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Bam Bam Bigelow - Part 2

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present part two of our two part series on Bam Bam Bigelow! This episode profiles his post WWF career in ECW and WCW then of course dying early because he's a wrestler and everything has to be sad. Also his one MMA match that was supposedly staged but also looks like a bloodletting so that's pretty sick right boys? Read this far and not listening? We've talked about that, that's real weird just listen, enjoy and give us all of your money. Twitter & Instagram;...


Bam Bam Bigelow - Part 1

PATREON PICK! Dylan Gott and John Hastings talk about the first part of one of the great careers in pro wrestling history, Bam Bam Bigelow! First he was a biker then he was a slightly older biker in a flame onesie. In between that he wrestled in Japan, Memphis and ended up wrestling Lawrence Taylor in one of the weirdest Wrestlemania's of all time. This episode discusses Bam Bam's career from 1986 until 1995. Part 2 is next week and will have loads of stuff on how he hated Taz. Str8...



Dylan Gott and John Hastings present a run down of one of the worst programs to ever grace television, The XFL! We did a damn poll and you guys wanted it so we’re running down what exactly happened in the winter of 2001 that made Vince McMahon go yet another level of insane. Cheerleader cam, blowing up a Honda Civic, almost punching Bob Costas, this football league had it all over than of course good football. I write this pretty much every week now but if you’re reading this and haven’t...


Miss Elizabeth

Dylan Gott and John Hastings bring you a not so detailed account of the life and career of Miss Elizabeth! Does anybody really read this part? Well if you do we talk about how she got into wrestling, how she met Randy Savage, how she started dating Lex Luger and every major storyline she was ever in! Exciting right? RIGHT? If you've read this far and you aren't listening then that's straight up weird so just goddamn listen! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Patreon;...


Harvey Wippleman

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present a short biography about a true survivor in professional wrestling, Harvey Wippleman! He managed everyone from Sid Vicious to Well Dunn and boinked Bertha Faye! He's been in wrestling since he was fifteen and worked in Memphis during the 80s so you know this episode is all that babies. Please just goddamn listen for christs sake! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Patreon;


Dawn Marie

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present a short biography about one of the best managers of the late 90s and early 2000s, Dawn Marie! She managed The Impact Players in ECW, She fucked an old man to death in WWE and then she retired creating a charity that some people thought was a scam. Pretty much standard wrestling stuff right? Listen then subscribe then after that fight the first person you see upon completion of the episode. Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Patreon;...


The Rock 'n' Roll Express

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present the long awaited, by them, look into the life and career of two weird looking carnies, The Rock 'n' Roll express! Ricky! Robert! Tonnes of sex with weird looking people in the south! Two of the best nicknames of all time! Plus they pretty much invented tag team wrestling as we know it. Crazy stuff and this is a crazy episode! What a great day! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Donate;


Rob Black

PATREON PICK: Dylan Gott and John Hastings present a short biography about an all around deplorable man, Rob Black! Don't know who that is? Well he started a hardcore wrestling company in 1999 with money he made from porn and possibly is directly connected to the mob. Cool right? He's also directly connected to both Vic Grimes almost dying AND another New Jack classic, Gypsy Joe almost being beaten to death with a baseball bat! OH AND IT GETS WORSE. Just listen to the episode and ring in...


Luna Vachon

PATREON PICK: Dylan Gott and John Hastings are proud to present an audio biography about one of the most influential wrestlers ever, Luna Vachon! Was she Chyna before Chyna? Prolly. Did she attack people in real life because they thought wrestling was fake? Oh yeah. A great wrestler and a fucking lunatic (booya) outside of it, celebrate Christmas with Luna Vachon! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Patreon;


Judy Bagwell

Dylan Gott and John Hastings are very honoured to present the long awaited delve into the career of Judy Bagwell. She was on a forklift, she was Buff's mom, not to mention that's it totally. Forty minutes of swearing and talking about moms to enjoy though? That's pretty goddamn sweet! Listen then rate and subsribe then after that call your mom for gods sake. Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Patreon;


Mike Awesome

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present an hour long discussion on the life and times of Mr. Florida, Mike Awesome. From The Gladiator to The Mullet to Mr. Short Hair, this episode is a long journey that you must join us on if you want to be annoying about wrestling at a party. Why did he leave ECW? Did he really like big ladies? All of this and more in this amazing episode! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Patreon;


Kevin Fertig (Mordecai/Kevin Thorn)

Dylan Gott and John Hastings talk about the life and career of Kevin Fertig aka Mordecai aka Kevin Thorn aka nobody else? What a yolo episode this is. The boys talk about how weird Mordecai was and settle the ancient debate, who was worse Kevin Thorn or Mordecai? You'll have to listen to an hour of cum talk to figure out who's worse! Please if you've read this far just goddamn listen! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Patreon;


Vickie Guererro

Dylan Gott and John Hastings take another journey through the career of a pro wrestler, this one only becoming a wrestler because her husband died and they made her, Vickie Guererro! This is like all the weird creative ideas WWE has ever had in one wonderful lady! The constant referencing of her freshly dead husband, making out with multiple dudes in front of family members and matches in a pig pen! This woman's career had everything! Listen to an hour of two nice boys crying about it!...


The Headbangers

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present a short biography on one of the most influential tag teams of the late 90s, The Headbangers! We cover the team all the way from being The Spiders to Chaz becoming Beaver Cleavage and back. Please listen to this we have so little in life. Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Patreon;


Colt Cabana

PATREON PICK: Dylan Gott and John Hastings present a short biography on Mr. Independent Wrestling himself, Colt Cabana! This was a listener pick as part of our Patreon Pick series and boy do we feel awkward about this one because we know this hilarious and nice man. Don't worry about it though because there's still loads of f words and doodie talk. Enjoy! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Donate via Patreon;



PATREON MEMBER PICK: Dylan Gott and John Hastings present a look into the career and life of one of WCW's biggest blunders, Glacier! Midnight meetings to come up with a character that's just a shitty version of Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat? Yes please! This episode has everything you want, basically two out of shape dudes mocking a guy who tried something different. PLEASE RATE AND SUBSCRIBE WE NEED THIS! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Give us money;


Gorgeous George

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present a short biography about one of wrestling's and entertainments most influential characters, Gorgeous George! This is a rags to riches to dead story, isn't that fun? No? Well it is sometimes? Please listen guys we really don't have a backup plan in life at all. Twitter & Instagram; @dylangott Patreon;


Linda McMahon

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present an hour long talk about the wrestling career and weird weird life of the queen of wrestling, Linda McMahon! How did she go from a secretary to the White House? Is she the worst wrestling performer of all time? We won't answer these questions directly because we're stupid but you'll know a bit more! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Donate; Rate, Subscribe and Review! FUCKING PLEASE!


Giant Gonzales

Dylan Gott and John Hastings delve deep into the life and wrestling career of a the tallest man to ever grace a WWE ring, Giant Gonzales! The boys talk about everything to do with this man's odd and memorable career plus we talk about his lovely acting! All this and of course some talk about cum in this blockbuster episode! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Patreon;


Jimmy Hart

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present a short biography on the 'Mouth Of The South' Jimmy Hart! How did a one hit wonder become one of the most prominent managers in wrestling history? We answer that question and like maximum two more you probably have about James Hart the man who laughed weird and not much else! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Buy Stuff;


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