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Ep #15 with Jed Blume, composer, handpan and tabla player

Ep #15 with Jed Blume, composer, handpan and tabla player. Jed has traveled to India to deepen his study of tabla and also to Italy to find the perfect handpan. He is a very active musician on the Brattleboro, VT music scene and works with the acoustic/electronic duo Deep Seize with Wyatt Andrews. He also plays with Anders Burrows in the duo Aura Shards. He began his musical study at a young age on the drum set but felt the strong urge to develop his skills in melody and composition and was...

Duration: 00:28:57

Ep #14 Sampler #1

Ep #14 - The World Fusion Show Sampler #1 - featuring new and unreleased live in the studio performances by seven of our very talented guests - Eugene Friesen, Cafe da Silva and Yaniel Matos, John Hughes, Tony Vacca, Aliya Cycon and Bideew Bou Bess. This is a great way to get a taste of the wide range of World Fusion musicians that we present on the show. A Worldsoul Records production You can watch the video version of the show by going to FaceBook or YouTube and...

Duration: 00:28:46

Ep #13 with Stephen Katz, composer and cellist

Episode #13 with Stephen Katz , composer, cellist and visionary musician. He began his musical journey as a classical cellist but has a true gift for improvising. Stephen developed his own technique for plucking the strings which he calls "Flying Pizzicato" and has played music for dancers for many years with a special interest in Contact Improvisation. For our live music pieces I accompany him with udu and autoharp. A Worldsoul Records production The World Fusion Show...

Duration: 00:28:37

Ep #12 with your host Derrik Jordan

Episode #12 with host Derrik Jordan. Derrik gives a little insight into his composing process and we get to hear three of his world fusion pieces that were inspired by African and Balinese music: Fulani Bounce, Baka Bachianas and Five Gamelans for Brass Quintet. He reveals his favorite pentatonic scales from around the world. Music performed by The Kyōdai Brass Quintet, Erik Lawrence, Elsa Nilsson, Massamba Diop, Barou Sall and Sarra Ba (on Fula flute). The video for Baka Bachianas (for...

Duration: 00:29:14

Ep #11 - Bideew Bou Bess

Episode #11 with Bideew Bou Bess, a singing trio of brothers from Senegal who write songs of love and deep spirituality. They have been performing together for 20 years and they were just in the US on a seven city tour. As well as being super stars in Senegal they are wonderful people. Bringing together many influences in their music from Reggae to Hip-hop and even some American pop, they sing in English, French, Wolof and Fulani. A Worldsoul Records production. To...

Duration: 00:28:54

Ep #10 - with Aliya Cycon, composer and oud player

Ep #10 of The World Fusion Show with Aliya Cycon, composer and oud player. Aliya has a passion for Arabic music and has recently graduated from The Berklee School Of Music where she studied with Simon Shaheen. She is a singer-songwriter and arranger and has just released a CD of her original music and arrangements including strings, horns and a full rhythm section. A Worldsoul Records production To watch the video version of the show go to FaceBook or YouTube and do a search for The World...

Duration: 00:28:59

Ep #9 with Todd Roach, composer and percussionist

Episode #9 of The World Fusion Show with Todd Roach, composer and percussionist. Todd plays frame drums and multi-drum kit. He has studied Middle Eastern and Indian music and has worked with Paul Winter Consort and his group Dunham Shoe Factory. On the show he demonstrates some frame drumming techniques and talks about growing up in the Midwest playing college football and every other sport before finding his musical passion. A Worldsoul Records production You can...

Duration: 00:29:23

Ep #8 with Julian Gerstin, composer and percussionist

Ep #8 with Julian Gerstin, composer and percussionist. Your host Derrik Jordan brings you the leading innovators of world fusion. Produced in Brattleboro, VT and featuring interviews, video clips and live in the studio playing with some fantastic musicians and composers. A Worldsoul Records Production Julian Gerstin is a composer and percussionist. He blends latin music and jazz in his compositions and has studied the music of Martinique extensively. He leads the...

Duration: 00:25:55

Ep #7 John Hughes, kora player and composer

Ep #7 of The World Fusion Show with John Hughes, composer and kora player, The kora is a 21 stringed harp that is common throughout West Africa. John builds his own koras employing his background as a sculptor and visual artist. A Worldsoul Records Production. Check out the video version on FaceBook: Or on YouTube:

Duration: 00:27:47

Ep 6 with Natural History

Natural History is host Derrik Jordan's spontaneous World Fusion trio with Jared Shapiro and Barry Hyman. We've been playing and singing together since 1973 when we met at Bennington College and were inspired by our mentor Milford Graves. Our music is created in the moment with no preconceived material. Pure and free improvisation. Enjoy! A Worldsoul Records production Check out the video version on FaceBook: Or on YouTube:...

Duration: 00:28:23

Ep 5 with Cafe da Silva and Yaniel Matos

Cafe da Silva and Yaniel Matos. Cafe is a singer, songwriter, and percussionist from Brazil who has played with many people including Djavan and Stevie Winwood. Yaniel Matos is a composer, cellist and pianist from Cuba but is now living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Some cool live in the studio improvising and they talk about their work and what it means to be a musician. A Worldsoul Records production To support The World Fusion Show and to help make more shows possible go to...

Duration: 00:27:53

Ep 4 with host Derrik Jordan

Derrik Jordan, the host of The World Fusion Show, talks about his music and world fusion composition process. His piece Windham Loops for orchestra and his world fusion power trio Impulse Ensemble is featured. Derrik gives a TEDX talk along with Hugh Keelan (director of The Windham Orchestra) who describes Beethoven's obsession with looping. Derrik demonstrates looping on his 5 string electric violin. And more!! A Worldsoul Records production Video version on FaceBook:...

Duration: 00:29:06

Ep 3 with Eugene Friesen

Eugene Friesen is a composer, virtuoso cellist and teacher at The Berklee School of Music. He leads the Berklee World Strings who play a wide variety of world music styles. Eugene is best know for his work with The Paul Winter Consort but is also a member of Trio Globo with Howard Levy and Glen Velez. His wonderful World Fusion string quartet "Maracaibo" is featured on this episode as well as his dazzling pizzicato playing.

Duration: 00:28:33

Ep 2 with Cecilia Zabala

Cecilia Zabala - Argentinian singer-songwriter and guitarist. She has released 8 CDs and has a strong Brazilian influence in her music. A Worldsoul Records production. Video version on FaceBook: Or YouTube: To support The World Fusion Show and to help make more shows possible go to and click on the support page.

Duration: 00:28:57

Ep 1 with Tony Vacca

Tony Vacca - composer, balafonist, percussionist and spoken word artist. Tony and I play together in two bands - Impulse Ensemble and Tony Vacca's World Rhythms. We have been to Senegal together twice and work with some fantastic musicians there. Tony is the co-founder of The Senegal-America Project, an NGO that works with Senegalese musicians and educators to exchange culture. A Worldsoul Records production. Video version on FaceBook:...

Duration: 00:28:11