short and long term so that we can forge ahead towards our goals and intentions without the constant inconsistencies. Tune in now while Jen opens your eyes to ways you can not only strengthen your...


EP 17: What you Focus on Grows

This episode dives deeply into exploring what your focus is on with regards to your perceived control and the problem vs. solution focused approach to your goals. Jen explains the difference between Internal and External Locus of Control and shares which one breeds resilience and leads to greater success in your life and habits. When you’re focused on the problems, issues, people to blame or other negatives in your life, you will see more of those appear, whereas when you are solution...


EP 16: Don’t try!

Jen explains in this episode why the word “try” or “trying” is a dirty word when it comes to focusing on your health goals. If you are “trying” to do something it means that you are not doing it. Trying could be getting you one step closer but even more likely it is actually what’s keeping you stuck. Jen walks you through a process to help you increase your level of motivation and understanding of how it will feel to carry out the goals you are working on and this will allow you to keep...


EP 15: The journey of 10,000 steps…

We get caught up in the big picture sometimes but then the day to day stuff has us going crazy and getting exhausted that there is a chance the bigger picture never comes. All we get is more of the same as what we had before. Instead of starting or continuing, we are stuck in the thinking about doing something phase, but we are taking no actual action towards our goals. Maybe we say we are “trying.” This week Jen talks about the positive and negative consequences to forming habits and...


Ep 014: Eff the excuses

This episode brings up some major stuff for Jen she is releasing related to her mindset and the letting go of excuses and all the ways they stop us from reaching our goals and big dreams. Jen shares her 3 steps to saying eff off to the excuses and moving forward with the necessary delicate discipline that it takes to act according to your highest good. It isn’t always easy! How do you respond when someone says “how is your day?” If it’s negative and honest, then good on you, if it is...


EP013: A day in the Life of a FitMama

This fun episode lays out the details of what a day in the life of Jen looks like. The FitMama mindset pieces and the details of her own The top 4 tools Jen shares her daily routines that are applicable to your life and expands on these in detail in this episode: “ Following the pillars of the FitMama Foundations™ is integral to her day but she shares how appreciation, gratitude and reverence are really the cornerstones to living the day and life of her dreams. Want to feel...


EP012: Sex, Love and the Core Issues

This episode is one you won’t want to miss. Jen opens up the conversation about sexy time with yourself and/or your partner. The daily choices we make are more impactful than the ones we are used to thinking are so important. You will undoubtedly connect deeper with your core and your partner after this episode! The food for thought in this episode is very closely linked with the mindset pieces she talks with respect to exercise, eating and self care….beginning with the famous FitMama...


EP011: Cultivating “healthy” habits that stick.

Jen dives into sorting out what “healthy” means for you and gives you her 5 Basic Steps for cultivating healthy habits that stick long term. What does health look like to you? Do you visualize it? Do you take time to create it? Do you have a clear perspective on where you’re heading? Often times we think we do, but actually we are following our neighbor, friend or the expert we found, but we don’t consider asking the one who really knows all the answers – US. We don’t ask ourselves what...


EP010: Cultivating a “healthy” mindset

This week Jen talks about her Embrace – Nurture- Enjoy FitMama Foundations™ Framwork that forms the basis for cultivating healthy habits that stick. We all think it starts with “what to do” and “what to eat” but before any of that can actually take place in a “healthy” way, Jen shares what 3 foundations your healthy habits can build upon. Without these mindset pieces, it is going to be an uphill battle with your goals or resolutions and you deserve better! Begin with the end in mind and...


EP09: Stress

Ever wondered how will you ever get rid of all the stress in your life? You will feel relief when you hear this episode where Jen shares why stress is something you can welcome into your life. Jen gives you the details on how stress is a positive thing and its all about managing your reaction to this worrisome beast. You got this FitMama. Listen to the 5 steps to get you through any situation and start practicing it today to see how quickly and lasting effects can be. Are you feeling...


EP08: Tis the season for change

Today’s episode is about voicing what you mean to say and confidently saying no when it seems so hard. Tis the season for “feeling bad.” This episode dives into how we have a choice to feel bad or not. Jen gives you permission to say no this season to things you don’t want to do. Guilt free. Jen talks about facing your negative emotions and moving past them, not distracting yourself from your feelings by getting stuck in the blame game. Jen explains how you are co-creating your...


EP07: Start to wake up to your life as it is right now.

Starting each day with a smile happens naturally when you come to the realization that this day will never come again. Start to wake up to your life as it is right now. Open your eyes. Really see what is in front of you rather than what you want to see. Have you stopped and thought lately how things could be different if they aren’t as you want them right now? We have all these programmed settings in us at any given time and these settings become repeated programs over time that lay...


EP06: Ditch the Why.

Are you asking the question “Why?” all the time and keeping yourself from moving forward? Why is one of those questions that has a tendency to keep you stuck. It’s the first question that pops into our mind, “Why does this always happen to me?” or “Why do I keep doing that?” but it doesn’t actually give us the answers that help us move forward and affect positive change. In this episode, Jen takes you through examples of other questions to ask that are more empowering, less judgmental...


EP05: Fail to Plan? Plan to Freak Out.

In this episode, Jen highlights the importance of planning ahead and creating SOP’s (standard operating procedures) for some aspects in your life. Especially around the main hectic times in your day, like on weekday mornings. Jen shares how to tap into creating new possibilities for your “chaos.” Going from living reactively to proactively has significant positive health implications and most specifically mental and emotional health. Jen shares how SOP’s help with will power, they will...


EP04: Want to start reconnecting to your core and feel stronger from the inside out?

In this episode Jen shares the story of her back injury that catapulted her into the depths of her own dark journey back to herself. She shares the one exercise to start with regardless of where you are at in your journey, the link to download the instructional audio is below. Jen shares what guilt can do to our hormones and how her famous Pearl Pull Ups™ exercise allows you to use the body to allay the negative emotions created by the mind. Want to start reconnecting to your core and...


EP03: Introduction to the 7 pillars of the FitMama Foundations

In this episode Jen shares her 7 pillars of the FitMama Foundations™ and explains how in the different phases of your like, these pillars can look very different. Jen wants you to take the pressure off of yourself and start to let go of the negative stories, shame or guilt around not reaching lofty goals we set ourselves. Jen describes heart coherence and how tapping into it plays a big role in mind-body health. Jen describes the difference between an unrealistic goal and one that will...


EP02: Value You!

We all know that the hardest part of any health and fitness habit is mustering up the motivation and courage to “just do it.” Jen goes into the importance of valuing YOU in this episode, which is a necessary first ingredient into the recipe of success as a FitMama. Being a FitMama all starts with love, and loving you is first and foremost. As FitMamas, we cannot pour from an empty cup, and self criticism, low self worth and negative self talk will dig you into the deepest empty cup you...


EP01: Introduction to The Love FitMama Way.

To kick of the FitMama Podcast, Jen dives into what being a FitMama is really about. Jen talks about strengthening your core from the inside out and she reveals what exactly this means over the course of this episode and the ones to come. Being a FitMama all starts with love and love is an inside job. Jen has a passionate approach to fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and self care that is evident in the way she communicates. Her message of self love, self empowerment and self respect are...