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This is a voice for all wrestling fans. Where you can sound off and get your opinions heard. We talk all wrestling.From the ladies,the pros and even the indies. We talk about it all with special guests from time to time. You can join us every saturday night at 11 pm EST on RantEM Radio.com. The call in number is 706-993-4606.




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The Sports Report Ep 9

We first would like to send prayers towards Stephen A. Smith for the loss of his mother due to a long bout with cancer. Then we talk about all the sports news of the week and get reactions to the NBA finals .Also talk about why Colin Kaepernick didnt get signed by the Seahawks and has KD surpassed Lebron James as the best player in the NBA. All this and more on this episode of The Sports Report.Music done by Jalen Edington

Duration: 00:55:40

The Sports Report Podcast Ep 8

We welcome Mr.Hightower and Rage in making their sports report podcast debuts. We break down some of the biggest names in fantasy for this upcoming NFL season.Then Rage gives us his so called fantasy advice.Plus we pick the winner from this year's NBA finals.Music for this episode was done by Jalen Edington.

Duration: 01:24:29

The Sports Report Podcast Ep7

Music for this episode is done by Jalen Edington. We get hot right out the gate as Surfer and Tony C go at it. Then we talk about Lavar Ball,the Spurs getting swept and question is the SEC still the it conferece in college football??? All this and alot more on this episode of The Sports Report.

Duration: 01:28:35

The Sports Report Podcast EP6

This week, we talk about Tom Brady being on the cover of Madden 18. Can he beat the curse? We get you caught up on the NBA Playoffs. Can the Celtics knock off the Cavs and do the Spurs have a shot without Kwahi Leonard? Kevin Durant says that top prospects should skip the NBA Draft combine, we discuss if he is right. All this and much more on this episode of The Sports Report.

Duration: 01:09:03

The Sports Report Podcast Ep5

On this episode Tony C and Ducktor Doom join me on the panel as we talk about the 2017 NFL Super Bowl odds and get you caught up on the NBA playoffs.Also we ask,why isnt Kobe Bryant getting no love from the so called pundits,will Dak and Zeke have sophmore slumps and with Big Ben saying he is taking it year to year do the Steelers need to win now?? This and alot more on The Sports Report.

Duration: 01:12:07

The Sports Report Podcast Ep 4

We have Tony C,Phil Ria,and Big Tone as our panel this week. First we talk about the NFL draft,then we break down some NBA talk.Phil Ria catches up on the Mets pitching issues.Then we break down some boxing as well as some of the best old school scurbs from all time. Lots of fun to be had on this edition of the podcast.

Duration: 01:42:29

The Sports Report Podcast EP 3

On this episode of the podcast,We talk about the death of one Aaron Hernandez.After that we talk about the NBA playoffs. I also ask the question,should Larry Bird be held more account for the failures of the Pacers.Broke down the first six weeks of the NFL primetime schedule and a whole lot more on this edition of the show.

Duration: 01:18:20

Sports Report Ep 2

On this episode, we get you caught up on the NBA Playoffs. We also talk abou the death of Dan Rooney and the tragic news of Todd Heap. Then we talk NFL draft and what should the Cleveland Browns do with the number one pick. All this and more on The Sports Report.

Duration: 01:23:57

The Sports Report Podcast Ep1

On the debut episode, we review Monday Night Raw and the superstar shake up. We talk some baseball and MMA.Also, I ask the question of why is Tony Romo so beloved in the media and are the Cavs in trouble in the east. Are the Warriors back in business with the return of Kevin Durant and one of my host have never heard of Olivia Munn. All this and more on this edition of The Sports Report.

Duration: 01:23:13

RantEM Wreslemania Post Show

WrestleMania post show is up and in full swing! We will give you all the breakdown and buzz from what is considered our SuperBowl. We also get a long time caller Rex to join in the fun as well. Mr.Hightower, Doom,Tony C ,and Ric are the panel. We also get a report from the bossman himself, Double A.

Duration: 00:57:06

The Wrestling Call In Show Ep359

Its the Wrestlemania edition of the show. We break down NXT TakeOver: Orlando and get reactions from the WWE Hall Of Fame show. We also go over some news and get mania predications.Then we get into some discussions and go over results from the Shimmer and ROH shows as well.One more show left,so I will see you guys next week.

Duration: 02:32:49

TWCIS Ep 358

Ok guys, we are now down to our last two episodes. Dont forget there will be no show Next Saturday Night. We will be back on WrestleMania Sunday at 1pm Est. On this episode we talk about the passing of JR's wife. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Then are we looking at The Undertaker in his last WrestleMania? Who is going to induct Beth Phoenix into the HOF and we talk about which RAW star is in danger of losing their championship. On the sports side, we talk about the death...

Duration: 01:46:50

The Wrestling Call In Show Ep 357

On this episode we talk both pro wrestling and sports.We talk about the sex tape leaks of Paige and the pics of Alexa Bliss.Also is Russell Westbrook still your NBA MVP??? Who is the better shooter,Ray Allen or Steph Curry. In WWE land,is Roman Reigns going to smackdown after mania,WWE is not happy with the ring work of Alexa Bliss and a whole lot more

Duration: 01:23:51

The Wrestling Call In Show Ep 356

The farewell tour continues as we talk about alot of topics tonight. Rick Rude is finally in the WWE Hall Of Fame. The passing of Outlaw Ron Bass,Marty Jannetty in porn and Christopher Daniels is finally a world champion.Wrestling rumours and the NFL free agent period has begun. All this and more on the Call In Show.

Duration: 01:32:46

The Wrestling Call In Show Ep355

Its episode 2 of our farewell tour.Only 3 left before we say goodbye to Saturday nights. We break down WWE Fastlane,the debut of Alberto Del Patron in Impact Wrestling and will we see the Hardys in the WWE soon. Also talk about why Big Show is upset and a Finn Balor update. All this and more as we count down to the series finale of Call In Show.

Duration: 01:33:45

The Wrestling Call In Show Ep 354

We start our farewell tour with this episode. A panel of callers DDP getting into the WWE hall of fame,is the 30 day rule fair or fowl and Tom Phillips gets into trouble on social media. Also the montreal screwjob gets made into a porn movie,and the return of former diva.Then we talk sports and a whole lot more.

Duration: 01:33:58

The Wrestling Call In Show Ep 353

On this episode of the program, we talk about the deaths that happened this week,how the raw women's division pales in comparsions to smackdown's and your reactions to all the new champions.Plus Ric Flair says he can beat Hogan in his prime and get the caller's take on the split between Owens and Jericho.

Duration: 01:03:07

The Wrestling Call In Show Ep352

Me and my panel of callers get into breaking down the elimination chamber ppv.Plus Super Bowl reactions,the possible departure of Eva Marie and the Rock and Roll Express hall of fame bound.All this and more on the call in show.

Duration: 02:10:08

TWCIS Pre-Valentine's Day Special

Guys,this is a special edition of the show. I interview dating coach Ruby Le to get us single guys ready for Valentine's day. She was awesome and gave good advice.So check out the TWCIS Valentine's Day Special.

Duration: 00:31:16

The Wrestling Call In Show Ep351

We have Rage to come on the show to explain what happened on sushi slam and then we have a new challenge handed down between Doom and Surfer. The we take about Charles Barkley's comments on TNT,and why Terrell Owens wasnt included in this year's hall of fame class.Also we break down the debut of Samoa Joe and the injury of Seth Rollins.All this and a whole lot more on this edition of the podcast.

Duration: 03:01:27

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